Advantages of Choosing Roman Shades Window Treatment

Roman shades are the ideal blind option that can align with various types of interior decor while being energy-efficient and budget-friendly. They have been a popular choice for decades, and it doesn’t look like they’ll go out of style anytime soon. They come in a wide range of style options, fabrics, and other materials that you can choose from. Not only this, these shades offer a choice between a robust and a soft look. You can also choose between a chain-drive mechanism, the traditional cord, or a motorized option for control. 

Here’s a detailed look at all the benefits of installing roman shades in your office or home space. 


When it comes to window treatments, roman shades are the most versatile since you can install them just about anywhere in the house. Not only this, you can even incorporate them in more formal spaces like your office. So whether it is your private space or a commercial one, you need not look further than roman blinds.

The roman shades look amazing in just about any kind of space and setting. Of course, you have to make sure that the design and color align with the ambiance of your space. You will need to decide on the most appropriate fabric and color that complement your home or office décor. For instance, you may want to go for floral printed fabric for a more traditional feel. Or, if you want to give your space a minimalist look, you can choose cotton roman shades in neutral or white colors.

Easy Operation

Roman shades come with the easiest possible operating system. You will not find any cords hanging from your roman shades as you would from regular blinds. This factor makes them a great window treatment that is much safer than others as well. We say this because hanging cords in regular blinds pose the risk of strangulation for kids and even senior adults at times. 

Moreover, they can easily be motorized, so you don’t need to worry about the cords getting stuck again and again while operating them. You can easily use a remote to control your blinds now. This way, you can avoid dealing with cords or getting up from your seat.


Roman shades prove to be the best option for people who have lots of windows in need of covering. This is because such shades are among the most affordable window treatment options out there. These blinds typically use 25% less fabric than regular window curtains. So, if you are low on budget but your home or office space has lots of windows to cover, roman shades can be your go-to. 


Whether you want to keep the heat in or out of your space, roman shades are an energy-efficient option. You only need to properly line your roman shades to save money off your utility bills. Once you choose the right kind of fabric, you‘re all set to get fantastic shades that suit all seasons.

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Better Light Control

The pleated style of roman shades offers plenty of light control. While it greatly depends on the kind of material you choose for your roman shades, these give you the option of letting light in or blocking it out entirely. This is because roman shades are made of a single piece of fabric that leaves no gaps when closed, allowing complete blockage of light and vice versa. 

Better Temperature Control

This factor makes roman shades a great option if your area experiences extreme temperatures. You can use these shades to warm up or cool down your space. For instance, you can draw your shades high to allow maximum sunlight. Or, you can open them up in summer evenings to avoid over-heating conditions.

These shades offer much better temperature control than any other kinds of shades. This is because the better quality roman shades also come with the additional benefit of insulation. These blinds are lined with thermal acrylic foam that gives the shades an energy-efficient effect. The lining can greatly help you maintain the internal temperature of your space. 

Your space will stay warm in the winters and cool during hot summer days. When you keep the shades closed, the insulating layer does not allow external temperatures to influence the internal temperature of the space. They are best if you live in a place like St. Petersburg, FL, where it is cold all year long. So once the colder months arrive, these shades can help you stay warm and cozy.

Design Customizations 

One factor that contributes to making roman shades increasingly popular is the wide range of design options they come with. You can customize according to the unique interior décor of your home or office to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. The options vary around trimming, piping, fabric combinations, and shape fascias found at the bottom of the roman shades. 

The shaped fascias are more commonly found in two styles: zig-zag and colonial. Most people prefer to install roman shades with zig-zag fascia shapes in kids’ bedrooms or bathrooms. However, you can install roman shades with colonial shape fascia in spaces like living rooms or offices. The latter shape design is a versatile option that can work with any décor and setting.

You can customize the borders to complement the color theme or style of your space. You can also opt for different styles of trimmings and piping to add stylish accents to your window treatment. 

Style Options

Roman shades come in different style options. You can either opt for a more tailored and masculine aesthetic for your window treatment. Or, you can opt for a softer, feminine look with these roman blinds. They come in styles such as relaxed, hobbled fold, or flat fold. 

The relaxed style of roman shades gives off a casual feel due to their bottoms dropping softly. They also come with cords that run vertically down from either side of the roman shades with no horizontal rods running through them. The flat fold style of roman shades makes for a good patterned window treatment as they use one complete piece of fabric. On the other hand, the hobbled fold roman shades are ideal for traditional spaces as they come with lots of loops of fabric that run down along the length of the blind.


If you are looking to give your home or office space a timeless appeal in terms of window treatment, you must choose roman shades. They come in a variety of styles and design options while also offering the best light and temperature control. Not to mention, roman shades are also quite affordable. 

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