What are the Basic Requirements for Audio Visual Systems?

A modern projector in a lecture room

If you want to offer the best education or high-quality services to your clients or employees, audiovisual systems are the best option. It offers you all the necessary features that make the process seamless and impactful. 

Participants in the room can understand and reflect on the subject you are discussing. They can also offer their opinions and share their information relatively easily and effectively. However, if you want to create an audiovisual room, you need to have the following equipment at your facility. 


If you are planning to teach something in a big room, you need a high-quality projector. They work best to project an image from a classroom computer, laptop, and other VGA-compatible devices. 

Furthermore, there are several types of projectors available on the market- big or small. You can opt for the one that is compatible with your audiovisual system.

Wireless Microphones

Of course, you want to get a clear and loud sound. In that case, you need wireless microphones designed to connect with the audiovisual systems. The wireless feature makes it the best option to watch anything on your projector while sitting far from the screen. 

Keep in mind that microphones are best if you want to prevent sound and music from getting outside the room. As it offers sound to only one user, microphones are best if you are the only one using the audiovisual system. 

Powered Speakers

If there is more than one user, microphones are not a great option. A powered speaker will allow you to watch videos with as many people as you want. Speakers will provide you with a clear and loud sound that will spread in each corner of your audiovisual room. This way, each participant or student in the event or course can benefit from your system. 

The best part of the powered speakers is that they allow you to set the audio level based on your needs. For instance, when few people are in the room, you can set it to low volume. However, when the whole class appears to take a lesson, you can set it to maximum levels.

Additionally, an automation system like Savant offers you precise control so that the voice is never too low or too high. 

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Media Player

Of course, your desired presentation, course outline, or topic points will not appear on the projector unless you have a media player.

 A media player helps users play songs, videos, and any other multimedia collection. It also helps you play CDs, content from the internet, and downloaded content. You need a media player compatible with your audiovisual system for seamless streaming.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Audio and video conferencing are two more items that you require if you are planning to use an audiovisual system in a conference room. Video conferencing has become crucial in conference rooms. Zoom, Teams, and StarLeaf, are some of the most common conference room solutions. Videos calls have become important for connecting every person working for your institution, such as clients, remote workers, and partners. 

Since you need to connect with different people, you have to find a way to engage a person using Zoom or StarLeaf, or a person using the Teams or others. In that case, video conferencing technologies help you handle these situations. 

With the help of this technology, you can easily dial different systems and different people. Plus, there are many audio and video conferencing technologies available on the market. You need to choose the one based on the number of people to join conferences and the type of technologies they use. 

Reliable Internet Connection 

You also need a fast and reliable internet connection to help you operate the audiovisual system. Internet is also important to install the system to ensure that every device is connected. Apart from this, the internet allows you to connect with the team for a conference. 

If you own an audiovisual room to teach students, the internet will help you connect different laptops for a better learning environment. 

Fast internet connection is also vital to share the information with all participants in the room. This way, everyone will have access to the information on the topic you are discussing. On top of that, the internet can help you search for information right in the middle of the lecture or show any video, picture, or article. 


Cameras may not be necessary for audiovisual rooms in an academic institution, but they are important for conferences and business events. They help you connect with external parties and resources. Your clients and remote workers will be able to see you, which will help improve communication. 

It’s true that you can only use audio to engage with people who are not present physically in the room. However, communicating and discussing the subject while seeing the other participant makes the process much effective and easier. It helps people take the conference or meeting more seriously when they are able to see the environment of the room. 

Bottom Line

Creating an audiovisual room and fulfilling all the requirements may look challenging and complex. But putting some effort and time into establishing this system is worthwhile. Whether you need it for business or academic purposes, it can help you train, teach, or communicate with a larger audience more easily. 

If you are facing trouble installing all the devices and systems, BBD Lifestyle can help you. Our team of experts can help you find the right equipment, devices, and software and help you connect them with an audiovisual system. In fact, we can help you connect the system with the smart automation system to offer you seamless audiovisual system usage.

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