Model Your Smart Home after Bill Gates’

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In 1995, Bill Gates penned The Road Ahead, which, along with insights into the PC revolution, included a description of the “invisible” technologies built into his home. They were meant to “meet and even anticipate [one's] needs—all as unobtrusively as possible.” Cue the smart home revolution. Gate's home, with speakers hidden behind wallpaper, pressure-sensitive flooring, and invisible electrical outlets, seemed otherworldly in 1995. Fast forward to 2018, and most of Bill...
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7 Questions to Ask When Considering Smart Home Automation

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7 Questions to Ask When Considering Smart Home Automation   So you’re ready to embrace technology, and start integrating it into your home. But there’s some thoughts that are acting as a roadblock: Do you have to rebuild your home? Will it require hours upon hours of digesting volumes of instruction manuals to learn how to use the automation features? Will it be financially out...
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touchscreen interface for a smart home

The Future of Smart Homes: Do Touchscreens Speak Louder Than Words?

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Touchscreens still remain as king of the smart home interface. Last year Amazon sold over 8 million Echos and Dots, and their Amazon Voice Services integrated Alexa into an array of different products, from hand-held devices like a TV remote or smart watch to the development of a hands-free experience for a connected speaker or home intercom system, but even in the world of voice,...
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Lower Energy Bill with Custom Window Treatments

The Top 5 Ways That Smart Home Technology Can Equal Energy Savings

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Energy-saving smart home automation may not be the first direction to look at when looking for ways to towards a lower power bill because they still seem a bit pricey. However, by integrating these new technologies of today into your home, they not only give you an unprecedented control over your home and home environment, they also add convenience to the completion of your everyday...
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What You Can Automate In Your Home

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Smart homes everywhere! There’s a ton of resources out there for how to automate your home and save money. What You Can Automate In Your HomeEverything from your garage door to automated blinds are being added into smart home packages. We wanted to touch on what you can truly automate into a smart function…and the list is not modest! We know there are many benefits…

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10 Smart Home Features Buyers Actually Want

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More homebuyers are starting to think snagging a “smart home” is a smart move. Where smart home features were once considered a fringe benefit, more buyers are demanding them, and agents are taking notice. A recent survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate showed that nearly two-thirds of its agents have found that homebuyers are more interested in homes with smart features and technology than they…

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