Living Room Window Treatment Ideas and Styles for 2019

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The internet has fundamentally changed the way that design functions in the world. In a time without pictures, there were lots of local styles and small trends that could pop up globally. You might be able to vacation in a distant place, if you were rich, and then bring back some ideas that were not seen by others. Nowadays, of course, the Brooklyn look has taken over every coffee shop in the world. Trends are just scooting out of that minimalist plant and granola vibe and becoming more diversified again.

Windows are no exception to the explosion of internet trends. Do a quick search for window treatment ideas and you’ll be flooded with lots of minimalism, mid-century modern, and plantation style designs. It’s everywhere.

Light is one of the most important things, architecturally speaking, that you can manage in your home. It is the intersection of the visibility of your space and the vibe of the space, the intersection of the design and how the design is felt and experienced. Light, for many human beings, helps contribute to our natural bodily rhythms and helps to ground us in space. We can feel it on our skin, and might be able to see it out in space. It is both a vibe and a practical operation of space.

That means that picking the light for your living room will be one of the more intense, important things that you can accomplish for that space. And we need to pick things that last, not simply jump on 2019 trends that will be over before they even get momentum.

Object-Oriented Treatments

Here’s the first idea, which should get you thinking about the direction that trends are going: use things that are not blinds and curtains to treat windows. Multipurpose object-oriented treatments are a great way to get your space lit the way you want to without also grabbing a bunch of new fabric. 

There are a few ways that you might use different, non-curtain objects to block off your windows. You might get creative with the placement of furniture, like bookshelves. Having a bookshelf cover half a window gives you the opportunity to let the light come through the top and play off of some vases that sit on the bookcase. You could use stacks of books, even hanging stacks of books, to block off some of the light. There’s always the option of using pallets, which can block some light while allowing more in.

Another route that is popular right now is plants. Hanging plants especially can both benefit from the sunlight streaming through the window as well as provide a cool, naturally shaded atmosphere on the interior. If you get some nice ivy or even a small tree indoors, you can get some good blockage from a very natural shady source.


Yes, velvet is back around in a big way. Alongside record players and mid century modern jukebox vibes, velvet is a great choice for setting an interesting and memorable tone in the living room. The problem is that it is such a strong choice as a fabric. To really get the velvet design to float, you’ll have to commit to a strong color and then run a lot of other options in the living room that match and play well with it.

Stained Glass

Hailing with religious and spiritual overtones, stained glass is back in style in a post-religious architectural landscape which is now taking anything from the past that looks good. It’s an eclectic way to assemble together light, space, imagery, and creativity. Unfortunately, it also requires some major remodeling in order to get it off the ground as an idea. If you’re building a new house, stained glass could be a great option. But if you’re just looking to dress up the old space, it probably doesn’t make sense as a solution.

Sliding Shutters

Preferably, these are made from some dark wood or even metal material. Yes, it’s a great way to both get some decorations on the wall and to put up window treatments. There are easy ways of putting in pieces of metal or wood that can slide across the window at various points. You could get swinging, indoor or outdoor shutters, and might also be able to add the sliders indoors. 


One of the big trends of 2019 for window treatments in your living room is getting creative with different layers. Once upon a time, you might have been reasonably restricted to putting up curtains or blinds, using a single color, matching the carpet and the drapes. But nowadays, you can mix and match different window treatments to derive the ideal setup for your living room. Use curtains that are pinned back for decoration while plantation shutters do the real heavy lifting. Get creative. Make the space your own and love it.


Don’t sleep on glittery, reflective surfaces. While you may not want to stick mirrors in front of the window, they can be strategically used in rooms to reflect natural light and open the place up. Speaking of reflection, curtains that are in metallic chique colors are currently having a moment. Anything that is bright and a bit gaudy is back around with the post- mid century modern explosion of maximalism.

Use mirrors to dress your windows and play with extra natural light. When you go for new sheers or curtains, consider more metallic, silvery colors that can give your house an authentically curated kind of feel. 

Nothing is Too Weird

2019 is the year where design has begun to get over its obsession with natural, warm light. That may seem hard to believe, but undoubtedly a cooler light revolution is just around the corner. The main message of this year: nothing is too weird to use asa  window covering. We still love natural light, but anything that is practical will do. Big, flowy, heavy curtains still play a role in creating that regal old-money feel, but they are no longer essential for the luxury homeowner. 

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