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Window Design Headaches: Don't Do It Yourself

Before we even get into fabrics or size or shades vs. drapes…you’re going to need some professional help. Starting at the planning phase, the technicalities involved in accurately metering out your screw points is a hassle in itself. Once these point are determined, the next roadblock is the rods, requiring at least 2 people to

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Unique Drapery & Curtain Ideas

Your home decor says something about you and your personal style, but what about your window treatments? Alongside your color scheme, furniture selections and accessories, your curtains make a statement as well. Unique Drapery & Curtain Ideas really help tie the scene of your home or office together.  We took a look at some unique

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The Future of Home Automation

Smart tech has forever changed the way we conduct our daily lives. The first massive changes started with the smart phone, evolving into how we automate our homes today. We’re always looking for what’s next in the industry, from security features to wearable tech, 2017 is looking pretty smart. Read the full article here

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What You Can Automate In Your Home

Smart homes everywhere! There’s a ton of resources out there for how to automate your home and save money. What You Can Automate In Your HomeEverything from your garage door to automated blinds are being added into smart home packages. We wanted to touch on what you can truly automate into a smart function…and the

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Color is in Season

What to Know As summer approaches it’s peak, we know there are some questions about how to assign a proper color scheme to your window treatments. Sure, you’ve got your summer warms and complimentary hues but what about a sustainable color scheme? Each season has its traditional colors, but what about preparing for long term options?

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Benefits of Automated Blinds & Why You Need Them

One of the most amazing things about the smart home field is that every week, there’s a new household item that’s been automated. As time goes on, we see more and more mundane items being turned into something much more exciting, and much more dynamic. Take your window treatments and blinds for example; It’s now

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Ways to Get More Natural Light to Dark Rooms

The level of natural light in your rooms can really affect your mood. Those blessed rays, filled with sunlight and vitamin D make you feel positive. So, its natural that bright rooms make us feel happier, more alive and vibrant. We’ve gathered a few tips on Ways to Get More Natural Light to Dark Rooms. From

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What is a Smart Home and How Does it Support Green Living?

Every day, people from all walks of life start enjoying the numerous benefits a smart home offers. Money savings and convenience top the list, but smart homeowners can also feel good that their home makes Mother Earth smile. If you’ve always wondered what makes a smart home “intelligent” and how a smart home supports an

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Fabric and Color

Where do I start? Consider the mood of the room. For a formal space, there’s heavy silk or velvet (a great insulator); both are dry-clean only. More practical (often washable) options include silky rayon blends and cotton sateen. For a casual feel, there are billowy linen (generally dry-clean only) and crinkly crushed velvet. Cotton and

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