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Using Room-length Curtains as Window Treatments

Room-length curtains are a bold choice, and only really work for rooms that have windows along most of one wall. They seem excessive, strong, and a bit to gaudy. So consider this a defense and a plea for using room-length curtains as window treatments. It’s a bold choice that can bring together a room that

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Smart Home Automation for Entertainment

If you love creating spaces that people love, these are the products for you. One of the best questions that you can ask yourself before gobbling up home automation equipment is “what do I want to do with my smart home?” If the answer is that you really want to create vibrant spaces that lead

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Finding Window Treatments for Odd-shaped Windows

Not every window is a perfect little square or rectangle that you can just toss curtains or blinds over. Some window treatments are needed for the more interesting glazes and translucent crevices that show up in our homes. When it comes to odd-shaped windows and unexpected openings, creativity will be your ally. Fortune favors the

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Smart Thermostats: What Kind of Features Can You Get?

Temperature plays a big role in our lives. When the temperature goes up, it can make us tired in the times where we need to have energy, and it can make us grumpy when we’d rather be calm. Decreasing temperatures can make it easy to sleep, or can make us feel restless with that chilled

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Perfect Window Treatments for Every Room and the Whole House

Light is a big deal. IT helps warm our skin and regulate the way that our body understands time and sleep schedules. And since there’s a huge push in the home industry on designing for wellness and productivity, it makes sense that the push for window treatments will be to control the light at hand.

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Robot Cleaning Floor While Child Watches TV Movie

10 Smart Home Devices for Home Automation

Smartphone wars are still going on, but there is a new digital battleground where companies are eager to march their products to the front. And that is our homes. Smart homes are certainly the trend of the future, and homeowners are enjoying the ad hoc obsession of getting smarter versions of their current devices. With

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Interior of modern design room 3D rendering

Living Room Window Treatment Ideas and Styles for 2019

The internet has fundamentally changed the way that design functions in the world. In a time without pictures, there were lots of local styles and small trends that could pop up globally. You might be able to vacation in a distant place, if you were rich, and then bring back some ideas that were not

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A tablet with smart home screen.

Smart Home Security: How to Protect Your Home With Cool Gadgets

Undeniably, smart home security can be important for your lifestyle and peace of mind. While break ins and intruders are obviously a serious and terrifying thing, the prospect of stringing sensors and cameras around your castle to deter beanie-wearing intruders can be exciting. Home security used to rely heavily on outsourcing. That means that when

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modern bedroom window treatments

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas and Designs for 2020

Light is one of the most important architectural elements of any space. While redesigning the floors and ceilings can be really expensive, changing the treatment of the light in the space is one of the most cost-effective ways of changing the space as a whole with window treatments. Your bedroom has windows. The way that

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