Smart Home Devices that Make You Healthier

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Obviously, smart devices can’t make you healthier. But smart devices can certainly empower you with the data and rhythms that you need to build routines that make you healthier over time. If we have the right technology, we can all start making choices that help us live happier, healthier lives.

In this post, let’s explore some smart home devices that can really help you be healthier.



Nope, not that kind of mirror. Mirror is a home workout company that produces a glass mirror that is simply a mirror–until you turn it on for your workout. You can mount it on a wall and create fitness studios out of any room in your house.

Mirror syncs up with your smartphone to help you create custom workout plans and join awesome classes. You can join worldwide yoga studios, workout classes, and intense cardio.

Smarter Bikes

Peloton is the household name in this category. The old 90s workout infomercials promising ripped abs have given way to a smarter, kinder kind of workout. Peloton makes bikes that allow you to join live spin classes and amazing prerecorded classes. The community helps you push your workout to the limit, even while you sweat in your own home.


Smart Hubs

Most of us would love to eat healthier, but often forget to buy eseential ingredients or forget when we run out of something. Whole foods are more difficult to eat, because they have to be cooked and combined with other whole foods. You can’t just toss a zuchini into the microwave and call it a day. 

One way to encourage yourself to eat healthier is to become better at meal prepping and planning. A great way to do that is with a smart hub, like Alexa or Google, which can add things to a grocery list and remind you when things are about to go bad. It makes using and purchasing fresh food even easier.

Smart Fridge

Fridges are another way that our homes can be automated to help us be healthier. The fridge is still the center of the home. With a smart fridge, you can view your to-do list and set up sticky notes to communicate in the family. You can also easily track ingredients and recipes. When you’re in the store, a live cam can let you peek in on the food that you’re missing.

Smart Scale

There are tons of different smart scales on the market, but if you are all about that nutrition, they are well worth the investment. So much our nutrition is calculated on the input level. We think about what is in our food and the ways that our workout might affect us. But without real data that you can get from a smart scale, you won’t really know how it’s affecting your body. Smart scales allow you to check the full weight, water composition, and muscle mass of your body to help you be a healthier person.


Smart Couch Monitor

Place this device in your couch or near the living room and it will monitor the air quality, humidity, temperature, and noise. IT sends all of the reports and metrics to your smartphone, even making recommendations so that you can improve the quality of your living space over time. It’s a great way to connect with your space and get data on the quality of life. 

Molekule and Air Purification

There are tons of air purifiers on the market. And to be honest, you usually don’t need a smarter air purifier. If you’re just going to turn it on and off, don’t invest. But Molekule is a smarter air purifier that works on a nanolevel to target things in your home. Plus, it has a nice sleek design and is much quieter than many of the other models on the market.


Smart Mattress or Sleep Pad

Whether it is a full mattress or just the pad, a smarter sleep tracker will allow you to check on the different cycles of sleep that you’re experiencing so that you can make them all better over time. You can adjust the lights and the temperature to make sleep better. The mattress even detects heart rate, snoring, and the depth of your sleep to help you get a better quality of sleep over time.

Think about how little you really know about your own sleep. Many of us don’t know if we’re sleeping well or poorly, on average. Even a simple piece of technology can help improve your sleep quality by showing how you can improve deep sleep and change the lighting in your room. It’s the simple fixes that have a big impact.

Sound and Sleep Machine

White noise can help you sleep better. It can clear your mind, take you to a calm place, and gives you something else to focus on other than your phone. While your phone can play noises and mimic a white noise machine, there is one thing that your phone can certainly not mimic–a distraction free space. 

That is the true beauty of a noise machine. It helps you find peace from the distractions that so much technology brings into our lives. By having a machine dedicated to white noise, you’re investing in a machine that is dedicated to sleep.

Wearable Sleep Tracker

Sleep is a booming wellness sector. We’re all realizing that we need to sleep a lot more than we actually are. A great way to do that is to make gradual improvements to your sleep by getting a sleep tracker that can show you how your sleep-wake cycle has been functioning lately. 

LYS is a wearable tracker that is resistant to water and dust, and you can even go a full week between charges. You’ll be able to attach LYS to your body and wear it through the night, and sometimes during the day. That will help LYS figure out your body and rhythms so that you can get data that improves your sleep. Improving your sleep can make major improvements to your life.

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