Window Treatment Trends: Graphic Patterns, Natural Materials, Shimmering Metallics

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Patterned Curtains and Shades: Global Chic Imported Indian and Moroccan textiles are increasingly popular across the U.S., as are African prints, carved Indonesian benches, Nordic furniture... Okay, so everything, from everywhere, is in demand right now. We’re all turning into global nomads, and our experiences abroad are opening our eyes to the wealth of design riches from around the world. Photo from the Shade Store Photo from...
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BBD’s Secrets to French Decorating

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Recently, our showroom at BBD Life Style has taken on a royal, Palace of Versailles-inspired look and feel — and we have to say we are enthused! From gold-trimmed mirrors and crisp linens to French country headboards, our space harmonizes imperial beauty with contemporary design. As lovers of French-inspired decor, we were in heaven when these royally-fitting furniture items arrived to our showroom. Let us…

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7 Questions to Ask When Considering Smart Home Automation

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7 Questions to Ask When Considering Smart Home Automation   So you’re ready to embrace technology, and start integrating it into your home. But there’s some thoughts that are acting as a roadblock: Do you have to rebuild your home? Will it require hours upon hours of digesting volumes of instruction manuals to learn how to use the automation features? Will it be financially out...
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touchscreen interface for a smart home

The Future of Smart Homes: Do Touchscreens Speak Louder Than Words?

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Touchscreens still remain as king of the smart home interface. Last year Amazon sold over 8 million Echos and Dots, and their Amazon Voice Services integrated Alexa into an array of different products, from hand-held devices like a TV remote or smart watch to the development of a hands-free experience for a connected speaker or home intercom system, but even in the world of voice,...
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Flatscreen as an Artform

The Samsung Frame: Reimaging Flatscreens into an Artform

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After emerging as radio-like consoles, televisions took years to develop into stand-alone appliances and finally into huge pixel packed screens. Over the decades, buttons replaced knobs and dials, profiles got slimmer, and sleek black replaced colorful frames. The evolution of technology and design has been awe-inspiring, and tech giant Samsung has eclipsed what we thought was the standard for a 4K UHD flat screen. Enter...
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Unique Drapery & Curtain Ideas

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Your home decor says something about you and your personal style, but what about your window treatments? Alongside your color scheme, furniture selections and accessories, your curtains make a statement as well. Unique Drapery & Curtain Ideas really help tie the scene of your home or office together.  We took a look at some unique drapery and curtain styles that hit it big this year….

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The Future of Home Automation

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Smart tech has forever changed the way we conduct our daily lives. The first massive changes started with the smart phone, evolving into how we automate our homes today. We’re always looking for what’s next in the industry, from security features to wearable tech, 2017 is looking pretty smart. Read the full article here

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