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home theater setup

10 Tips For The Perfect DIY Home Theater Setup

Movies are making their way to home screens in a shorter period of time these days, making creating a home theater that can compete with the Cineplex down the street tempting. The good news is: You are no longer beholden to a challenging set up and difficult installation.  Designing and setting up your home theater

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modern living room with curtains

Everything You Need to Know About Curtains

Curtains come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and lengths. Choosing a curtain requires narrowing down from some broad choices to the perfect design for your room.  Design considerations are not the only factors involved in this difficult choice. Will you use a custom curtain or something off the rack? How will you clean them?

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How to Quickly Make Your Home a Smart Home in 2019

A decade ago, Smart Homes were considered those with unique features enabling homeowners to remotely control simple functions like lighting and security alarms. The technology was clunky, difficult to install, and costly.  Fast forward to today and smart home technology is vastly improved and more convenient. Many new functions have emerged and most are as

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elegant living room window treatments

5 Window Treatments That Offer Style and Efficiency

Window treatments comprise a major piece of the interior (and exterior) design puzzle. As something so important, you would think most homeowners would be knowledgeable about their options. Sadly, this is not always the case. There are five primary window treatments that are stylish and provide different benefits like efficiency, privacy, and safety. Use this

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home theater with surround sound

A Home Theater Primer For You

Going out to a movie continues to get more expensive even with the reduction of home theater costs. Combined with the comfort and relaxation sitting at home on the couch provides, there has never been a better time to consider upgrading your viewing experience. The term home theater causes many to imagine a disturbing picture

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motorized blinds for a home theater

Why Motorized Window Treatments Make Sense for Your Business

The first things business owners think of when considering improvement is likely marketing or investing in good workers. These are great investments but there are areas worth looking into. The value of a high-quality work environment cannot be overstated. The addition of motorized window treatments in an office can provide many benefits to staff and

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commercial window treatments st-petersburg-fl

Trends in Commercial Office Window Treatments

Commercial office window treatments are not excluded from the variety of annual shifts in trends. As a business owner, keeping abreast of these trends can make your office or shop look innovate and modern.  Trends do not simply ride on shifting design preferences. New technologies in the world of window treatments can offer simplicity, convenience,

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The Case for Wood Shutters in Your St. Pete FL Home

Faux wood and other composites have entered the window treatment marketplace. This is driving many designers and homeowners to look at these options over real wood shutters.  Just because an item is new does not always make it best, right? There are some cases where only wood will do. At times, wood is just a

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commercial blinds

How Commercial Blinds Can Increase Security in Your Office

Data from a 2011 IBIS World study (the last available) found the commercial blinds sector was at $991.3 million in annual sales. Adjusting for inflation and not accounting for additional sales growth, the market would be worth $1.18 billion as of 2018. There are many reasons for this. Homeowners and businesses pour a lot of

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Popular Materials Used for Modern Window Treatments

Most people purchase window treatments with the idea that they will block and filter light, insulate the room, lower or eliminate UV ray intrusion, and protect their privacy. It is amazing that all this is accomplished with one product. There is a lot that goes into deciding which window treatment will feature all of these

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