Beginner’s Guide to Home Automation Smart Plug

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Technology is powering and revolutionizing businesses and homes.

A few years back, you wouldn’t even think about operating your home appliances with your voice. But, now things are completely different. Today, you can communicate with your HVAC system and even smartphone with your voice. Isn’t this unbelievable?

If you always wished to control your lights without touching the switchboard, then your wish has come true. Thanks to IoT technology, we can now communicate with the machines and make them perform actions without physically interacting with them. A home automation smart plug is a great example of a smart home. You can easily schedule your home appliances, save energy, and play funny tricks on your friends with a smart plug. Are you wondering what this advanced tool is? If yes, then keep reading.

What is Home Automation Smart Plug?

As the name suggests, a home automation smart plug converts your home into a smart home. It is a simple device that you can plug in your home’s outlet and connect your devices to it. Once you are done installing, you can control the devices connected to that outlet through your smartphone. You can turn on the lights, HVAC system, and even a slow cooker with this device. Furthermore, a smart plug enables you to schedule your devices.

Benefits of Home Automation Smart Plug

Common uses of smart plugs include easy appliance control and energy monitoring. Here are some additional advantages of smart plugs:

1. Improve Network Connectivity

You can convert your electrical devices into smart appliances that communicate with you through your phone using a smart plug. With this small device, you can turn on your home HVAC system while leaving the office. You can also turn off the lights if you are leaving for shopping without switching the plug off. 

2. Monitor Energy Consumption

Home automation smart plug gives you the freedom to control your home energy from your mobile phone. What’s more, it sends notifications on your phone when devices are using excessive power.

3. Prevent Overheating

Many people wonder if the smart plug is safe to use or overheats the wall socket. If you think the same, then there is good news. The smart plug doesn’t overheat your home, but it indicates when other devices are causing any threat due to the old wiring system. Various smart plug models notify your phone when it identifies increasing socket temperature. Also, it automatically disconnects the connection to prevent electrical fires.

4. Control Phantom Load

Smart plugs are popularly used to control vampire draw or phantom load. When you turn off some devices, they still use some energy. You can determine those devices and save significant energy on your bills with a smart plug by completely unplugging those devices.

5. Schedule Your Home Appliances 

This advanced tool enables you to schedule times for various outlets. For instance, it helps you with parental control by choosing a certain time for gaming consoles and televisions. With this feature, devices will automatically turn on and off at the scheduled time.

6. Protect Your Home

Burglars in your neighborhood look for empty home signs. You can use the smart plug for home security and prevent any attempts. Whether you are away with your friends or on vacation, you can schedule your lights and appliances to trick burglars. Therefore, a home automation smart plug is an effective and safe device that looks after your home while you enjoy outside.

7. Operate with Voice Commands

Smart plug works with smart hubs such as Google Home and Amazon Echo and helps you communicate with home appliances. For instance, you can turn on the television, lights, and HVAC system with your voice. This magical ability of smart plugs will convert your ordinary electrical machines to smart appliances.

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How to Choose Home Automation Smart Plug?

While picking a smart plug, consider what you will be using it for. Keep in mind, smart plugs come in different designs. Therefore, choosing the right option can be challenging. Consider these factors before buying a home automation plug:

Ampere Rating

Home automation smart plug comes in different ampere ratings. Therefore, you need to consider the rating. Many plugs in the market are available in five to ten Ampere ratings. Ensure that your devices have a lower Ampere rating than the plug.

Google Support

As we discussed above, different smart plugs come with various features. Some options also include voice assistance and integration with Google Home Support System. If you want to control your home appliances with voice, you can purchase a home automation smart plug that offers this feature.

Communication Technology

Smart plugs come with different connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. You need to choose the right device to control your home remotely. Wi-Fi connectivity is perfect for first-time buyers.

Socket Type

Before purchasing a smart plug, ensure the socket type you have at your home. The plugs come in different sizes to fit your needs. Many countries have different standard socket types than others. You need to check what you have in your home before buying one.


Plugs are available in different sizes. Therefore, you need to decide, considering the space you have around your socket. If you don’t have much space, go for a small device rather than bulky options.


With the above information in mind, you can make an informed decision to convert your normal home into a smart one. Home automation smart plug is an advanced tool powered by IoT technology. A smart plug will make your life convenient and energy-efficient. So, if you want to make your home smart, consider Savant as it has a wide range of home automation smart plugs that will make your life luxurious. 

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