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Smart Home Devices that Make You Healthier

Obviously, smart devices can’t make you healthier. But smart devices can certainly empower you with the data and rhythms that you need to build routines that make you healthier over time. If we have the right technology, we can all start making choices that help us live happier, healthier lives. In this post, let’s explore

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11 Window Treatments for Low Light

Sometimes you have a window that sits in direct sunlight and needs a big, heavy curtain to prevent your furniture from taking the brunt of the rays. Other times, you have a window that doesn’t get a ton of light. Maybe you live in a relatively cloudy area, or maybe you have a window that

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The Best Smart Home Security Systems for 2020

With all the smart connectivity that your home has, you might also be looking for a smart security system to keep everything safe and give you peace of mind. While some security systems are stuck in the past, other security brands are continuing to innovate and bring security into the modern smart home environment. In

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motorized blinds for a home theater

5 Benefits of Choosing Motorized Blinds for a Home Theater

Creating the perfect home theater involves more than just picking out the right projector or big screen TV. You also need to make sure that you can get your home theater as dark as possible so that you can watch movies, sporting events, and more with your friends and family. In order to do this,

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How to Measure Curtains, Shades and Blinds

The right window dressings will make a whole room pop, but if you get curtains, shades, and blinds that are too big or small for the window that you’re working with, it can spell disaster for the aesthetics of the room. You wouldn’t buy and wear pants that are two sizes too big or small,

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12 Smart Home Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Want to get a smart home that doesn’t cost you ridiculous amounts of money to put together? Here are 12 ways you can remodel your home without breaking the bank on smart stuff you’ll never use anyway: 1. Smart Plugs One of the simplest ways that you can remodel your house on a budget is

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Interior of modern design room 3D rendering

11 Essential Elements of a Home Theater System

Want to recreate the movie going experience in your own home, where you can play whatever movie you want, whenever you want to? In this post, we’ll help make sure you’ve got all the essential elements of a home theater system so that you can enjoy the full movie going experience in your own home

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How to Add Privacy to Any Window Without Curtains or Blinds

There are times when curtains or blinds would throw off the entire vibe of the room, and yet things feel really open. Luckily for the all the natural light and privacy enthusiasts (all of us!), there are plenty of room-specific ways to block off a little bit of the outside world while still maximizing the

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Weird and Quirky Smart Home Automation Devices

Not every smart home automation device has a straight line from what it is to what you can use it to do for your life. And sometimes, the weirdest smart home automation devices in St. Petersburg FL are the ones that can make your life interesting. And sometimes, making your life more interesting leads to

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