What Are the Best Blinds or Shades for Very Large Windows?

First off, large windows allow plenty of natural light into your house. They also help you connect with the surroundings and know what’s going on outside your residential space. However, their size can make it challenging to plan the perfect decoration and add the right features to them. Ready-made windows have a bad reputation of sagging or bending over time. On the other hand, drapes on large windows can catch dust easily and get difficult to move almost instantly. Not to mention, cleaning drapes and maintaining them on large windows is one tiring task.

So, to help you pick the right decorations for very large windows, we have chosen the best variety of large window blinds and large window shades. You can pick whichever one suits your interior décor needs best.

Faux Wood Blinds

If you’re looking for something that adds a warm and traditional feeling to your house and around your very large windows, you can go for the faux wood blinds. While they’re durable against harsh conditions, they can also stand against moisture and heat issues. On top of that, faux wood blinds are both resistant to cracking and fading. On the other hand, they’re pretty affordable despite their luxurious appearance. So, you don’t have to worry about price when opting for this style.

You also don’t have to worry about the aesthetics when it comes to applying faux wood blinds on your very large windows. They have a universal appeal and can easily attract your viewers’ attention. Faux wood blinds create a seamless and congruent look for very large windows.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

Although vertical blinds might appear familiar with the ones that were traditionally used to decorate the house windows a few years back, they’re new and completely modern today. If you’re into sheer shades and blinds, these will be perfect for the job. Sheer vertical blinds can transform the harsh natural light into a gentle early morning glow. As sheer vertical blinds float very well, they can be useful to provide extra privacy. It means that while you’ll have a fair vision of the outside, it’ll be quite difficult for someone to look through your windows from the outside.

Interestingly, this type of blind comes with an extra darkening panel to keep your rooms clear of the harsh morning sunlight. You must match the excellent sheer vertical blinds for your very large windows with the best color accent to add a rigorous appearance.

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Horizontal Sheer Shades

If you’re into sheer shades and very large window blinds but don’t feel like going for the vertical blinds, horizontal sheer shades might do. They have S-shaped vanes as part of two sheers. The horizontal floating blinds offer amazing functionality and quality. They offer some similar features as the vertical blinds. Those include precise privacy control to prevent someone from taking a peek through the windows. And, the sheers beautifully diffuse harsh natural light into a refreshing morning glow. 

Horizontal sheer shades are very similar to drapery, so you might have to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning and maintaining them. Room-darkening shades are also available as part of the horizontal sheer shades.

Roller Shades

Are you a fan of minimalism? Do you like experiencing aesthetics without applying overly accented and patterned large window blinds and shades? Well, roller shades are an optimal pick for that. They are suitable and highly affordable for applying over large windows. In fact, they are among the easiest window treatment ideas if that’s what you’re aiming for. They feature a completely modern look but with a clean and simple theme. They are very minimal-profile and don’t create a huge stack when you lift and roll them, considering that they’re for very large windows.

Another amazing aspect of going with roller shades for large windows is that they come in terrific varieties. From different patterns, textures, and custom graphics, they can help you give your windows a custom look. Keep in mind that we’re talking about minimalist patterns and graphics that aren’t very different from linear textures and mellow color accents. For a room with big windows, rollers shades are among minimalist interior decorators’ top picks. 

Cellular Shades

Featuring an extremely space-friendly stack and sleep profile, cellular shades offer what most homeowners look for in large window shades and blinds. Since bigger windows will require larger size shades and blinds, rolling up and keeping the stack can be a daunting task. But with cellular shade and their lightweight combined with sleek profile make it extremely easy to place them over the window. They don’t block the mid-morning natural light as well.

Being lighter in weight than other large window shades, cellular shades are purely aesthetical and functional. But, they also come in heavier material composition that makes them difficult to lift and roll up. That serves as a unique large window safety feature. You can choose from an amazing range of colors and textures to add a more beautifying touch to your large windows.

Talking about large window shades and blinds, you don’ necessarily have to go for market-standard and ready-made cellular shades. By contacting the right professionals, you can make the job much easier for yourself. A professional can take a look around the house and order the perfectly customized set of cellular shades for your room with very large windows. Cellular shades also come with light-filtering and blackout options. In short, they are classy, simple, and easy to handle.


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