Bedroom Window Treatments: Smart Homes Deserve Smart Solutions

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If you wish to transform a bedroom into your sleeping sanctuary, you can do so with the right window treatments. However, you will have to figure out what type of bedroom shades work best. 

One of the first things you must consider for bedroom windows treatment is how well the shades block the light? Especially when all you need is complete darkness. 

Other factors may include noise reduction, temperature control, and how well you want to preserve your view. Fortunately, several bedroom window treatments such as shades, blinds, and sheers help you create a perfect and soothing ambiance for a decent night’s sleep. 

Smart Homes Deserve Smart Solutions

In the modern world, running a home is becoming less labor-intensive. Thanks to the evolution of technology as it shrank the list of household chores that need physical efforts. It is about time that you add bedroom shades and blinds to the list of smart solutions for smart homes. 

Smart homes are a “new normal” now where all devices are smartly interconnected via the Internet and perform tasks on demand via remote control or scheduled times. 

From robotic vacuum cleaners to heating and air-conditioning systems, you can control anything using your smartphone, even when you are away. 

Now that smart shades join the league, you may wonder which smart shades are best for installation in your bedrooms. 

Smart shades and blinds are similar to their manual counterparts. They can perform a number of handy tasks apart from allowing and blocking the light. The smart shades can assist with blocking UV rays, offer privacy, and prevent heat loss at a push of a button. 

However, there is a lot you must consider before investing in your first smart bedroom window treatment. 

Smart Device Compatibility

It goes without saying that smart bedroom window treatment is a smart device compatible solution. There are mainly two types of smart shades. 

One will allow you to control your shades via a smartphone app – all you need is a Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your motorized shades. You can open or close your blinds based on several parameters and timings, whether home or away. 

The second type of smart shades requires a remote control; some even have voice-activation capabilities. The remote-controlled bedroom window treatment shades tend to be more economical than smartphone-enabled counterparts. 

Types of Shades for Smart Bedroom Windows Treatment

There are various shades and solutions at your disposal to give your bedroom a smart window treatment that it deserves. 

Cellular Shades: Energy Efficient and Complete Blackout

Cellular shades are one of the most popular window bedroom treatments. For instance, Honeycomb shades are well-known for being superior in energy efficiency.

The unique honeycomb construction adds insulation while preventing potential heat loss through your windows. Moreover, it reduces outside noise, hence helping you enjoy a night of deep comfortable sleep. 

If you live in a locale with an extreme climate, opting for honeycomb shades with additional layers may enhance your indoor temperature’s insulation. 

Smart Roller Shades with UV Protection

Smart roller shades come in a variety of designs and offer energy efficiency. You can get designer roller shades in a broad range depending on patterns, textures, opacities, and colors. However, you must keep in mind that room-darkening or blackout window shades will block most light entering your bedroom. 

You can also get smart roller shades with bottom and top treatments with customizable fabric valances. Many manufacturers design screen shades with UV protection capabilities. However, you can still enjoy this feature without compromising the outdoor view from your bedroom window. 

So, if you like to watch television or work on your laptop, smart roller shades will still allow plenty of sunlight while blocking annoying glare. Not to mention, the UV protection will also prevent damage to your valuable fittings and furnishings from direct exposure to sunlight. 

The Elegance of Roman Shades for Bedroom Window Treatment

Do you fancy a rich, soft look of drapery for your bedroom window treatment? 

Smart Roman shades will add a calming yet luxurious feel to your sleeping boudoir. 

These days, you will feel spoil for choices when it comes to varieties of Roman shades. Vignette Modern Roman shades are a unique example as you do not see any exposed cords.

 Additionally, they give your bedroom windows a crisp and clean appearance (this also makes these shades a safer option in settings with pets and toddlers).

Sheer Shades: Brilliance with Daytime Privacy and View-Through

Smart shades will help softly filter the light entering your bedroom window and help create a comforting and peaceful ambiance. However, if you wish to have some control over light-blocking, sheer shades are the answer. 

These silhouette shades are unique bedroom window treatments that feature signatures S-Vane floating between two sheers. These open vanes gently diffuse harsh rays of light while the rear white sheers help obstruct outsider’s view and prevent someone peeking into your bedroom. 

Combine Bedroom Window Treatments and Drapery

Besides offering privacy, luxury, and extra insulation to your bedroom, using certain designs and fabric of shades can give your room a dramatic feel and add character to it. However, you cannot change smart shades easily; hence, always give it a good consideration while choosing. 

In contrast, drapes are easy to switch, so you can choose lighter colored shades and complement them with darker drapes. If your shades are solid color, you can choose colorful patterned drapes to add dimension to the bedroom window treatment. 

That said – whichever bedroom window treatments you opt for, just try to maintain a good balance between functionality and fashion. Irrespective of how beautiful you wish your bedroom to appear, it is no good if you cannot get a decent sleep due to poor light control. 


When searching for an adequate bedroom window treatment, keep light control as your top priority. Select shades that allow you to enjoy softly filtered natural light during the daytime and block maximum light when you want a peaceful night’s sleep. If you are a company or a homeowner looking to install motorized shades on your windows, contact the window treatment pros. BBD Lifestyle is one of Central Florida’s market leader Savant dealers, offering some of the most innovative designs for motorized shades. 

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