Graber Window Blind For Every Style

Window blinds are of various types, materials, and sizes. All blinds have individual slats that users can adjust to move up and down. If vertical, the blinds can also be tilted from side to side which allows you to control the amount of light that enters the room. For most blinds, a cord is located

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window treatments

Be Creative With These Custom Window Treatment Ideas

If you like to decorate and redecorate your home, then you probably like to tinker with the window coverings as well. Windows are a major part of a home redecoration plan so you should not forget to deal with making them attractive and match your ambient. The good thing is, you can be as creative

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Latest Trends and Innovations on Window Treatment

Do you want to light up the mood in your home with the best and most comfortable window treatments, then take a dive in this article and discover what is trending today when it comes to window treatments, with special attention given to the most recent trend.  Windows are viewed an essential element for a more

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sliding glass door window treatments


Sliding glass doors can be an excellent way to brighten up your home. They allow homeowners to enjoy the many benefits of natural lighting and the sun’s warm rays. They provide an efficient entryway for household members and guests. And, they bring the outdoors into your living area. But, as much as there is to

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interior shutters

A Window to the Past: The Benefits of Interior Shutters

Are you sick of the dusty drapes which hang over your windows? Are you desperate to replace the old damaged blinds covering your windows? You should consider replacing your current window coverings with brand new beautiful interior shutters. It doesn’t matter whether your home is designed with a modern twist or in a traditional classic

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curtain types

Your Guide to the Most Elegant Curtain Types for Your Windows

If you’re part of one of the 13.7 million households thinking of buying drapes within the next year, then you’re in the right place. These days there are so many curtain types to choose from that it can get confusing. So, we thought we’d put together this handy resource for you. This blog post lists

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window treatment shutters

10 Window Treatment Trends to Know for 2018

Does the interior of your home need a little upgrade, but you don’t have time or cash for a major overhaul? You can make your home feel like it had a makeover just by changing a few things. Where should you start? Change up your window treatments! When you enter a room, your eyes are

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custom drapery

10 Custom Window Treatments to Consider for Your Home

Does the thought of updating your window treatments stress you out? Do you worry that the wrong choice will make your windows unattractive? Many people struggle to find window coverings that fit the style of their home while still being functional. The trick to a successful selection is knowing what you need. And what you

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living-room-curtains-palm-beach-1489173366 (2)

Window Treatment Trends: Graphic Patterns, Natural Materials, Shimmering Metallics

Patterned Curtains and Shades: Global Chic Imported Indian and Moroccan textiles are increasingly popular across the U.S., as are African prints, carved Indonesian benches, Nordic furniture… Okay, so everything, from everywhere, is in demand right now. We’re all turning into global nomads, and our experiences abroad are opening our eyes to the wealth of design riches from

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