The Samsung Frame: Reimaging Flatscreens into an Artform

Flatscreen as an Artform

After emerging as radio-like consoles, televisions took years to develop into stand-alone appliances and finally into huge pixel packed screens. Over the decades, buttons replaced knobs and dials, profiles got slimmer, and sleek black replaced colorful frames. The evolution of technology and design has been awe-inspiring, and tech giant Samsung has eclipsed what we thought was the standard for a 4K UHD flat screen.

Enter Samsung’s new beauty: The Frame – so called because the “TV” has a bezel that looks like a picture frame and displays images from its extensive internal art library. It offers 4k UHD flat screen picture quality, and you’re not watching your favorite TV show or movie, it becomes a customizable work of art via it’s Art Mode. The Frame also offers interchangeable bezels, offering an assortment of colors and materials for you to frame your TV with.

Art Mode transforms The Frame into a beautiful work of art, indistinguishable from the real thing, and adds everyday inspiration to your environment. The Frame includes a free gallery of professionally curated art with 100 pieces from 10 different genre. If you want more options, you can download more professional art from the Samsung Store. Not in the mood for that Jackson Pollock splash? You can save and upload your own photos using the “My Collection” feature, which allows you to store your favorite content for easy access to display whenever you desire.

This 4K UHD flatscreen does so much more than provide an evening’s entertainment. Instead of turning off like a normal TV leaving you with a distracting, blank black rectangle on the wall – How about a television that disappears when you’re not using it? Designed in a collaboration with renowned designer Yves Behar, this television camouflages itself into any home as a picture frame.

The Samsung Frame is designed to always show its picture when someone is in the room. It uses a motion sensor that keeps the image onscreen as long as it senses movement. This TV was designed with energy efficiency in mind – when there’s no motion after awhile, the screen goes blank, saving power. When the screen is on and showing art, an ambient light sensor matches its brightness level to the room.

Gone are the days of the boxy retro contraption.

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