Why You Need Savant Home Automation


Imagine waking to the soothing sounds of your favorite playlist. The curtains open and sunlight streams into your bedroom. The shower turns on to your preferred temperature and water pressure.

And all of this happens before you even get out of bed. This is a day in the life of living with home automation.

2019 is estimated to total $490 billion in automated home revenue. With new home connectivity systems competing for market share, which is best for your lifestyle? That’d have to be Savant.

Savant; why home automation you ask? It personalizes your home experience, knows your preferences and predicts your daily patterns. It sets the scene for your home, offering customized experiences based on your needs.

From home security to entertainment, it’s a new way of living. Read on for how the automation system works to control your entire home at the touch of a button.


Long gone are the days of fretting over whether you left the garage door open or front door unlocked. Video cameras and motion detectors can monitor the safety and status of your home while you’re away.

The doorbell rings, Savant answers. This allows you to see who is at the front door, and respond to visitors in real-time. Letting in a repairman, dog walker or nanny has never been easier or provided such peace of mind.

Doors can be locked and unlocked remotely, and security lighting can be activated before you even get home from work. Garage doors can be operated from afar, allowing you to let in the delivery man. No need to leave all those Amazon Prime packages on your front step.

Planning a vacation or business trip? Use the Savant “lived-in” setting while away, which will turn on lights, radio, and tv to make it seem as though you are still at home. Full home security is the key factor of why home automation is needed.


The perfect climate settings for each room of the house creates a comfortable and efficient environment for all family members.

Control ac and heat settings when away from the home and customize the temperature for different rooms. Special goodnight features allow you to sleep soundly and comfortably while your home handles the temperature controls based on sleeping patterns.

Motion sensors can even cool down or heat up occupied rooms of the house, making a more efficient use of electricity.

Automated mornings start the day on the right side of the bed by connecting with smart shower systems such as Moen, Kohler and the new Livin model. Compatible with systems such as Alexa, this shower technology offers different profiles for each family member. So your morning shower will have your exact temperature and water pressure preferences ready before you even get out of bed.


A major reason for why home automation is needed is the ability to control the entire home through one app. Savant seamlessly blends with a variety of interfaces. Control your entire home through voice activation (i.e. Alexa), remotes, or touch screens discreetly installed into a wall or tabletop.

Use “away from home” settings to control and turn off all lights when leaving for the day. Recieve notifications should any of the home’s needs not be met (i.e. temperatures dropping below a preferred setting).

User profiles can also be created for different family members or guests, such as the housekeeper, babysitter or in-laws.

The technology at your fingertips is simple, efficient, and functional. Savant home automation provides a unique way to customize your home experience so that it fits the needs of your lifestyle.


Savant can set the mood. It can change the ambiance of your home by controlling the lighting, music, and television.

It can create different scenes depending on your family’s needs. Planning a romantic date night or dinner party? Cue the perfect playlist, dimmed lighting, and heated hotub…before you even get home from work.

Catch the game or enjoy a family movie night with a custom-designed movie theater that connects with your home automation system. Savant Lutron Home Theater features a “movie night function” that will recline your seats, dim the lights, and play the movie. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to make the popcorn.


The smartest of homes care about being eco-friendly. Home automation can save water and energy, reducing monthly bills and preserving the environment.

If rain is in the forecast, your home can plan ahead and turn the sprinkler system off. Smart showerheads help to conserve water and shades or curtains will close when the sun’s glare is at its strongest.

Your smart home can even stop plugged in home products from draining energy (i.e. phantom energy) when not in use. When this phantom energy is no longer wasted, homeowners notice a 10% decrease in utility bills on average.


Other benefits of home automation systems include receiving alerts and notifications about home items that need to be updated or fixed. This means you can handle maintenance issues with washers, dryers, and refrigerators before they actually break.

Smart homes further promote health and safety by alerting when a filter needs to be changed or when carbon monoxide levels need attention.

Insurance companies are even in favor of smart home technology, with leak detectors and wifi smoke alarms further protecting a home from damage.

Savant; Why Home Automation? Your Questions Have Been Answered…

Question: Savant; why home automation?

Answer: Your home’s day starts and ends perfectly with Savant. Tasks of the home are quickly and efficiently executed, leaving more time for yourself and your family.

Safety, adaptability, and comfort are top priorities of home automation systems. Smart technology paves the way for homeowners who desire connectivity and convenience. Automation is on the rise, with Lowe’s, Target and Best Buy all jumping on the smart home bandwagon.

Now that you have the answers to everything it can do for your lifestyle, is home automation right for your home? Here are the 7 questions to ask yourself when considering making the move to smarter home technology.

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