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8 Ways to Make Your Windows Stand Out

Interior design trends have been shifting. Windows are no longer merely ways to exchange light from the outside to the inside. They’ve now become a status symbol in themselves, an icon that recalls imagination, future orientation, and transparency.  They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the modern window is the

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leather samples

Full Grain Leather vs Top Grain Leather: What are the Differences?

Top grain leather is called “top grain” because it has the very top of the leather processed. This can give a wide variety of looks and colors for the leather. Full grain leather is called “full grain” because the grain of the entire leather remains unprocessed. This leather looks more natural and retains its durability

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savant home automation

5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Savant Home Automation

You know Alexa. You know Nest. But do you know Savant Remote? Perhaps most well-known for enabling Steve Jobs to control his yacht via his iPhone, Savant Systems has recently entered the mainstream market with a product accessible to more than just the ultra-rich. With a $499 remote control and hub, Savant Remote was designed

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Lower Energy Bill with Custom Window Treatments

Window Treatments: Top Trends for 2019

Window Treatment Trends and Ideas Window treatments are often an afterthought when homeowners consider redesigning their home interior. Taking the time to think through how to address your windows can easily add wow factor to a room.  One reason people shy away from choosing and purchasing window treatments is because finding something on trend and

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man holding smart phone

The Best Smart Home Primer of 2019

What you need to know about smart home automation. Smart homes are using computer networks to connect devices and functions that make home life simpler, safer, and more efficient. Home automation is not necessarily new, but the technologies have become less expensive, more innovative, and easier to install and use. There are many aspects to

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baby with mother looking thru blinds

Window Treatments and Blinds Safety Review

Homes are full of opportunities for dangerous mishaps. An unlocked cabinet full of toxic cleaning supplies. A screen door that whips closed like a mousetrap. Or a rogue nail sticking out from the underside of a deck railing. While these are isolated cases of potential problems, there is a danger lurking in many rooms of

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window treatment types illustration

The Guide to Selecting Window Treatments

Look around your home. What do you see? Walls. Flooring. Maybe a built-in or two. For some reason, despite their prevalence, windows get forgotten in homeowners’ design plans. Many people become accustomed to ignoring window treatments in their young adult lives. Every apartment or townhouse you rented probably had those standard mini blinds and maybe

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home theater setup

10 Tips For The Perfect DIY Home Theater Setup

Movies are making their way to home screens in a shorter period of time these days, making creating a home theater that can compete with the Cineplex down the street tempting. The good news is: You are no longer beholden to a challenging set up and difficult installation.  Designing and setting up your home theater

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