Smart Home Automation: Which Window Treatment You Can use?

savant bedroom smart home window treatment

Thanks to smart home automation, you can raise the blinds of your bedroom even if you are miles away from the house. Or, if you remember that you forget to close your curtain while you are at work,  you can still operate your window treatments with just a tap through smart home automation. The smartphone’s revolutionary features for controlling things take the window coverings to a completely next level. Modern tech has made it possible to control your blinds, shades, and other window coverings with smart devices such as a tablet, wall switch, remote, or others.  This makes them versatile and flexible to use. Moreover, you can control it using Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, or any other smart device.

These types of motorized treatments offer you energy efficiency and you can cut down your utility bills by just closing and opening your blinds, shades, and curtains on time. 

How Do Smart Window Treatments Work?

You can operate and power these types of window treatments in multiple ways. When you dig deeper into the market, you can find several power options for these window solutions. The most common ones are battery-powered motors that offer you easy installation and aesthetically pleasing ambiance. The battery pack that comes with window treatments is easy to conceal, so no one can notice it. Plus, they are quick to replace although they have a good life expectancy, and you may not need to replace them very soon. 

There are also hardwired smart window treatments that need an existing electrical outlet to get power to operate. Many companies also offer you solar-powered motors as an alternative to battery-powered motors. 

No matter what power source your window treatment use, you can pair its motor with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for smart control through a voice assistant or mobile app. Zigbee, Z-Wee, and proprietary radio control are not that common. 

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Best Smart Home Automation Window Treatments

If you have smart home automation, you have plenty of window treatment options that you can use for different spaces of your house. You can use them for practical or decorative reasons. 

It is also important to note that several brands manufacture different kinds of window coverings. You need to purchase the one that can connect with your smart home automation system. 

Roller Shades

Roller shades are popular for their versatility and flexibility. You can enhance its quality by connecting it with motors. These shades also come with a variety of light control options, from a total blackout to very sheer. You can also find excellent fabrics, from playful patterns to touchable textiles that can complement your ambiance. 

Based on your house theme and style, you can select from a range of fabrics, such as metallic or wood furnishes. Since they feature many designs and colors, roller shades are perfect for living rooms, dens, and home offices. And yes, if you have a smart home automation kitchen or any space that needs a blend of functionality and aesthetics, these window coverings look best. They are also handy if you need different blackout shades for home theatre and bedroom, as you can lower or raise all the shades at once. 

Cellular Shades

Looking for some more environmentally friendly options? In that case, cellular shades are an excellent motorized choice for you.  They offer you higher energy efficiency to save utility bills with the help of its heat loss reduction method. By installing them, you can reduce more than 45% heat in winter and prevent 80% of natural light from entering your house in the summers. 

From a style perspective, cellular shades provide you four opacities, multiple design options, and a top-down, bottom-up lift system. Moreover, these shades also have unique and innovative honeycomb patterns that look beautiful and create the perfect ambiance compared to traditional shades. 

Solar Shades

These shades are best for houses that receive a considerable amount of direct sunlight. If you are facing issues, you need to purchase one that is compatible with your home automation system. The solar shades block the sun rays completely that can fade your furniture or flooring. What’s more, you can also use them to protect your upholstered pieces. In case you don’t opt for a quality solution, there is a greater risk of damage to your interiors.

Apart from this, they can also help you reduce glare and also allow you to reflect heat out of the window. Therefore, you can reduce cooling costs and keep your house cool and comfortable. If you don’t want to block the scenic view, the motorized options are best. They help you keep the heat out of your house while offering you beautiful sunshine in your house. 

Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds

These blinds are also wonderful options to get an attractive look. They are ideal options for rooms that need both privacy and light control. Wood and Faux wood blinds come in a diverse range of colors and styles to enhance the decorative look of your house. 

You can also find them in different sizes to install just the perfect blind on your window. The easy and unique motorized system ensures that its slats always close and open with ease. The best part is that you get the rusty and earthy feel in your room by installing these wooden blinds. If you want to bring nature to your house, then you should go for these blinds. 

Bottom Line

Whether we talk about smart home automation kitchen, living room, patio, or the entire house, you can find blinds and shades for every area to achieve a classy look. You can opt for pop-up or neutral colors or shades with different sizes, and you can even go for patterns. It’s all about your house theme, style preferences, and budget. 

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