25 of the Best Window Treatment Ideas for 2019


Window treatments are often placed on the back burner when it comes to redesigning home interiors. If you think about all the benefits of great window treatments, you may move them up on the list of important items.

The intimidation factor is real when it comes to choosing the best window treatment for a space. There are many aspects to consider when deciding on a treatment including privacy and light filtration.

One reason homeowners are scared to deal with window treatments is they have a hard time getting past basic looks like miniblinds or simple curtains. Let this post be an inspiration to you when deciding on new window treatments. Hopefully, you will see some ideas that inspire you to think outside the box and choose something fun and exciting.

1. Create Depth with Stripes

This idea is not to suggest that you should shop for a zebra print option at your favorite design store. Alternating stripes of varying fabric finishes can create the look and feel of a more thoughtful, complete window treatment.

2. Taffeta Is a Great Sturdy Option

Silk can be a scary material given its delicate, temperamental reaction to the environment and soiling. Taffeta offers the feminine, light look of silk while being able to stand up to more wear and tear.

3. Painted Shutters

Interior shutters are quickly becoming the hottest interior design trend. One of their best qualities is the ability to get them in or paint them any color you could possibly want. Use bright, light colors to offset the often bulky, masculine look of wood or faux wood shutters.

4. Bring the Island to You

This idea is a great example of how window treatments can completely change the feel of a room. Consider bringing tropical colors to your window valances. Imagine coral window treatments, white furniture, and lush greenery. Pour a frozen drink and enjoy the island vibes in the comfort of your own home!

5. Soft and Industrial

An industrial look does not have to include a lack of window treatments. Use metal piping to hang curtains from the ceiling rather than using brackets in the wall. This can provide the heavy-duty look while softening the space just enough.

6. Layers on Layers

Use your window treatments as a piece of an overall layered look throughout a room. Bright floral prints on the walls can be balanced with a more consistent curtain color. Boring neutral wall paint can be countered with busier patterns on your window treatments. Use layering to build style into a room and get rid of the generic boxy feel.

7. Valances Are in Again

Valances went through a period of feeling dated and stuffy. This is no longer the case. Use a valance to add a pop of color or balance a bright solid with a fun, light pattern.

8. It Doesn’t Have to Be so Bright

Many people shy away from bold, bright colors. This is understandable and appropriate for many spaces. You can still add design to a room with a neutral color palette by using blocks of color. Use curtains with color blocking to break up an otherwise bland space.

9. You Can Do Both

Can’t decide between bamboo rolling shades and sheer curtains? Go with both. A layer of sheer curtains over bamboo blinds is a beautiful look that smacks of Pacific Island resort life. Stop trying to choose and open your mind to layering looks, styles, and treatment types.

10. It is Okay to Match

We often lean toward complementary colors when it comes to window treatments. However, it is okay to consider matching from time to time. While it can be complicated to find a window treatment that matches the wall color (it may be best to find the treatment first and blend a paint to match), the finished product is stunning. This idea is great in rooms with stylish, patterned furniture. 

11. Always Bring Light to the Dark

Navy walls are an elegant choice. Unfortunately, this look is often ruined by selecting dark décor. This makes a room feel closed off and uninviting. Accent a beautifully dark wall with bright curtains. They don’t have to be ultraviolet orange or anything like that. Choose a muted gold or a metallic fabric to brighten the space without drawing attention away from the bold paint color choice. 

12. Go Crazy with Prints

Now is the time to be bold and brave with your interior design choices. Do not be afraid to match a floral valence with a gingham curtain. Mix and match prints with layered window treatments for a truly “on-trend” look.

13. Follow the Lead of the Room

If a room is light and open, do not darken it with heavy curtains. Keep things airy by choosing sheer window treatments. There are plenty of options when it comes to sheer materials. From white to pink, to neutral colors, sheer curtains can be found in many colors and light filtering densities. 

14. Fringe Benefits

We have to stop putting window treatments in the box of traditional looks. Again, this is a fantastically fun time in the world of design. Anything goes and the same applies to window treatments. Try something with a fun fringe to make your room look like a professional was involved. Go out on a limb with a tasseled blind!

15. Stretch Up High

We often attempt to open up a room by selecting light colors to make a space feel brighter. This is a great design trick, but it is not the only way! Try some floor to ceiling curtains to make a room feel taller. 

16. Meet Me Halfway

Not every window needs to be covered up entirely. If you have a bathroom window, try a treatment that only covers the bottom half of the window. This is a fun look that offers privacy while giving a typically small space an open feel.

17. Treat More Than Windows

Everyone loves to take vacations to luxurious, calming places like an island or resort. Much of what makes these spaces so comfortable is their efforts in design. Have you ever thought of using sheer fabrics as more than curtains? Turn your bedroom into a spa-like space by tenting sheer fabrics from the walls to the ceiling. 

18. Roman Shades as Art

Roman shades provide a canvas for beautiful prints that can double as artwork. Choose a neutral wall color and select a bold design for your shades. This is a great idea for rooms that need light control and have a central window.

19. Basic Is Not Always Wrong

If your room has a flawless design theme and accomplishes everything you need it to with furniture, décor, and wall coverings, you can keep the window treatments simplistic. White wooden shades are a great compliment to a well-decorated, color-oriented room. 

20. Farmhouse Is Still a Thing

The farmhouse chic look will seemingly never go away. If you have been hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, you can take comfort in knowing this trend may be a fixed style for years to come. Make your own farmhouse shutters to go over a deep sink beneath a window or in a rustic room.

21. Hang Curtains Anywhere

If you are tired of the big empty space behind your headboard in the bedroom, consider using curtains as a tapestry of sorts. Install a rod and choose an ornate pattern to completely change the look in an otherwise bland space.

22. Blinds and Shades Can Be Friends

Blinds and shades do not have to be exclusive. Install a Roman Shade over blinds for a unique look that screams interior design. Solid colored blinds with a patterned shade is an easy step that looks like a pro was involved.

23. Get Frosty

Frosted glass can come across antiquated but newer techniques can provide privacy while allowing maximum light exposure. This is a perfect option for a modern bathroom or mudroom.

24. Cinch It Up

The traditional window drapery look is a drawn back curtain maybe cinched somewhere along the middle of the treatment. If you have long, dramatic curtains, consider cinching them lower or higher than usual. This can add some whimsy and unexpected flair.

25. Neutral with a Pop

Taking design risks is not for everyone. We certainly understand that bold looks do not fit every room or home. If you want to try to get out of your comfort zone while staying reasonably safe, consider a curtain with colorful trim. This can add a little bit of design and maintain your sensibility. 

These 25 ideas should help get your brain thinking of unique ways to adorn your windows and room features. Now is the time to stretch your imagination when it comes to interior design. Home décor has never been more fun, diverse, and exciting than it is now.

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