What is a Lutron Light Control System and How Does it Work?


The lighting in a room can affect the way we see and experience that room. It’s a two-part issue, with the first part being aesthetics and the second, simple energy saving. Combine the solutions to both of these questions in a home lighting system, and you have a living space that is dynamic, beautiful, and useful.

But what is a light control system? How do they work, and why do we find the name “Lutron” everywhere when we look for more information on them? Join us today, as we break down the “what” and the “how” of home lighting automation, and prepare to be illuminated.

The Lutron Lighting Control

Quality lighting has more of an impact on our daily lives than we might imagine. Think of some of your favorite memories, and how different they would have been with a lightbulb out or in a room with no windows. Dimness, shadowy areas, and a lack of natural light can all make a big difference on levels we don’t even realize.

This is where lighting controls like the Lutron system come in to play. Once installed, these devices give home and office owners the ability to regulate the light in any given space according to their needs.

Need dim lighting to focus on your computer screen? It’s available at the flick of a switch. Client suddenly arrived to discuss your latest work? Bam! You’re back to brighter, more office-appropriate lighting.

Being able to control the light in any room enhances your experience, making it a utilitarian option for any savvy business owner. It’s also at home in a home, giving you perfect mood lighting or that bright, pervading light you want when the girls come over to play bridge.

It also helps to conserve energy, giving users the power to use more or less light according to their needs. This means lowered electricity costs and longer lifespans for the bulbs themselves. In terms of “going green”, it doesn’t get much greener than lighting control systems.

And the Lutron system is leading the pack in terms of functional, attractive, energy efficient light control. Featuring intelligent lighting and shade control, these installations also integrate with security systems. They enhance your lifestyle, with centralized dimming panels providing control of any light zone in a room from one location.

Some Of The Benefits

Streamline Productivity and Improve Your Mood

You might not think it, but light control units are within the grasp of most people. And, with the ability to change the lighting in any room to a precise level, comes another great ability: to change your mood.

Stressed out from a long day at work? Spend some time massaging that dimmer switch. Ready to go all out for your study session? You’re going to want some serious lighting. Whatever you need, a Lutron light control system from Homeworks is your ticket there.

Dimmers Save On Energy Usage

When it comes to electricity in our homes and offices, we want two things out of it: for it to always be there, and for it not to be too expensive.

Electricity usage is a gradient, not a binary state. The less light you produce, the less power you use. Dimmer switches like the ones found in Lutron systems automatically save anywhere from four to nine percent in electricity in a year. Even at their brightest, they always win out against a standard on-off switch. Dim further. Save more.

Dimming your lights helps to save energy and the environment. It’s not some self-indulgent way to enrich your life – it’s something you can actively do to help the world around you.

It’s Also Easier On Your Wallet

Right, now that we’re all done being environmentalists for a few seconds, can we be selfish for a moment?

Lutron systems are amazing at helping their owners save a lot of money in electricity bills. As rooms are now being lit up only to the extent that they’re actually needed, these areas begin to cost less and less every month to power.

Electricity bills are one of those areas of everyone’s budget that fluctuates depending on how “well behaved” they’ve been. The more often you can live at a brightness level that works but isn’t maximum illumination, the better.

Automated systems are also fully capable of daylight light activation, meaning you don’t have to worry about leaving them on all day. Occupancy sensors are another great option, as well. There are also systems which turn on lights according to shifting light or the time of day.

Finally, all Lutron dimmers extend the lifecycle of your bulb.

Dimmers reduce power to the lighting source or bulb, so they save energy and can extend bulb life. Incandescent and halogen bulbs last up to 20 times longer when used with a dimmer, increasing the money saved. LED bulbs run cooler when dimmed which can also extend bulb life.

They Have A Proven Track Record

Every year, the Lutron line of products saves people around the world nearly 10 billion kWh of energy. This might not sound like a lot to you, but it is the equivalent of taking 1.5 million cars off the road or stopping 16 million barrels of oil from being consumed.

With numbers like that to back them up, this is clearly a system that not only works but works extremely well.

The Light Control System From HomeWorks

Being able to control the lighting in a room is an effective way to control the mood of that room and the way the people there feel. Hopefully, with the help of today’s article, you’ll be ready to pick out your HomeWorks Lutron light control system, today!

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