Going on Vacation: Smart Home Security is a Must

touchscreen interface for a smart home

Your bags are packed

and you’re ready to go. It’s vacation time baby! And you can’t wait to bust through your front door and begin your adventure. However there are a few things that you should take some time to consider before you leave, because out of sight should not mean out of mind, and the protection of your beloved home while you are away is important.

No one ever leaves the house with the expectation of something terrible happening. You can go through the house and double-check every door and window to make sure it’s locked and secure, but is that enough to ease your worry?

Automate Your Home

New technology is helping to make your home secure while you are away, and there are a variety of smart surveillance cameras and security devices that can help keep you connected. With the use of smart home devices, you no longer have to panic about whether or not you locked your front door.

Companies like Alarm.com offer fully integrated smart home securities systems that proactively protect your home, and it is all controlled with the use of a smartphone app which allows you to check in at your leisure and remotely control many aspects of your home.

You can also invest in a video doorbell like Ring, that sends instant alerts straight to your smartphone, tablet, and computer when anyone presses your doorbell or triggers its built-in motion sensors. A free app is also offered with the device which allows you to hear and speak with whoever is visiting. Ring also offers stickup cameras with motion sensors that you can mount anywhere you like, and allows you to hear and speak to whoever has stepped on to your property.

Here are a few additional things that can help keep your home secure:

Have an automatic timer on your lights so that they turn on during the night. (Don’t just set them and forget them! A vary in your schedule can help to make your home look like it is active)
Motion-activated outdoor lights
Install smart sockets, which will allow you to plug in your electronics and control them from an app.

The goal of utilizing home automation devices is to how best make your home look like it is lively and attended to while you are away.

If you’re planning on transforming your home into a smart security fortress, give us a call. We’d love to help build the best smart system for your home and budget.

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