Window Treatments: Top Trends for 2019

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Window Treatment Trends and Ideas

Window treatments are often an afterthought when homeowners consider redesigning their home interior. Taking the time to think through how to address your windows can easily add wow factor to a room. 

One reason people shy away from choosing and purchasing window treatments is because finding something on trend and timeless seems intimidating. This post should help you get rid of that feeling! Window treatments are some of the simplest design items and even the smallest change draws rave reviews.

Blinds, curtains, and shades all provide a versatile way to spice up a room. Costs do not have to be exorbitant and a little change goes a long way. Read on to get educated on the current trends in the world of window treatments. 

Be bold and let your curtains be the star.

There is nothing worse than allowing a beautiful feature window to go to waste hidden behind subpar window treatments. 

Large windows often frame a couch or bed and deserve to be highlighted by beautiful curtains. Use long curtains to highlight the furniture and window by flanking a headboard or living room seating. 

This is a case where the window treatment is art while also highlighting your furniture and window. Letting treatments shine is a trend that will likely carry forward for many years to come.

Speaking of bold, add a print.

Prints have been around for a long time. However, today’s prints are less drab and more versatile than they were 40 years ago. 

The beauty of using prints in your window treatment design is you can approach it with whatever level of courage you want. If you love minimal design, a printed window treatment can add just enough pop to the space. For those with a taste for busier looks, choose prints that contrast with other features in the room.

Prints require some bravery, as they can be loud when seen in a showroom. You must use your imagination to picture them in a room with other décor. 

Don’t forget the wide world of materials.

One typical design mistake homeowners make is settling for standard materials when it comes to drapery and curtains. Add other types of window treatments like blinds and there is a mile-long list of options to choose from. Don’t be basic when it comes to selecting a material or fabric for your window treatments. Some unique, safe options include:

  • Silk
  • Wood or Faux Wood
  • Velvet
  • Linen

Adding variety in materials is a way to add some spice to your window treatments without having to worry so much about color, patterns, or prints.

Let your curtains hang low.

Window treatments should be approached in the same way you consider wall art. If you keep this mindset while shopping, you will come out with something breathtaking rather than disappointing. 

Floor-to-ceiling curtains are one of the best statement pieces you can choose. While they are perfect for large windows or sliding glass doors, you can place them over smaller windows, as well.

A small curtain surrounding a small window looks typical and can come across as necessity versus thoughtful design. Do not let window size dictate and limit your selection of curtains. Let them hang and become a piece of art!

Let the sun shine in.

Window treatments often close a room off from natural light. This can be a positive in some instances. Glare reduction, privacy, and sleeping past six in the morning are all reasons to install a darker shade or curtain. 

However, it is possible to achieve privacy and light filtration while still allowing for beautiful natural lighting. Sheer materials offer a beautiful, light option in rooms that are best suited to a bright look. Pair fun décor elements like over the top, fuzzy pillows and lighter woods with sheer window treatments for an on-trend look.

Add more layers.

Layers have been a trend in fashion for decades and the interior design world follows suit. Homeowners often select one window treatment (a set of blinds or curtains) and move on without a second thought. 

For a truly trendy window treatment, layer textures, colors, materials and prints to make your windows a part of a well thought out design. For example, consider bamboo shades or blinds with sheer drapes. 

Jewels, pastels, and metallic are so in right now.

If you came here looking for really trendy design ideas, this is the spot for you. For the truly bold and brave, jewel tones are wildly popular in designs at the moment. What are jewel tones? Think deep blues (sapphire), oceanic greens (turquoise), or royal palettes (purples and deep reds). 

Metallic blinds and shades have stormed onto the scene lately and provide a great base for a layered look (see the above discussion around layers). Copper, silver, and bronze are all popular.

For a lighter look, pastel has become a thing again. Pastel does not have to mean Easter colors but should bring about thoughts of soft colors like light blue and pale yellow. Pastels also pair well with the metallic trend that is happening now.

The stones will roll.

Taking a leap of faith into vibrant colors and materials may not be your cup of tea. There are design trends out there for people with a less adventurous sense of style.

If you like the look of neutral rooms but hate the thought of a cream-colored window treatment, consider the family of stone colors. Darker greys and browns are becoming popular and can set a window treatment off when paired with a bright room filled with greenery.

Remember that a look can always be changed.

The choices for window treatments seem endless. Combine this fact with the thought of trends and design theory and you have a recipe for intimidation.

It is important to go into selecting window treatments with an open mind and the knowledge that you can always change things later. While home design can feel very permanent, choosing a window treatment should feel like picking out an outfit for the day.

Be bold with your choices and understand that current design trends are all about standing out. There is no better time than now to take some risks and choose colors, prints, or materials you would have never dreamed of before.

If you are ready to take those risks but feel a lack of creativity, reach out to one of our top professionals at BBD Lifestyle for help. Our window treatment specialists can help identify options that fit your home and your tolerance for fashion. 

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