Best Smart Light Switch and Dimmer – Everything You Need to Know

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Long gone are the days when you had to walk up to a light switch to turn it on or off. Now, you can now use smart switches from anywhere to turn the lights on or off anytime you want. In this modern world, smart switches are more convenient to use, and they add value to a home, allowing you to control your home’s lighting using voice commands. For those who are new to smart home setups, there are some products that make it easier for you to experience living a smart life without breaking your bank. 

You might be thinking about why it is so important to add another switch on a wall when there is already one, but do you know the benefits it offers? The best smart switches and dimmers can help you regulate them from anywhere and have control over your home. 

When we talk about smart home appliances, two common categories are taken into consideration:

  • Smart dimmers
  • Smart light bulbs

Why Do We Need The Best Smart Switches And Dimmers?

A smart dimmer or switch is not only a replacement of a traditional built-in switch but also an upgrade. They allow you to control lights and fans by adjusting the light’s brightness and fan’s speed or anything that is connected to a smart switch. You can control them from anywhere: you don’t need to be there to control the switch. You can connect your smart switches with your mobile’s application or Siri/Alexa to control them from a distance. 

A smart switch offers a variety of benefits, with many of its features resembling those of smart lights. When you’re replacing traditional switches with traditional ones, you needn’t replace your entire lighting system. These innovative switches will transform your current bulbs into smart ones, allowing you to save on the cost of replacing them. With the help of smart switches, you are able to adjust lighting as per your requirements. For instance, if you want to watch a movie, you can dim your lights without getting up from the couch. 

With some smart switches, you may even get features that let you adjust the light brightness, but not every smart switch has it. Smart light switches might cost you extra and are more expensive than simple ones. Nevertheless, if controlling brightness matters to you, then it is worth the money. 

How Can You Use Smart Switches and Dimmers?

It depends on what type of smart switch you want to get and the brand you’re buying it from. All brands have their specifications when it comes to connecting a smart switch with smart home technology. Here are some of the uses:

Voice Control 

Most smart switches have voice control. You can speak to assistants like Alexa or Siri and have them turn off the lights by saying, “Alexa, please turn off the lights.” This is how a few smart switches work. Now, you can now create the perfect ambiance without getting out of bed.

Remote Control

The remote control function allows you to adjust the brightness and control light switches regardless of your location. So whether you’re at work, in the adjacent room, or even out of the country, you can control the light switches anytime. 

Timer Control

You can create a customized timer to control your switches. For instance, if you are away from your home for a week, this key feature can help you control the lighting during specific times of the day. 

Through Moods

Some smart switches have the ability to change according to your mood, while others can change the light brightness by judging your current activity. For instance, if you are reading a book, you can enhance the brightness. 

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What Types of Connectivity for Smart Switches Are Available?

There are many smart switches available in the market, with the only difference between them being the connectivity type. Almost all smart switches rely on a radio transmitter for their connection with a home network. Smart switches have different protocols and frequencies to control them. The three most types of connectivity smart switches that are preferably used are:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 
  • Zigbee or Z-Wave

The most commonly used connectivity options for smart switches include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as they are easy to control, install, and use. They can connect to a home network easily instead of requiring a smart home hub, which is one of the best features. Besides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart switches, the best smart light switch and dimmer connected to Zigbee or Z-wave might require a smart home hub to connect. One of the pros of this option is that the switches might not consume excess bandwidth from your Wi-Fi network. This option is best to use when you have to install two or more switches throughout your home and want to keep internet use at a minimum. 

How Much Energy Do Smart Switches Save?

Manufacturers of smart switches have said that homeowners who use smart switches save 60% on energy costs. Factually, smart switches that connect to Wi-Fi only use two watts of energy while idling, while a Zigbee switch might take around 0.5 watts of energy overall when idle. This is one of the benefits of why we switch to the best smart light switch and dimmer. Smart switches help us save energy, which directly reduces utility costs. 

Final Words

If you are looking for the best smart light switch or dimmer, we are here to help. At BBD Lifestyle, we have many options available at reasonable prices. Our quality of smart switches and dimmers can help you transform your home to make it smarter and more efficient. We help you integrate your home with industry’s leading smart switches and dimmers. Not only this, but we also have many other options like home theater, blinds, shades, and remote security solutions available at your request. 

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