Benefits of Lutron Smart Switches

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No complete lighting solution is as sophisticated and convenient as having smart switches integrated into the walls of your home or office. When you talk about smart switches, those by Lutron are definitely ahead of the curve. Thanks to their superior performance and other scores of benefits and features that we will cover later in this article. 

However, before we delve into the other details, it is first important to understand what exactly smart switches are. 

Smart Switch: Definition

A Smart switch is typically a direct substitute for your conventional switch that is built-in. You can install smart switches using your current back boxes (in the wall). 

The ideal smart switches (such as those sold by Lutron) still function as a standard light switch and at the same time offer new and different ways to control and manage your switch wired and home lighting devices.

These are remote-controlled via a specific application, linked over the Wi-Fi network of your home, so you can easily gain access to your switches anytime and from anywhere. 

How do Lutron Smart Switches Generally Work?

Like most of the other smart switch brands, Lutron Smart switches are connected to the network of your home, offering access via Wi-Fi to control the switch remotely. It uses an application on your tablet or smartphone.

By toggling the switch (in-wall), you can still turn your lights off or on like you used to do before, which is obviously a big benefit if your phone is not close by or if you have visitors over in your house. 

To get even more control, you can manage the Lutron smart switch by voice with a smart speaker or using a quality home automation controller such as Samsung SmartThings.

Undoubtedly, the best thing about smart switches is that they can function just as fine from miles away. Hence, you never have to worry, wondering whether you left the lights in your bedroom on.

Now, let’s look at some of the more common and popular applications of Lutron Smart Switches. 

Common Lutron Smart Switch Uses

The most common Lutron smart switch uses include (but are not limited to): 

  • Remote controlled with your mobile device – there is no need for you to wonder if you mistakenly left the lights in the room on when you reach your workplace
  • Full voice control by making use of smart speaker such as Amazon Echo
  • Establishing varied ‘moods’ and scenes for particular activities such as reading a book, watching a film, or hosting a brunch event at your home 
  • Creating schedules (time-based) to turn your lights off or on at a particular time of the day
  • Advanced automation (event-based) entailing several smart devices using a cloud task automation service such as IFTTT or Stringify or using a smart home hub. 

Benefits of Lutron Smart Switches

As mentioned above, Smart switches by Lutron are top quality devices that are an ideal element of any smart home automation system. These are some of the many benefits/features of Lutron smart switches that make them one of the best lighting solutions available in the market. 

Advantage of Dimming Options and Application Controls

Dimming is contingent on the bulbs you want to control, as not every bulb supports dimming, particularly Compact Fluorescent Lamp bulbs. That said, if the lights in your home, office, etc. are compatible, most of the smart switches (including Lutron’s) offer various dimming options. This allows you to have control over the brightness until you obtain the levels that you like. There is no need for you to install a dimmer on the walls’ actual switch. Advanced Lutron smart switch versions can automatically alter brightness settings throughout the day. So as it becomes darker outdoors, the brightness level changes accordingly.

In addition, Lutron Smart switches usually come with their very own branded smart device application. You may download this particular application and use it to control and manage connected light from your smartphone. What that means is that you technically do not have to utilize the smart switch at all, though it is still considerably useful. For instance, if you are on holiday somewhere, you can easily turn on the lights of your house. This way, anyone outside would get the impression that someone is at home. 

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Scheduling is a Great Feature

One of the best things about most of the Lutron smart switch applications is that it enables you to create different schedules for your home’s lighting. It is a very common and popular way of saving precious energy and offering additional convenience around your home. For example, you have the flexibility to program the lights to turn on as you head to your house from the workplace or establish a certain vacation program that keeps just a few lights on during the nighttime for safety purposes.


Are you the kind of individual who always tends to forget switching off the entryway light when you are leaving for your workplace? This is where Lutron’s smart switch lighting comes into play with its incredible geofencing feature. Based on your precise location, your Lutron lighting system will manage your lighting. It will switch your lights off automatically after you leave your house. Later in the evening, when it registers that you are returning from work, it will automatically switch the lights on again as you pull your vehicle into your home’s driveway. You would not have to concern yourself regarding unlocking your door when it is dark or forgetting to switch off your lights. Talk of convenience! 

Bottom Line

To summarize, Lutron smart switches are the most fully-featured and best-performing devices that are available in the market currently and that too at a modest price! If you are looking for a smart lighting solution for your home, look no further than these cool gadgets that are sure to amplify the comfort in your life (and then some!). 

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