Factors to Consider while Looking for Commercial Window Treatments

When you start designing a commercial space, don’t overlook window treatments.

If you do, you’re overlooking an opportunity to set a unique theme that aligns with your business. Whether you own office space, a retail store, or a restaurant, picking the right commercial window treatments can set a suitable ambiance for customers or employees. 

By using window treatments to your advantage, you can enhance the look of your commercial space. Read on to know how you can pick the perfect commercial window treatments. 


Your topmost priority as a business owner is the safety of your workers and customers. Before you start building your place, taking advice from a contractor is a good way to begin, as it can help you figure out what type of window treatment you require. The safety of a window treatment depends on its fabric, design, and way of installation. 

When you look for window treatments, you must ensure that they meet safety codes. For instance, some states don’t allow window treatments that are not fire-resistant. If you don’t follow certain safety requirements, you’ll be in violation of codes that could result in heavy fines and penalties. 


When making a purchase, it’s natural to want the most value for our money. This doesn’t just apply to window treatments but just about any item. But it’s important to remember that opting for high-quality window treatments is an investment, and cheap alternatives won’t provide the value you need. They come in poor quality that are torn down in a few months. Instead, you should choose options that fall within your budget, offering high quality that helps you set the right environment for your customers and employees. 

Light Control 

Deciding how much light we require in a specific area is an essential factor to consider when choosing a commercial window treatment. After all, lighting helps in creating a room’s aesthetic. A brighter room can contribute to the room’s decor and make your employees feel more alert. However, a darker room is suitable for a specific ambiance but may not keep your employees alert. To make sure you can adjust the amount of natural lighting entering a space, opt for cellular shades, roller shades, or aluminum blinds to achieve that perfect balance. 

Energy Efficiency 

Not all window treatments offer the same level of energy efficiency. That being said, it’s important to remember that energy efficiency is essential to keep your utility costs low. Polywood shutters are a great example of energy-efficient window treatments that help reduce heat flow through the window. 

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Cleaning and Maintenance 

If you purchase commercial window treatments that help you save on costs but are hard to clean and even harder to maintain, then what’s the point? When it’s difficult to clean certain window treatments, your cleaning staff can’t clean them as thoroughly. Consequently, you’ll have to hire cleaning services separately to take care of it for you, which costs you extra in the long run. If you think that cleaning and maintenance will be an issue to deal with, pick window treatments that are easier to clean and maintain. 

Options of Durable Window Treatments 

  • Vertical Blinds: These blinds don’t permit don’t allow dust to build up as quickly as other treatments. 
  • Faux Wood Blinds: those blinds don’t need exclusive cleaning or care. You can easily clean them effortlessly with the help of a brush or vacuum cleaner. 
  • Roller shades: these shades have a smooth surface that doesn’t allow the buildup of dust. These shades are great for people who are allergic to dust and pet hair.  
  • Cellular Shades: These shades are made of honeycomb cell fabric that is thick enough to trap air at the window, protecting us from extreme weather conditions. One reason why you should choose them for your commercial space is that they’re easy to clean. Simply run a vacuum cleaner over the surface to pick up dust and particles. 


When purchasing window treatments for their business, most business owners wonder whether a certain option is durable enough. After all, it needs to last long enough to provide a return on the investment. 


Perhaps you want to make sustainable choices when buying commercial window treatments for your business. In that case, you can opt for window treatments made from recycled material, such as:

  • Wood shutter: it is one of the best window treatments, made from old barns, fences, and building material, which makes it durable. 
  • Polywood Plantation Shutter: when you need a sustainable product, Polywood shutters are the best choice to make. Twenty percent of their composition is recycled material.  

Sunlight and UV Rays Resistance

If your window treatments let in too much sunlight, it can make your customers and employees uncomfortable. Not to mention, UV rays can cause the furniture, artwork, or flooring to fade. If you live in an area with plenty of sunshine, you can opt for films that are UV-resistant. They filter out UV rays that help protect your furnishings. 


Whether you are setting up an office space or a restaurant area, choosing a window treatment that offers aesthetics is a major priority. If you pick the right window treatment, such as shutters and blinds, you can enhance the ambiance of your office and restaurant while improving a room’s privacy. For instance, classic window treatments like wood blinds and shutters are best for commercial offices with more traditional decor. And in modern-style offices, contemporary window treatment like motorized shades might help in giving that space a modern aesthetic look. 

Final Words

Whether you are searching for modern window treatments for your office space or for a restaurant, we can lend you a hand. At BBD Lifestyle, we have plenty of options, like different colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. Our commercial window treatment options can help you pick an option that aligns with your existing décor. 

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