Top-Rated Summer-Inspired Window Treatments

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Window treatments are essential for any space, whether it’s your restaurant, office, house, or any other place. It provides you energy efficiency, a classy look, and total blackout if you need. It also helps block light and becomes even more important in summer to control the natural light entering your room. 

So, if you are looking for the best window coverings for summer, here are some options for you. Check their specifications to make the right choice. 

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades or honeycomb shades are one of the most adaptable window coverings you can get. Their unique, hexagon-shaped cells allow you to filter sunlight, giving you insulation and privacy at the same time.  In addition to its modern aesthetic appearance that allows you to control light, you can also benefit from its versatility and simplicity. 

If you want a window solution that offers different opacity choices, from room darkening to light filtering, opt for these light-friendly shades. These amazing shades feature four lighting control options: light-filtering, sheer, blackout, and room darkening. Since it has a cordless operational system, it also keeps your children safe from any mishap. Additionally, in the case of hard-to-reach windows, you can also go for their motor feature.  

To add a classy look with modern features, you can install shades that you can control and set on a timer with sensors to minimize or maximize heat gain. Therefore, you can even control your shades when you are not at home or office. Those who want to enjoy the outside view while also maintaining their privacy can also pick cellular shades. Lastly, cellular shades compliment innovative window shapes, including skylights, angled windows, hexagons, arches, and more. 

Window Films

This is another amazing option when it comes to window treatments in summer. Window films protect against ultraviolet exposure and glare and block solar heat gain. You can also install them in hot weather, as they can act as a barrier between your room and the sun heat. 

These are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to enjoy the views but don’t want solar heat gain and glare. Besides that, they also work great to limit the fading risk due to UV exposure causing damage to your furniture, artwork, or carpeting. 

Typically, films have three layers: a scratch-resistant layer, an adhesive layer that touches the glass, and polyester film coating. You can also look for thicker films, UV blockers, and tins for added security. Low-e films are also getting popular for their energy-saving advantages. 

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Curtains and Drapes

Curtains are interior attachments made according to your window size while drapes hit the floor.  Their ability to offer you energy efficiency depends on plenty of factors, including color and fabric type. There is a diverse range of curtains and draperies available, which makes it challenging to specify the energy performance of each of them.  

During summer, you need to keep these window treatments close to prevent direct UV rays. If you have windows that face sunlight and allow it to enter your house, it’s better to opt for medium-colored coverings that come with white-plastic backings. When you draw them in cold weather, many conventional curtains and draperies can reduce significant heat loss. Therefore, if you want to control the heat in your space, you need to keep them close. 

To reduce convection or exchange, you need to hang draperies as close to windows as possible. If you want optimal results, place it against the ceiling or install a cornice at the top of a drapery. After that, seal your drapery at both sides, and overlap it in the center. Use magnetic tape or Velcro to attach the drape at the bottom and sides. Doing this can help you reduce heat loss to a great extent. 

Solar Shades  

Solar screens and shades have a unique vinyl mesh material. These treatments are ideal for hot summer days because they are specially designed to block out heat and light. Solar shades come in reverse or standard wall mounting to adjust according to your window’s requirements. Moreover, they are available in different trendy colors, from brown to cream. 

Although they can prevent glare, many of them will not completely block the sunlight. These styles come in different degrees of shades, which give you the freedom to choose the amount of natural light you want to allow in the space. Generally, these shades offer around 1% to 15% light reduction. However,   some other shades offer complete blackout. 

The best part is that they look gorgeous in every type of space, such as bedrooms, kitchen, and patio doors. 

Roman Shades

Roman shades are perfect for people who are looking for chic but timeless window coverings. These window treatments are one of the most preferred light solutions as well as trendy. Apart from this, they come in absolutely gorgeous, luxurious, and attractive fabrics. When you open them, they pile up together to give you a tidy and beautiful look. 

Based on your interiors, you can also bring one with fine details, such as bold patterns and European stitching. Some Roman blinds come with light filtering views, while others comprise continuous hooks in their headrail.  

You can opt for elegant or fun patterns, such as paisley stripes, flowers, and woodgrains. Some trendy colors include sandalwood, graphite, and cork. If you have a good budget, you can add privacy or blackout lining to your Roman window treatments. This will help you get the ideal temperature and light. 

Bottom Line

So, here are some best window treatments for summer that you can purchase for your office or house. However, it is important to note that not every window covering suits every ambiance and window shape. So, consider looking for multiple options for your window to choose the most appropriate window treatments. It is also important to note that the right window treatments can raise your house value. 

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