Best Window Treatments for Glass Sliding Doors

Privacy and security are two of the biggest concerns when it comes to glass sliding doors.

You may be living in constant paranoia that someone might be peeking into your home. This can be quite a difficult situation to deal with. A solution to issues like these can involve getting window treatments for your glass sliding doors. 

Window treatments can help with many of your concerns, including privacy, security, and even the home’s heating due to excessive sunlight shining through the glass sliding doors. However, not all window treatments are good for you. There are different types of treatments that help with various aspects. To help you choose the best window treatments, we have mentioned all the best window treatments for your glass sliding doors. 

Burlap Look 

If you have a rustic and hobo look to your home, a burlap covering would fit right in. Burlap is a thick and coarse woven fabric you can use to protect your sliding doors. It can beautifully cover your space and give it the appearance you want. However, the biggest reason why people do not go for Burlap is that it is expensive. As compared to other window treatments, this covering can fall further up the cost scale. 

If you have the budget, going for Burlap is a good idea. You can get Burlap in different colors depending on the aesthetic of your room. If you have light-colored furniture such as white or other pastel colors, you must go for Burlap. 

Semi-Sheer Style 

People who enjoy a little bit of sunlight seeping from the windows can go for a Semi-Sheer window treatment style. A semi-sheer style will help you get rid of the intensity of the sunlight. However, the best thing about this is that you will still enjoy the natural light. Natural light is vital to add life to your home, plus it is very good for your health. 

You will also be able to cut down on electricity since the sheer style covering will help you have plenty of light in the house. While you can keep the intense sunlight at bay during the day, you can enjoy privacy during the night. Outsiders might be able to see shadows in your home, but they won’t be able to clearly see what’s going on inside. 

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Do you have a patio? Getting an outdoor covering for your patio sliding door can be a great way to keep peeping toms away. You can get an outdoor shade that will be easier to open and close and will also give your patio an aesthetic look. Outdoor shade can be kept open throughout the day and closed during the night. 

Grey Vertical Panels 

Many people follow a futuristic look for their homes. If that’s the case with you, you must go for grey vertical panels. These panels are very stylish and leave your room looking very minimalistic and clean. These panels can either be pulled entirely back or partially opened. If your sliding door opens out to the street, these vertical panels can be great for your security. 

If you want to liven up the place, you can get these vertical panels in other colors too. You can decide on the color depending on the aesthetic of your home. 

Pull Down 

If you want to follow a simple look, go for a simple pull-down shade. A pull-down shade is a very convenient covering. You won’t have to do much. All you need to do is, mount these up on the door frame.  Just make sure that the shade do not overlap when the door is closed or open. These blinds are not very long, so if you have high-raised ceilings, it is best to go for some other covering. These won’t be able to keep up with length and won’t fulfill your requirements. 

However, if you have shorter doors, they can be the best fit to keep the sunlight out. You can completely block the sunlight with these shades and also maintain your privacy. 

Crisp White 

White can never go out of fashion, so if you are looking for a good coverage that will liven up the place, Crisp white covering would be the way to go. They are the most adaptable; whatever decor you have around the house, a crisp white window treatment might be the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. 

They bring in more light during the day, and during the night, they help you keep the room illuminated. One can never go wrong with white. It is the best replacement for other colors. 


Are you a fan of the royal look? If you want to add extravagance to your room, you can go for a layered window treatment. To get this treatment installed, you will have to fix two different curtain rods. On the rod closest to the glass sliding door, you can mount the solid colored curtains and, on the other, a sheer curtain. The formal look will add character to your space. 

This type of window treatment can help you create different looks. You can either tie up the sheer curtains or let go of the solid one. Or you can loosely tie both of them, giving you a luxurious look. 

Colorful Fabric

Colorful fabric is also an excellent  window treatment. You may want to add more of yourself into your home space. For that, you can go for customized fabric that suits the aesthetic of your room. With a customized window treatment, you can do everything of your choice. That includes the type of fabric, the length, and other details. 

If you want to revamp your living space, a window treatment can be an excellent place to start. You may not be able to gauge the difference it will make, but in the end, the results will surely be worth it. 

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