Best Window Treatment Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

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Choosing an adequate window treatment for your child’s bedroom, playroom, or nursery can be quite a challenge. There are too many factors involved, such as how safe is the shade? Will it help keep the bright morning sun out? How easily will you be able to clean? 

Of course, you want a stylish yet cute shade that your child will love. However, you do not want to sacrifice the practicality and, above all, safety for visually attractive shades. 

Hence, you must know, there is a wide range of window treatments for kid’s room out there. Not only are they both fun but functionally effective as well. 

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Windows Treatments for Kid’s Room

1. Cordless Shades with Enhanced Safety

When it comes to little ones, safety is your top-most priority. Shades with long and dangling cords can pose a danger for kids as well as pets as they may get caught or tangle themselves. Thus, it is best to look for cordless blinds for kid’s rooms.

Motorized shades are another suitable and safe alternative that allows you to control the shades automatically with a single push of a button. These days you can get motorized shades that are operable using a smartphone, remote, or with voice control (if you have connected your shades to a compatible smart-home system.) 

2. Blackout and Room-Darkening Shades

In children’s nurseries and bedrooms, using blackout or room-darkening shades is an ideal solution to block that morning sunlight. You can select from a wide range of Vignette shades with room-darkening fabrics that are fun, stylish, and come in all sorts of playful colors. 

However, you can also include a blackout or room-darkening liner to your Vignette shades. You can ask the provider to sew the liner into your fabric directly.

Moreover, you can even get these shades with the Duolite option, which combines light filtering shades with the back panel of your room-darkening shade, and both will roll on a single roller. 

3. The Fun Factor: Playful Styles and Colors 

You can find various roller shades, roman shades, cellular shades, and mini blinds with a wide selection of designs and colors. 

Suppose you are designing a kid’s playroom. In that case, you can use modern aluminum blinds that are perfect for such high-traffic areas and feature various hues with special textures and finishes, i.e., from matte to pearlescent and metallic. 

Moreover, aluminum blinds are convenient to clean. All you need is a simple once-over or dusting with a soft cloth. Honeycomb shades are another fun alternative when it comes to choosing the right fabric for your kid’s room. 

They are fun, colorful, and come with various textures with cellular designs that add an extra layer of insulation to the windows. If you are an eco-conscious person, you can get a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb fabric for added energy efficiency. 

Another tip: using Duette shades will reduce outside noise, so you and your kid can have a peaceful night’s sleep. 

4. Window Treatment that Grows with Your Kid

Remember, whenever you are out picking a window treatment for kid’s room – it is smart to invest in the high-quality and durable shade to last you a lifetime. Choose something that your child is going to enjoy for many years to come. 

While your primary focus might be on soft and neutral colors, do not be shy to explore some mature options that will still stay relevant as your kid grows. 

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5 Best Window Treatment Ideas for Kid’s Bedroom

Here we bring you the five latest and best looks for your little one’s rooms. 

1. Solid Shutters – Perfect for Early Lie Ins and Nights

If you have a kid or a new-born who wakes up at the first split of daylight, solid shutters will be your savior. They will help keep most of the light out. Moreover, they can insulate your kid’s room effectively against outside noise such as summer parties, street traffic, etc. 

2. Louvered Shutters – To Adjust Light Levels

Louvered Shutters are a great alternative when there is insufficient wall space to install solid shutters to fold right back. If you have an overlooking bedroom, these shutters are ideal for creating and maintaining privacy. 

3. Roman Blinds – Best Option for Color Coordination

If you admire the appearance of layered fabrics, look no further. Roman blinds are a perfect choice for your children’s bedroom as they allow you to pick fabric colors that coordinate with the overall theme of your kid’s room. 

You can opt for a plain finish, which will make it easier to color coordinate with the entire furnishing and fixtures in the room. Anything patterned with children’s design will date quickly; hence, you will have to refurbish sooner than you wish to. 

4. Fitted Blind in a Loft Bedroom

If your kid has a loft bedroom, you must face a gnarly problem: a roof window. 

Need our advice? 

Do not waste your precious time trying to create your own version of blinds for that oddly angled window. 

The only and best option for the nuisance is made-to-measure blinds. In case you have Velux windows, you can find a code within the frame, use that code to purchase blinds that are a perfect fit. You can even get blinds in patterned, plain, and blackout variants. 

5. Bright Roller Blind – A Wallet-Friendly Option

Roller blinds are one of the best and undoubtedly the most budget-friendly option when it comes to window treatment for kid’s rooms. There is a wide array of patterns and colors you can choose from, and of course, you can get them in blackout and room-darkening options too. 

However, you must remember that some light will still manage to seep into the room from around the edges of these shades. You can rectify this problem as well by adding curtains to the mix. That said – beware of the cord safety issue. 


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