Window Drapes Offers a Sophisticated Look to Any Room


Window drapes, most commonly known as curtains or window treatments, can be as light, thin and transparent as a piece of gauze or as heavy, reflective and opaque as cotton. The choice depends on the individual. They can produced in any colors of the rainbow as well as any shades within the color spectrum.

They can be made in practically every material known to man. They can be manufactured to fit any window length, from the smallest and thinnest opening to the widest piece space imaginable.  Whether the purpose of choosing a window treatment is for functionality or elegance, you can have both and be equally satisfied.

Depending on which room of the house you’re choosing your window treatment for determines the type and style of window treatment chosen. For instance, if you’re choosing a drape for the window’s in the front of your home you’re more than like to choose a more elegant style. In comparison if you’re choosing a curtain for a bedroom, you’re more than likely to choose a thicker material that provides more privacy.

Drapes are a classic treatment for windows and an excellent choice for your home if you wish to make a dramatic and elegant statement.

When the windows are high, the curtains give a very regal appearance, but it is necessary to think about the context. A smaller curtain rod will look ill fitted when placed over a 15-foot window; we, therefore, recommend that you plan for larger and bolder curtain rods. Using borders and links are also attractive accessories for high window treatments.

To give the window a new, unique look a person can change the curtains or drapes which will immediately provide a new appearance. You can easily change the mood of the room by changing the color and the prints of the drapes. These complete the look of the house and give it a touch that can be elegant and traditional.

Window drapery usually are much longer than the frame of the window. Typically the more regal the drapery the longer it is often gather on the floor. The drapes are available in different styles and elegances. They come in a variety of fabrics ranging from silk to cotton, from heavy cloth to lace, etc. You must choose the window drape that best suits the interior decoration of your home as well as your style. There are many different varieties of curtains, some of the most common are the following:

Silk: a silk window drapery looks majestic.

This gives a traditional and rich appearance to the home. This fine fabric also brings sensitivity to the home. The striped silk flickers in two shades and gives a double effect and shines when the light is turned on. If the stripes have the same color or a darker shade, they blend well into the interior decoration of the house. If the stripes are different in color, it adds to the contrast.

Velvet: a velvet window drape adds a classic touch to the house. The soft and rich material can easily attract the attention of visitors. Being heavy and exuberant, they can help maintain light, heat, a might provide some degree of privacy.

Drapes are available in different lengths. If a person wants to add sophistication to the room, the longer drapes are typically chosen. If someone wants a casual appearance, shorter drapes would be a better option. Having the right style of drape can make a room appear dull and dreary or light and shiny. Therefore, the colors should be chosen according to the decoration of the room.

Tips When Choosing Window Drapes

If you are choosing a window cover that can prevent outsiders from looking in, an instant or simple option would be to hang a complete solid drape but it’s not always the best option if you’re interested in the aesthetics of how the drapes will look. Therefore, a better option is to add a drape to accentuate the color of the walls of the room

Although there are many options of prefabricated drapes, there is always more choices if they are specially ordered. And if you’re crafty with a sewing machine your creativity in designing your own drape is only limited by your own imagination. Beside the wow factor of creating your own drapes it might also be more economical.Whichever route you choose, a window drape reflects your tastes and style of home.

Window treatment drape can provide privacy. Window drapes are usually made with dark fabrics. They are therefore perfect for those who want privacy and which to limit the amount of light entering a room. Thick fabrics can completely block lights coming from outside and sometimes block noise. If you do not want your room to stay in the dark, the drapes can be gathered in tied-back on either side of the window.

The right choice of window treatment will enhance the design of the interior room.

Depending on the effect it can soften the environment of the room. Selecting dark and thick colored fabric can provide a contrast effect if the interior color is light and subtle, further accentuating your window treatment.

The effect provided by the window drapes can affect the overall architectural design due to the lines, folds and, sometimes, the characteristics of the length of the curtain. It can make the window treatment look formal providing an aura of sophistication to the room. Because of these effects, drapes are often used in bedroom or living room.

Window treatment drapes are designed to be mounted on windows by hooks attached to the decorative bars. The decorative rods are elegant and add even more style to the application. In addition to rods and hooks, window treatment drapes also feature a type of cord that can be hung to the right or left of the panel.

When installing drapes, it is important to choose a design that will not encumber the decor and space of the room. Thus, if the space is relatively small, the drape can have an overpowering affect for the limited space.

Also, because they are designed to make the room more formal, it is essential to consider the decoration and furniture in the room. The drapes should be an accentully element to the room and not contrast with the other elements in the room.

If you’re not sure of which window treatment would be suit your room, you might want to consider consulting an interior decorator before you buying any window treatment. This will save aggravation and make the process an enjoyable experience in redecorating your home.

Benefits of Installing Drapes

Reduce noise: One of the most significant benefits of window drape is that they can help reduce the amount of noise that can enter a room. This is useful especially if you live on a busy street or if your neighbors have children who play outside often.  Ensure your weekend’s are not disturbed by outside noises by investing in thick, custom curtains for your bedroom window.

Keep out the sunlight: No one enjoys waking up to the sun shining on your face. By having a dark, heavy window treatment, you’re ensured that the sunlight will not penetrate with the drapes. You can determine the desired amount of brightness for space and position the drape to allow the amount desired.

A touch of elegance: There is a ambiance of elegance when windows have curtains. The elegance as window treatments provides depends on the material it’s made of; for instance, sheer, lace, double-fabric. Window treatments are an inexpensive means to add sophisticate to any room.

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