The Samsung Frame: Reimaging Flatscreens into an Artform

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After emerging as radio-like consoles, televisions took years to develop into stand-alone appliances and finally into huge pixel packed screens. Over the decades, buttons replaced knobs and dials, profiles got slimmer, and sleek black replaced colorful frames. The evolution of technology and design has been awe-inspiring, and tech giant Samsung has eclipsed what we thought was the standard for 4K Ultra HD flatscreens. Enter Samsung’s...
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The Top 5 Ways That Smart Home Technology Can Lower Your Power Bill

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Energy-saving smart home automation may not be the first direction to look at when looking for ways to save money because they still seem a bit pricey. However, by integrating these new technologies of today into your home, they not only give you an unprecedented control over your home and home environment, they also add convenience to the completion of your everyday tasks. In the...
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4 Ways That Home Automation Can Ease Your Stress

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Automated home security systems is a trend that’s rising in popularity, and for good reason. Also referred to as smart home technology or domotics, home automation can save homeowners time while relieving stress. The technology available today to automate your home is exciting and inspiring. An automated home can: Add Convenience to day-to-day tasks Convenience is one of the biggest reasons that people build and...
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3 Reasons Why Having A Home Security System Should Be Your First Priority

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Home security systems have come a long way in recent years. Compared to traditional systems, with their confusing panels and limited capability, Smart Home Security systems are more secure, more useful, and more convenient. You can now get better protection and completely new features that old systems simply couldn't provide. With intuitive mobile apps, powerful cloud intelligence and a growing world of connected devices, a...
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Florida Smart Homes: From "Winter" to Spring

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Being cold is a matter of perspective. People who do not live in Florida say it doesn’t get cold there. Memes are passed around the internet of snowmen built out of the sand, and people sprawled on the warm sunny beaches drinking margaritas and rum runners with the headline “Winter is Coming.” But if you ask any Floridian just how cold it gets, they’ll tell...
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