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Window Treatment Design

6 Window Treatment Ideas that Work for Any Room

Windows are the eyes to your St. Petersburg home that let the fresh mid-morning light inside. How you dress your windows is important as they ...
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Roman Shades

Advantages of Choosing Roman Shades Window Treatment

Roman shades are a fantastic window treatment option for a lot of reasons. Here are a few advantages of installing them in your St. Petersburg ...
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bedroom with window treatments and curtains

Learn to Pick the Best Fabric for Your Next Window Treatment

There is such a wide array of styles and materials available when choosing fabric for your window treatments. This adds oomph to the window treatments ...
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savant bedroom window treatment motorized shades st petersburg fl

Bedroom Window Treatments: Smart Homes Deserve Smart Solutions

If you wish to transform a bedroom into your sleeping sanctuary, you can do so with the right window treatments. However, you will have to ...
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kitchen window valance window treatments
Window Treatment Design

Valances & Kitchen Window Curtains: Kitchen Design and Considerations

Kitchen windows should be vibrant and joyful—but there are tons of ways to create this clean, healthy, buoyant atmosphere! You want to balance a good ...
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luxury bathroom with large window treatments
Window Treatment Design

8 Ways to Decorate a Bathroom Window

Bathroom windows are notoriously difficult to deal with. For privacy reasons, most bathroom windows utilize frosted glass, which limits the amount of light that is ...
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large windows in modern living room

What are the Differences Between Curtains, Drapes, Shades and Blinds?

You’ve probably used all of these words interchangeably. Most of us have. But then if you are shopping for them, you’ve got to know what ...
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Interior of modern design room 3D rendering

Living Room Window Treatment Ideas and Styles for 2019

The internet has fundamentally changed the way that design functions in the world. In a time without pictures, there were lots of local styles and ...
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Window Treatment Design

8 Ways to Make Your Windows Stand Out

Interior design trends have been shifting. Windows are no longer merely ways to exchange light from the outside to the inside. They’ve now become a ...
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leather samples
Window Treatment Design

Full Grain Leather vs Top Grain Leather: What are the Differences?

Top grain leather is called “top grain” because it has the very top of the leather processed. This can give a wide variety of looks ...
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