Top 6 Modern Ideas to Maintain Window Privacy

Your window plays various roles. It provides ventilation, increases aesthetic value, and can even improve your home’s curb appeal. As a homeowner, your window may hold immense value for you personally as well. Perhaps you like to have your morning coffee by the window, or it’s where you like to stand and wait for the kinds’ school bus to turn up around the corner. Sure, they’re great for looking outside, but how do you control what others see inside? Window treatments are fantastic ways to maintain privacy, but it’s time to go beyond conventional curtains and shades. 

Modern architecture and décor require modern ideas to maintain window privacy, so going for alternatives might help. Here are a few of them:

1. Window Finishes 

Window films, glass alternatives, and frosted glass allow light to enter while protecting furniture, flooring, and artwork from sun exposure. These alternatives can maintain privacy while improving your home’s interior decor. The best part? These window treatments are great for people suffering from allergies to pet hair, dust, or mold, which can accumulate in fabric-based window treatments like shades and curtains. 

Frosted Glass

They offer privacy without blocking your view and sunlight, which is the foremost priority. Covering your glass with semi-transparent contact paper helps you obtain this look. 

Decorative Films

These adhesive films offer privacy and a modern look that can align with your home’s theme. You can either opt for colored graphics or a mirror film with a reflective effect. 

Stained Glass

This is a charming option to pick for older homes as it offers privacy while preserving a vintage appearance. You can install this in clear leaded glass or in traditional colored styles. They can be as decorative as you require.

2. Shades and Shutters

Window shades and shutters are nothing new, but innovative fabrics that filter UV rays give them an added benefit. Not to mention, these fabrics go beyond whites and neutrals in terms of color range. You can now get them in various patterns, textures, and color schemes to select the best option for a unique, modern look. Hanging planters and decorative branches can also help you get a desirable look. 

You can also opt for plain, solid shutters that match your one-toned sofa or rug for a holistic look that pulls the room together 

3. Drapes and Sheers

You’ve probably heard people using the words drapes and curtains interchangeably. While drapes are similar to curtains, they’re made from thicker fabric to block out more light. You can use a drawstring to adjust how much light is entering your room while ensuring privacy at the same time. Drapes offer a more luxurious and formal look than other options like curtains and shades. Meanwhile, sheers are more translucent, offering a modern look while maintaining privacy at the same time. Since they’re thinner, they allow more natural light to come in. Nowadays, they’re available with various patterns and colors so you can choose a design that meets your needs.  

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4. Artwork

Who said you should only opt for professionally installed window treatments as a way to maintain window privacy? Instead of using the walls, use the windows to add paintings, posters, and quotes – anything you can use as artwork that offers privacy – for a modern look. Sure, the artwork looks great on your wall, but on a window, the natural lighting will give it a renewed aesthetic. 


In the right size and with the right colors, paintings can do more than just decorate a room. They’re fantastic conversation starters, and now, you can use them as a unique window treatment idea. You can add your favorite paintings to windows as a way to maintain privacy and reduce the amount of sunlight coming into the room. 


You can use them as shades to maintain privacy and to give your home a retro look. In fact, you can think beyond band and movie posters. Include maps and other interesting materials as a way to maintain privacy while adding a personalized touch to your room decor. 

Signs or Neon Lights

Neon lights or vintage metal, you can now pick unique and captivating mediums that introduce a fantastic effect to your lounge area, kitchen, or any chosen room. They not only help provide privacy but can uplift the ambiance of your home during events and get-togethers. 

5. Screens

Folding screens aren’t prone to collecting allergens such as dust mites, pet hair, and other irritants. They are often used to separate rooms when there is no wall and as window treatments to maintain privacy. Foldable screens come in different types, like bi-fold, tri-fold, decorative, and simple screens, being a useful alternative to manage window privacy. In addition to folding screens, there are laser-cut metal screens that make a bold statement while promoting air circulation and maintaining privacy. 

6. Plants 

Privacy needn’t involve completely covering up a window. It’s all about reducing visibility, so why not use planters or decorative branches to cover a window area. This will give your home a contemporary look and create a homely effect. Not to mention, plants can help improve indoor air quality and are a natural way to beautify the home. 

Herb garden

You can plant a miniature vegetable garden on your kitchen window to help maintain privacy while giving your kitchen a warm and welcoming ambiance. Plus, it’s a good way to build your gardening habit – you can cut all the herbs you need right from your window!

Window Boxes

Window boxes are an interesting way to maintain privacy while creatively using windowsill space. You can fill these boxes with flowering plants or herbs. Besides giving your home a fairytale-like charm, these obstruct the outsider’s view when they try to peer through the window. While plants on a windowsill have an old-school aesthetic, it’s still modern considering that it’s a refreshing approach to window privacy.  

Final Words

Whether you are looking for ideas to maintain window privacy or are searching for ways to enhance your home’s look, BBD Lifestyle can help you get what you need. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners find products that align with their requirements while ensuring that they get the most value for their money. Our prices, product quality, and uniqueness can help you stand out from the rest. At our store, you’ll find a variety of shades, curtains, screens, stained glass, and other above-discussed materials that help maintain privacy and enhance your home’s look. 

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