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Smart Home Automation for Entertainment

If you love creating spaces that people love, these are the products for you. One of the best questions that you can ask yourself before gobbling up home automation equipment is “what do I want to do with my smart home?” If the answer is that you really want to create vibrant spaces that lead

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Smart Thermostats: What Kind of Features Can You Get?

Temperature plays a big role in our lives. When the temperature goes up, it can make us tired in the times where we need to have energy, and it can make us grumpy when we’d rather be calm. Decreasing temperatures can make it easy to sleep, or can make us feel restless with that chilled

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Robot Cleaning Floor While Child Watches TV Movie

10 Smart Home Devices for Home Automation

Smartphone wars are still going on, but there is a new digital battleground where companies are eager to march their products to the front. And that is our homes. Smart homes are certainly the trend of the future, and homeowners are enjoying the ad hoc obsession of getting smarter versions of their current devices. With

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Smart Home Security: How to Protect Your Home With Cool Gadgets

Undeniably, smart home security can be important for your lifestyle and peace of mind. While break ins and intruders are obviously a serious and terrifying thing, the prospect of stringing sensors and cameras around your castle to deter beanie-wearing intruders can be exciting. Home security used to rely heavily on outsourcing. That means that when

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The Best Smart Home Primer of 2019

What you need to know about smart home automation. Smart homes are using computer networks to connect devices and functions that make home life simpler, safer, and more efficient. Home automation is not necessarily new, but the technologies have become less expensive, more innovative, and easier to install and use. There are many aspects to

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Remote home control system on a digital tablet.

Savant: Creating Your Smart Home in St. Pete FL

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t own a smartphone, but what about a smart house? The technology from sci-fi movies depicting remote control houses is now readily available. Savant is a company that makes products allowing your home to be transformed into the futuristic dream that is now a fact of the

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It’s Time You Finally Embraced Smart Home Automation

It’s hard to deny that times are changing and changing fast with technology. And with these changes, technology is playing a larger and larger role in our everyday lives. For some this can be hard to accept reality. With an increased dependency on cellular devices becoming more and more inevitable some resistance to change is

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