BBD’s Secrets to French Decorating

Recently, our showroom at BBD Life Style has taken on a royal, Palace of Versailles-inspired look and feel — and we have to say we are enthused! From gold-trimmed mirrors and crisp linens to French country headboards, our space harmonizes imperial beauty with contemporary design.

As lovers of French-inspired decor, we were in heaven when these royally-fitting furniture items arrived to our showroom. Let us show you how some of these exquisite pieces can reign in your home!

Style your bedroom like a modern-day Versailles

French bedroom furniture is defined by luxury, incorporating hand-carved wood, gold details, soft curves and plush fabrics.

While many of the pieces in our showroom have the grandeur of antiques, very few are. Instead, we’ve chosen ‘old looking new’ pieces. They possess influences from previous design periods but are cleaner, smoother to the touch, and more modern than older pieces.

Buffet: Baker; Wall Art: Patton Hunter; Soap: Lothantique

Gold accents and Roman columns give furniture, like the chest of drawers above, an aura of strength and age. In contrast, watercolor paintings by local St. Pete artist, Patton Hunter, and imported soaps from the French brand Lothantique, soften the space. Such a fresh take on classic styles can enhance the room’s timeless appeal, transforming your home decor into tomorrow’s antiques.

Bed: Thomas O’Brien for Century Furniture; Nightstand: Baker; Wall Clocks: Bulova; Bedding: Peacock Alley; Throw Pillows: Oldregime

We like to choose main pieces that are in neutral tones, like this velvet headboard by Century Furniture. Instead of buying large pieces in trendy colors, choose neutrals like desert sand or pearl grey. You can then add color to your space through artwork, rugs, linens, and even sprigs of greenery — all of which you can move around your home to update each room’s design as your tastes change.

Lassiez-faire design

Nightstand: Century Furniture; Wall Clock: Bulova; Candles: DW Home; Table Clock: Westclox; Lamp: Visual Comfort

Many of our showroom pieces boast gold accents, including this night stand by Century Furniture. The rich gold hues tie all of the pieces together, while the furniture’s neutral tones provide the perfect backdrop to fill your home with treasures of your travels and life’s most precious mementos. As mentioned in ELLE Decor’s recent blog post on French interior design, when decorating like the French, gather inspiration from their style: make it look effortless.

Chest: 1920’s Italian antique; Linens + Towels: Oldregime; Candles: DW Home; Pendant Light: Visual Comfort

Elements that are more blatant in exposing their French roots are hard to pass up, especially when they look this elegant! The regal prints in Oldregime’s
2017 collection are described as “images from the past that resonate with the contemporary world.” Decor that is rooted in history can be used in a thematic room, an eclectic home, or whimsically throughout — whatever fits your fancy!

We are happy to share our ideas on French decor with you anytime, but we invite you into our showroom on Central Avenue in downtown St. Pete to browse, be inspired, and let your design imagination run wild. À tout de suite!

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