Savant Lighting Control: What You Need to Know?

savant smart lights in kitchen

If you want to learn about Savant lighting control, you have come to the right place. Here you can learn how to operate the lighting feature and why you should use it for your house. So, read further to get a clear idea.

What is Savant Automation?

Robert Madonna had built Savant in 2005; they are popular for their luxurious home automation system offering you some exceptional features and benefits. Savant lighting control is one of them. Moreover, in 2016, the company launched Savant Remote that was more accessible to people and a simple version of the company’s software.  Following that, they have made some revolutionary upgrades in their smart home automation system, which also includes lighting control.

This smart home automation system offers you optimal functionality and some of the most innovative designs in the world of automation. The system includes:

  • A lamp control device
  • A touch screen remote 
  • The main hub

These elements communicate with each other over Bluetooth and WiFi. The best part is that it needs less maintenance and technical support compared to other types of automation systems. When it comes to savant lighting control, you will be surprised by its light features. With just a simple click or a voice command, you can dim the lights, switch them on or off, or maintain a certain level of light according to your preferred style. If you love to create different types of ambiance or mood in your entire house on different occasions and events, this light feature is ideal for you. 

How to Control Savant Lighting?

Talking about controlling savant light, the home automation system offers you several methods. You can either use its Pro Remote X2 or voice control to manage the amount of light according to your choice.

Read more to learn how you can change the overall mood and ambiance of your space in a second. 

Pro Remote X2

This smart remote is sleek and elegant and available in two different colors: jet black and rose gold. Apart from this, you can control your entire house with this new Remote X2. Whether you want to close the light of your kitchen while you are in the living room or dim the bedroom lights when you are relaxing, you just have to press a button. 

You can create custom light options to quickly achieve the atmosphere you want for a party or to relax. If you want to update your specific custom option, you can do it at any time. The PIN protection keeps it safe from children who are curious to use the remote to change the light settings. 

Savant Pro App

Whether you are in the office or another city, you can always access your system. Wondering how? The Savant Pro App can work at any time and place to control different functions of your house. All you need is stable internet access to close the light of your entire house, even if you are at some other location. 

This app allows you to check your house to know which lights are on through surveillance footage. You can also fine-tune your lights with the Savant Pro App’s lighting slider, choosing any brightness level or light color. 

Voice Control

The most amazing feature of Savant is that it is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice control. In addition to it, the X2 remote features a voice control option that operates with Siri. 

Just say, “Hey Alexa, turn on the nighttime,” and watch your bedroom lights go dim to the level you have set for sleeping time. Or you can ask, “Alexa, turn on the living room’s light to 30%.” What’s more, if you are in a rush and your hands are full, Savant offers you hands-free access to everything. 

Savant Touch

If your hands are free and you want to change the light level, you can use the Savant touch. Not to mention, the Savant Touch features a screen that delivers amazing high-resolution graphics. The screen also has a beautiful interface and displays every space of your house. 

You can mount it on any wall of your house in portrait or landscape mode. Most people install it in the kitchen to have quick access. You also need to know that it comes with the presence sensor that wakes the screen when you come near it. 

Benefits of Using Savant for Lighting control

There are several benefits to using the savant lighting control feature. Here are some perks to have your savant home automation light control system.

Enhance the Feel of Your Space with Colors 

The TrueImage offers you a flexible and advanced light system. It helps you set the diverse range of brightness and hues that resonate with your daily routine. Using this feature, you can get any level of light in any part of your house. 

Set the Light Based On Event

It is important to have the right amount of light on different occasions. A candlelight dinner in your house won’t have the perfect ambiance if you keep bright lights open in your house. Savant helps you dim the light to the extent that it allows you to see things in the room yet doesn’t create a bright atmosphere. 

Use Settings to Get Unexpected Results

It allows you to set the light of different spaces so that you can switch the lights on, off, or dim them according to your requirements. You can set your walkway light to turn off automatically when you get into the house. Or you can set your bedroom light to open automatically when you reach your bedroom door. This way, you can save your effort, energy, and time. 

Bottom Line

If you want to opt for the easiest, luxurious, and simple ways to deal with your house lathing, the Savant lighting control feature is best for you. Not to mention, having the savant automation system is a solution to most of your household lighting problems.

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