Remote home control system on a digital tablet.

Why You Should Install a Smart Home Automation System?

What is home automation? This is the combination of technology and comfort, providing a network of different devices that work in harmony. This network system allows you to instantly control other individual devices, as well as appliances throughout your home. You decide which device should start working and when. The only thing you need to

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Smart Home Automation Apple Watch

Smart Home Automation Changes Lifestyle

Smart home automation is rapidly gaining recognition amidst consumers around the world. The craze these days is focused on technologies that make everyday living comfortable, convenient, and easy. Automation is one of the fastest growing technologies, demonstrating advances in innovation and supersonic speed. The latest is Domotics technology which means information technology for the home

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Using Home Automation Technology to Help With Senior Home Care

Right off the bat, I want to state that I am NOT saying that home automation, or technology in general, can take over for nursing visits, medical care, and basic human interaction and socialization. What I would like to discuss, is how home automation and technology can help make the difficult job of caring for

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Home Automation and Your Multi-Room Audio System

Multi-room audio systems are now a feature in many households. Technology has made it possible to have different songs playing simultaneously in different rooms of your house. With one of these systems, the musical tastes of the whole family are catered for. You can have your children listening to the songs of the latest pop

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8 Things the Smart Homes of the Future Will Be Able to do

Did you know that the residential housing industry in the United States is booming? Sooner than later, most of these will transform into the smart homes of the future. Nowadays, technology is becoming more of a necessity for homes. It’s common now for homes to have at least a few smart devices for home security. But where is

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10 Energy Saving Benefits of Lutron Light Control

How many times have you looked at your electric bill and wanted to shred it? Electrical lighting is a major expense for business and homes. People leave lights on and bright bulbs can make your bills sky high. A Lutron lighting control system saves money by using less energy and providing more control. Don’t fear

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touchscreen interface for a smart home

Going on Vacation: Smart Home Security is a Must

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go. It’s vacation time baby! And you can’t wait to bust through your front door and begin your adventure. However there are a few things that you should take some time to consider before you leave, because out of sight should not mean out of mind, and

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smart home products

Smart Home Products You Need to Have Installed Today

Smart homes started out as the ideal “house of the future” but in the past few years, they’ve slowly started to become a reality. What was once just a distant dream can now be attained. New high-tech technology is coming out more often than ever, making your daily chores easier. But it doesn’t stop there.

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