5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Savant Home Automation

savant home automation

You know Alexa. You know Nest. But do you know Savant Remote?

Perhaps most well-known for enabling Steve Jobs to control his yacht via his iPhone, Savant Systems has recently entered the mainstream market with a product accessible to more than just the ultra-rich. With a $499 remote control and hub, Savant Remote was designed to change the home automation game.

But even with high-profile clients like Jobs and U2’s Bono, Savant Systems isn’t yet a household name. Are you considering an upgrade to your smart home systems and feeling intrigued by Savant’s new product? We’ve put together a list of 5 things everyone should know about Savant home automation.

Let’s begin with some insight into the company behind this new, innovative home automation system.

What is Savant?

Robert Madonna founded Savant in 2005 after making billions off the acquisition of his telecom gear company Excel Switching. Savant began by selling luxury home automation systems for the mega-wealthy.

A private equity firm invested in $90 million in Savant, and the company brought in William Lynch as CEO in 2014. Lynch, previously with Barnes and Noble, set out to expand the Savant reputation beyond the one percent population. In 2016, the company introduced Savant Remote.

1. The System is Simple

Though the Savant smart home system offers more than virtual assistants and other smart home products, its design and functionality are simple.

The Savant home automation system includes a hub, a touchscreen remote, and a lamp control device. The separate components communicate over wifi, and the remote works via Bluetooth, so there’s no need to point it in any specific direction for it to work.

The remote controls your TV and entertainment system and whatever is plugged into the lamp control device, which would typically be lamps and other light fixtures. The system features voice control and can also be controlled through a mobile app.

Compared to other home automation products on the market, Savant remote typically requires less technical support and little maintenance. Its simplicity is one of its best benefits.

2. Savant Remote Plays Well with Others

If you decide to have a Savant home automation system installed in your home, you won’t have to worry about replacing other systems. The Savant smart home solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of other devices.

Your Savant remote can control your Roku box or Apple TV, Sonos speakers, and game console. In fact, Savant claims that its system can integrate with more than 380,000 third-party devices. The company also has plans to add even more integrated devices, including shades and locks.

The system is designed to control lamps using a plug-in adapter. The lamp controller lets you turn on and off anything that’s plugged into it, such as smart lightbulbs. You can use the controller to control dimming, too.

3. Savant Home Automation System Customizes an Experience

There are other devices on the market that can control your television and automate your lighting, but Savant’s automation systems do this from one device.

This allows you to create and customize an entire experience all through one remote-controlled system. You can pre-program your device with settings for your television, streaming device, and lighting. These pre-set, customized settings are called “scenes.”

Say you want to have your home ready for the big game each Sunday. Savant allows you to create a single command for turning on your television, tuning into the right network, and dimming the lights as needed. Push one button or say, “Game Time” and your game night environment will be ready.

In the future, Savant wants to add climate control and security, too. Imagine being able to unlock your door and step into your cool, comfortable living room and already have your favorite relaxation music playing at the end of a long workday.

4. Savant Remote Boasts Intuitive Design

The Savant’s home automation touchscreen is designed for intuitive use through thoughtful features. When it comes to smart home touchscreens, this one stands out with a sleek design and innovative functionality. The remote automatically wakes up when you pick it up and is then controlled by backlit buttons or voice command.

There are three main pages on the touchscreen. The first screen lists all your favorite channels, the second screen lists all the components controlled by the remote – like your speakers and gaming console – and the third screen provides a list of the scenes you’ve set up. Simply swipe left and right to navigate through the screens.

The remote was intentionally designed for easy one-handed use. The industrial design director from Apple worked on the design process for the Savant remote, so functionalities are similar to those of Apple devices.

5. Installation and Setup are Relatively Easy

Even with its impressive capabilities, Savant Remote was designed for ease of use. This applies to installation and setup, too, which isn’t always the case with complex home automation systems.

The remote connects wirelessly to the base station via BlueTooth, so it doesn’t even have to be in the line of sight with your devices to control them. If some of your components are behind thick doors in an entertainment cabinet, simply store the AAA-powered IR (infrared) blaster that comes with the system in the cabinet, too. And with a stand-alone wireless IR puck, Savant doesn’t require you to wire any extensions into the equipment.

Savant offers professional installation and wiring, ensuring your home automation system is set up for optimal performance.

There’s More to Come

Home automation is entering a new era. Virtual assistants and smart security systems are no longer in the spotlight. Today, it’s about enjoying streamlined technology designed to create a simple, yet luxurious lifestyle.

Right now, Savant automates entertainment and lighting, but that is just the beginning. As mentioned. Savant home automation will eventually work with shades, locks, and climate control.

If you’re not quite sold on Savant Remote now, you may want to keep an eye on how it continues to develop. This system could be the product that takes customized smart home automation to the next level.

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