Improving the Beauty and Efficiency of your Day with Savant System

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The perfect smart home automation system, Savant system — it will transform your life.

Most of us would like more time. We can get more time by either doing less (which, let’s face it, we should all be doing), or by doing the things that we have to do more efficiently. On the other hand, most of us would like more beauty out of our lives. If our days could include more fun, more joy, and better art–we’d love that as well.

Now, many times do we get the opportunity to add to one of these two categories. We get the chance to add more beauty to our lives, but this might make us less efficient. On the other hand, we might get the chance to become more efficient, but this might be at the cost of beauty.

It is rare that we get an opportunity to increase both the beauty and the efficiency of our lives.

How a Savant Smart System Changes Your Day

Some of us think about our days as a chaotic race from the ringing of the alarm clock to the soft puff of the head hitting the pillow. There’s a lot of flexibility in the schedule, but also a ton of things that absolutely have to get done before we fall asleep. For others of us, the day is a bit more rigid. Some improvements here or there would free up some invaluable extra time.

Morning: No Smart System

Think about the way that your morning looks, right now. For most of us, our morning routine is a bit scattered. There’s the actions we have to take to get the house to the perfect temperature to get ready. Coffee has to be made. Lights and blinds need to be turned on and off. Music needs to start playing. 

You need to get the kids out the door and get everything in order, and it needs to happen 5-minutes ago. There’s a mad scramble out the door to catch the meeting you need to go to, but not before locking everything and turning off all the lights.

Morning: With a Savant System

The temperature can be automatically set from bed the night before and runs on a timer. Things are perfectly temperature controlled that way you don’t waste valuable time in the mornings relaxing in the sheets simply because it’s too cold to even dream about putting your feet on the carpet. In addition, the shades can be automatically programmed to allow light into your bedroom and kitchen. Get that natural light to begin your body’s internal rhythms. Skip the harsh artificial electric lights in the morning. Finally, get your brain and mood focused for the day when your favorite playlist automatically begins to softly fade in.

Need to get the kids to school immediately and rush to work for an early morning start? Not a problem. The Savant smart system can turn off all the lights for you so that you can get out the door quicker.

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Notifications While You’re Away

You’ll be able to open and close your garage door and get notified of temperature and light changes in your home. This lets you make changes to things that you need and ensure that everything is running well. You have so many things to worry about in your day–like how things at work are going, the structure of your life, and the need to create that new report. Let a smart home system worry about whether you remembered to lock the doors.

Entertainment on Your Savant System

You honestly don’t need to control the TV and music from the same remote. You definitely can use different apps and remotes to control the entertainment in your house. But a Savant smart home system can improve the efficiency and beauty of those controls by aggregating them all in one place. 

Technology can scatter our brains by making us look in a lot of different places for different controls. The options of the moment can be entirely overwhelming. A smart home system simplifies your technology controls so that you can focus on the experience and entertainment itself.

Play music over the whole house with the savant music controls. Wake up to your favorite song, control your party playlist, and use presets to make sure that the mood stays right. With a smart home system, you can touch a single setting “Party” to change the music, temperature, lighting, and position of the blinds. Even control pools and home theatre systems.


Lighting in your space is absolutely critical to your mood. Too much light in the mornings and your day starts off abrasively. Too little light, and you’ll feel tired and sluggish. Your body clock will fall behind. Too much light in the evenings and you won’t fall asleep properly because your body will keep itself awake longer than it should’ve. Too little light, and you’ll get tired before you’ve done all of the many tasks of the evening. 

Because lighting plays such a big role in modifying our moods and regulating our internal rhythms, it’s something that is worth investing in. A smart home system lets you automate the light so that it runs on daily rhythms that make sense for your schedule. Those rhythms are easy to tweak and modify if you need something a bit different, and you can always use the app to deviate from the regular setup when you need to. Remain in control of the light, remain in control of your body, energy, and mood.


Temperature is even harder to control then lighting. While lighting is fairly easy to see immediately and make adjustments, temperature is something most of us don’t notice until it’s uncomfortable. It can be hard to open and close the windows and blinds at the right times to maintain a healthy temperature. Setting and adjusting the thermostat in the mornings and evenings can be a pain.

With a smart home system, you can keep things comfortable by automating the temperature controls to keep things comfortable. Set the blinds to automatically close and open in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings that way you maintain the perfect light and perfect temperature. Control the temperature of your house from anywhere with your app. Even set specific rooms to specific temperatures to make sure that the whole family is happy.

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