The Best Smart Home Automation Systems to Buy Now

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Smart home systems can make our lives both more efficient and more beautiful. They can help modulate our moods by controlling the scenes that we surround ourselves with. Our living spaces need to become more adaptable, working in tandem with the natural world and the rhythms of our body to bring us happiness and energy. Our homes are better equipped to do that when we pair them with a smart home system.

1. Lutron

A smart home system that is built around the idea that improving your light improves your life. Lutron provides a complex app and dimmers that allow you to customize the lighting and blind positions in your home based on your preferences in the moment. You can also set the system up to change based upon the amount of daylight or the time of day.

Controlling the light in your house really controls your mood, energy levels, and head-space. Lutron makes it easier to control the light, and therefore makes it easier to control your mood and energy. Wake up to the perfect amount of light, turn the lights on when you come home, and find the perfect settings that work for you.

We experiment with so many different metrics in order to maximize our happiness and efficiency. We change the way that we eat and the ways that we workout. We alter sleep schedules, coffee schedules, and social calendars to find our best selves. Light is integral to this self-actualization. Finding the levels of light that work naturally with the rhythms of our body is essential to maximizing our mood and energy in a given moment. It helps us find natural peace and harmony in our environments.

2. Savant System

Luxury Services

Savant is built as the smart home system for luxury owners, so they understand that you’ll want integration with a pool, hot tub, and home theatre system. The single app works to control these amenities and more. If you have a single home smart system, you’ll want it to control everything, even the more exotic items. Savant can do that.

Distinct Profiles

You can set up different profiles in the app for different people. You can do special controls for the kids, guests, and babysitters that way everyone can control their space without messing up the administrative controls or gaining too much access to your home.


Control music and television from the same simple remote, allowing you to easily read the mood and change the entertainment for guests. Switch from songs to comedy quickly, and back to slow jams when the conversation takes a more serious and meaningful turn.

Climate Control

Call the shots on the temperature in your home to keep things fresh and comfortable. Set things to turn on in the mornings that way you don’t stay in bed because it’s cold. Allow your body to prepare for the day and wind down after a long one by maintaining pitch-perfect control over the temperature in your home.


Savant provides an amazing security service that can protect your front door so you can accept deliveries from anywhere in the world and sleep a little easier at night. Take calls from your doorbell from anywhere in the world, right on your phone. Control the locks to let people in who are delivering things, and to keep people out who you don’t want in your house. Use the night vision camera and automatic recordings to keep track of the people who are around your house.

3. Google

Betting on a smart home system is a lot about betting on a brand. While Lutron and Savant both have strong brands that will continue to develop innovative products and expand their line, nothing comes close to the kind of staying-power that Google has. Tying yourself to Google home products should allow you to stay ahead of trends and make sure that that smart home keeps getting smarter.


With a Nest learning thermostat, your home will learn the kinds of temperature patterns that seem to make you happiest (because you stop endlessly adjusting the thing) and will do its best to stick to those. Plus, the learning patterns allows it to integrate with the weather and your preferences to maintain energy. Your Nest thermostat will figure out the most energy efficient way to get to the temperatures that you like at the times that you like them. Machine learning for the climate of your house.

Plus, you can buy little Nest temperature sensors so that your house can collect data on where things are a little too hot or too cold. Get your learning thermostat the data it needs to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your house.

Nest Hub

It’s basically the brain of your Google smart home. The Nest Hub has a display screen and speakers that let you entertain while cooking. It has voice activated music, YouTube videos, and more from the entertainment center. Play the right playlist or cue up that really funny comedy video you saw the other day, and delight guests while you finish preparing the meal. 

Plus, the whole thing is built to answer your questions. Watch a quick YouTube video about how to make eggs benedict, or ask what brunch places are good that way you can go out to get eggs benedict after yours doesn’t turn out quite right.

Nest Doorbell

The Google Nest Doorbell is equipped with a camera and linked to your phone that way you can stay on top of who’s at your door, even when you aren’t home. Plus it links to your Nest Hub so that you can see exactly who is at your door and when they’re there.


Use the Nest X Yale lock, built for people and not keys, to keep the right people moving through your door and the wrong people out. You can open your door with your phone or your voice with the Nest X Yale lock.

Nest security sensors and cameras can be installed to have an integrated home security system. No contracts, no need to set up an external monitoring service. You’ll get all the protection you need right on your phone.

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