8 Things the Smart Homes of the Future Will Be Able to do


Did you know that the residential housing industry in the United States is booming? Sooner than later, most of these will transform into the smart homes of the future.

Nowadays, technology is becoming more of a necessity for homes. It’s common now for homes to have at least a few smart devices for home security.

But where is smart home technology leading to? What kind of advancements should we expect in the years to come?

If you want to learn more about what these homes can do, check out these up and coming smart features of the future:

1. Energy Efficiency

With the electric bills rising, most smart homes are now trying to harness the power of the sun. Solar energy is clean, and there are a lot of panels that don’t look ugly. These are unique glass tiles that fit on the roof to complement your home’s design.

These solar roof tiles look almost invisible and they’re fitted with photovoltaic tiles. You can store this solar energy on a battery that you mount on the wall. When the power goes out, the smart home switches to this source within a split second.

2. Smart Gardens

Like other parts of the smart homes, gardens will have more features compared to the usual gardening techniques. This part of the house benefits from technologies like the Internet of Things, apps, and other high-tech gadgets. Some implements can help you track the quality of your garden soil in real-time.

These gadgets come with smartphone apps that suggest a course of action. Some can even sprinkle water whenever moisture is too low. They can switch garden lighting depending on the light intensity needed by plants to flourish.

3. Smart Kitchens

Robots that can do your vacuuming and mopping are common. However, the future of smart homes will make your entire kitchen fully robotic. These robotic implements can chop, blend, and cook your meal at the same rate you do.

The device uses an AI that copies the movements of a master chef from its database. It even has a large repertoire of recipes that you can let them do. The high-quality ones can even slice sashimi and do other sensitive functions.

4. Automatic Laundry

There are also new types of washing machines that choose the right setting depending on your load. You can even do this using a remote control. In the future, smart ironing technologies will get released too. It’s most likely going to be a system you can operate using a smartphone app.

Some companies are making patents for ironing devices that can dry, deodorize, and iron clothes of different fabrics within a few minutes. The prototype is bulky, but it won’t take long until brilliant minds tone down the size and make it seamless with your home.

5. Temperature Control

A lot of smart homes already have thermostats that you can adjust remotely. As time progresses, this technology becomes more advanced that it can control your temperature without intervention. It’s a great feature especially if you’re located in an area with extreme temperature conditions.

Actually, these systems are more popular with older people. Out of the people over 65 surveyed, around 40% of them have temperature control as part of their smart home. In comparison, only about 25% of people from 18-34 have this feature in their homes.

6. Security Systems

Homes are becoming more integrated with wireless technologies. What this means is that the security of your homes can become tighter with the use of smart home technology. You can expect for these systems to become something out of a sci-fi movie.

The future smart homes will have facial recognition features that make keys obsolete. Some features can make you use smartphone apps that let you watch your home wherever you might be. It can even let you check your Savant Lutron Home Theater and see if any components are missing.

7. New Age Power Sockets

Power consumption is often a problem for most homes. After all, when plugging in your appliances you might forget to remove it once you’re done. This can result in wasted energy as these devices continue getting power even when not in use.

Smart homes come with power sockets that detect unused appliances. What it does is to cut off the power from it to ensure that you conserve more energy. You won’t need to worry about appliances on standby anymore.

You should complement your power sockets with eco-friendly appliances. This helps you get the maximum amount of energy conservation. Some of these are ready for smart grids, making them operable even at low electricity usage.

8. Personalized Home Automation

Home automation is one of the biggest things people want out of their smart homes. After all, this enables you to integrate all your devices. This means you can control all your devices in one central location within the house.

There are a lot of technologies you can use, which can make your house cluttered. Having a more personalized means of automating your home eliminates the mess. That means you can connect to all your home systems without having to go through a lot of processes.

You can check and manage your home’s energy usage with this too. Aside from this, you’ll have absolute control of your home’s environmental conditions with automatic temperature control. With this, your home becomes a true haven for your needs and wants.

Get Your Smart Homes of the Future Today!

If you’re looking to build a home, you can design its architecture to accommodate these features. You can make it more conducive to interconnectivity. This allows you to have a greater level of energy efficiency and control its use within your home.

Responsive rooms are great since they can change some settings to your liking. They do so without you lifting a finger, making it more convenient. Watch out for these things and invest in them as soon as you can.

Do you need to make your house one of the smart homes of the future? Contact us today and we’ll help you with your questions. This helps you get started on building a better home.

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