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savant home automation

5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Savant Home Automation

You know Alexa. You know Nest. But do you know Savant Remote? Perhaps most well-known for enabling Steve Jobs to control his yacht via his iPhone, Savant Systems has recently entered the mainstream market with a product accessible to more than just the ultra-rich. With a $499 remote control and hub, Savant Remote was designed

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amazon echo device

How to Quickly Make Your Home a Smart Home in 2019

A decade ago, Smart Homes were considered those with unique features enabling homeowners to remotely control simple functions like lighting and security alarms. The technology was clunky, difficult to install, and costly.  Fast forward to today and smart home technology is vastly improved and more convenient. Many new functions have emerged and most are as

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Home Automation System Window Treatments

4 Ways That Home Automation Can Ease Your Stress

Automated home security system is a trend that’s rising in popularity, and for good reason. Also referred to as smart home technology or domotics, a home automation system can save homeowners time while relieving stress. The technology available today to automate your home is exciting and inspiring. An automated home can: Add Convenience to day-to-day

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The Smart Home – Another Type of Home Security

When people think of home improvement mostly they think of hammers, nails, carpet, paint, shutters, windows, garage organizing, closet space, patios, and landscaping – but what about the electronics of your modern day home. Trust me when I tell you this isn’t the 1950’s anymore. Today, our homes, our appliances, and all the systems from

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Home automation trends

7 Home Automation Trends that Can Make Your Life Easier

A fully automated home from The Jetsons used to be a fun concept in sci-fi movies and TV shows. Those ideas are now becoming reality. Smart technology in our homes is making our lives easier than ever before. So what are some of the best ways this tech is benefiting us? Read on for some

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Your Guide to Lutron Lighting Controls

Have you ever dreamed of having a fancy home where you can make a room totally dark in the middle of the day, or turn the lights on and off just by clapping? These things aren’t reserved for TV shows or movie stars. Thanks to Lutron lights and their lighting control systems, you can create

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Why You Need Savant Home Automation

Imagine waking to the soothing sounds of your favorite playlist. The curtains open and sunlight streams into your bedroom. The shower turns on to your preferred temperature and water pressure. And all of this happens before you even get out of bed. This is a day in the life of living with home automation. 2019

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smart home products

Smart Home Products You Need to Have Installed Today

Smart homes started out as the ideal “house of the future” but in the past few years, they’ve slowly started to become a reality. What was once just a distant dream can now be attained. New high-tech technology is coming out more often than ever, making your daily chores easier. But it doesn’t stop there.

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Model Your Smart Home after Bill Gates’

In 1995, Bill Gates penned The Road Ahead, which, along with insights into the PC revolution, included a description of the “invisible” technologies built into his home. They were meant to “meet and even anticipate [one’s] needs—all as unobtrusively as possible.” Cue the smart home revolution. Gate’s home, with speakers hidden behind wallpaper, pressure-sensitive flooring, and invisible electrical

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