6 Window Treatment Ideas that Work for Any Room


Most homeowners don’t think of windows until the interior décor is complete.

In fact, some of them don’t even care about windows at all. We’re here to tell you that you cannot ignore how you dress your windows. After all, they add a finishing touch to your house’s interior décor. Unless you’re living somewhere without any windows, which isn’t possible, you have a few options at hand in terms of window treatment ideas. Treating and dressing windows means zeroing in on what a space needs. They’re always a thousand combinations that you can try on your windows.

However, will they look consistent for every room? Through rigorous selection, we have found some of the best window treatment ideas for your house. These ideas aren’t just for one specific room, such as your bedroom. Rather, they can suit nearly any room in your house. 

6 Window Treatment Ideas That Suit Any Room

Here’s a list of attractive and functional window treatment ideas that can make any room in your house look new. You can pick the right idea for your living room, bedroom, and study room.

1. Install Shutters with a Different Color

Louvered shutters are among the best options for study rooms and bedrooms. In addition, they can also suit your living room, depending on where your windows are placed. Installing shutters isn’t the only thing you can do. While you choose between the best quality shutters, opt for a blend of elegant colors to make your home look more appealing. Shutters offer functional benefits as they prevent too much cold and hot air from getting in.

Furthermore, they can also suppress a good amount of noise. You must know that dark color shaded-shutters are more effective in dulling early morning sunlight compared to light colors.

2. Opt for the Ruffle Trend with Ruched Blind

If you love pleated fabric and prefer it for your home décor, you’ll love the ruffle trend. However, that’s not the only reason you should do that. Experimenting with fabric blinds on the bedroom and bathroom windows can help you add patterns to the room. It’s a great way to inject personality and color into a room. Bathrooms can seem like drab spaces, while bedrooms can get boring without the right decor. So, adding ruched blinds onto the windows can help create a great pleated look.

There’s a range of ruched blinds you can choose to improve your room’s interior decor. From contrasting and blending shades to those floral fabrics that add a whimsy touch, you’ll find plenty of options.

3. Make Windows a Focal Point through Frames

Adding frames to windows is nothing new, but it’s certainly less common. When you install several attractive geometric frames on your windows, it’ll grab the attention of your visitors and guests. The windows will become architectural in style and show a completely fabulous outlook. Adding traditional window frames gives a dramatic edge to the beautiful view that you and your guests enjoy from inside the home.

On top of adding a frame to jazz up your room windows, you can opt for a Roman blind. It will create a spatial structure with a bold look and gravitas. Many homeowners are delighted with the idea of adding window frames to their living room.

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4. Play with Solar Shades

A brightly-lit room feels great, but too much sunlight can cause your new furnishings to fade! You must find the right solution for this. To maintain your furniture’s quality but keep the sunlight coming in, solar shades are the perfect option. Solar shades allow some part of sunlight inside the house while blocking most of it. It means you’ll have a proper view of the outside, but the sunlight won’t hurt your eyes as it did before. Besides, you must protect the furniture inside your home as well.

Solar shades allow you to conserve energy and keep your furniture’s polish looking fresh. You can choose between different levels of shade opacity. Going with total light filtering will create a solid window background, while 10% opacity will grant vision to the outside. 

5. Become Creative with a Decorative Blind Couches

If you love sipping on morning coffee near your living room window, consider opting for a decorative Roman blind to give your window a touch of personality. Roman blinds are among the most popular interior decoration items, and when it comes to windows, they can really make a difference in appearance. If you’ve decorative couches and furnishings near your windows, choosing colorful and patterned Romans blind is a great decision. Nevertheless, you must make sure that the window’s scale compliments the Roman blinds that you’re applying.

You can keep them half-lifted to get a good view of the inside. Beautifying windows using Roman blinds will also create a decorative window theme from the outside to please visitors and guests.

6. Apply Muddy Linen to Blind the Windows

You can always add country appeal to your house. Adding muddy linen to the windows can help dial in on the interior décor and overall theme. Windows with linen blinds are a perfect placement for kitchens that welcome early morning sunlight and living rooms that provide an extensive view of the outside. It’s more suitable when you own a house in the countryside.

Roman blinds can help you add the required style and depth to your windows for filtering morning light in the kitchen and living room. Don’t forget that your bedroom can benefit from linen Roman blinds as well. 


From different types of blinds to a wide variety of window shades, you can find all the desired window treatment options here at BBD Lifestyle. Many homeowners have trusted us with the job of transforming their house’s interior by providing window treatment services. We add our clients’ desired features to their homes, making sure to consider efficient and durable options in the process. You can discuss any window treatment ideas that you have of your own with our professionals. BBD Lifestyle ensures the delivery of only the best home improvement services.

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