2021 Window Trends for Your Home

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Decor and design trends have gone through decades of transformation, although homeowners are constantly looking for inexpensive ways to increase the value of their property, and with good intentions in mind. Certain trends can end up paying off when an owner sells their home, while others can decrease the value of your home.

The struggle of this decision of having an eye for what potential buyers will want in the long run can be stressful. The risk may be high but there’s one piece of advice that can make your decision invaluable–that is making sure your design decisions are effective yet timeless.

So to help you create some guidelines for your next window treatment purchase here’s our 2021 Window Trends for Your Home.

Advance Motorized Treatments

Our technology advancements really aid our lifestyles now in days and make it easy for homeowners to install. No need for an electrician or contractor to install your motorized window treatments. Some of the latest technologies for monetization include battery powered choices, an ease with installation, and the silence of its functions are so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

If you’re looking to add a smart technology element to your home, motorized window treatments are a great investment for your home. Accompanied by automation systems like the industry market’s Nest, you have the ability to control adjustments straight from your hand held devices.

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New Child Safety Standards

One of our main duties as adults is taking care of the ones we love and create a safe place for toddlers is also one of our highest obligations. Recently, safety standards for children and pet’s have raised some concern in window treatments. The concern lies in the dangling cords and hazardous conditions that unsafe window coverings can cause. It’s been reported that there have been incidents of cords injuring children and have a severe cause due to children being left unattended.

So to avoid any unwanted injuries with toddlers there are safe and effective window treatments out there that provide a clean and cord-free design for your home. New advancements allow for functionality, safety, and beautiful design, are provided in child-safe options in shutters, curtains, rollers shades, or motorized shades.

Energy Efficient Exterior Options

It’s noticeable that trends are gravitating towards green friendly and energy efficient options for homeowners. A great example of this is that exterior shade options are increasing in popularity as new constructions are now using exterior window treatments as a quality feature. The benefits of exterior shading is that they protect and prevent your home from the sun, cold, and efficiency of your electric bill.

Surprisingly the design, efficiency, and functionality of today’s exterior shutter features have been influenced by European innovative designers. One of the leading productions for exterior window treatments is the aluminum shutter and blind which has many benefits and features for your home.

Multi-Layer Window Treatments

One of the greatest benefits of double-duty window treatments is the comfortability of having the privacy during the blocking of lights during the night. The two-in-one feature provides the best functionality and design, making it perfect for modern interior design.

The best part about the multi-layered window treatments is that both have the option of being available in either a manual or motorized option. With their purpose for being functional, these shades don’t stop there because they are also visually pleasing to the eye and come in a multitude of colors to choose from and to customize your style.

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