Benefits of Automated Energy Efficient Light Controls Installed in Your House

When it comes to energy efficient light controls, options are virtually limitless.

Even people who aren’t tech savvy can easily learn how to use these systems. Automated systems are perfect for everyday use and can serve as a deterrent against intruders. With an automated light control system, it’s easy to control when you schedule the lights to come on and it’s easy to schedule a time frame that suits your lifestyle.

Automated light controls benefits

Sense of Security

Perfect for homeowners who travel frequently, programmed lighting offers a sense of security. During your travel, you can configure the light system to turn on and off at random intervals giving the illusion that someone is inside the house.

Perhaps a homeowner doesn’t want to get home to a dark house and schedules the lights to turn on when they know sunset occurs and they might want to program the lights to automatically turn off at sunrise. Having the ease and flexibility of programming when the lights will turn on or off gives the homeowner peace of mind when returning home after along day at work.

To help ensure the safety of your family. You can have sensors installed outside your home that are connected to outdoor lamps that will automatically turn your porch light. This will be very effective in less crowded or less populated areas and will protect against theft. The exterior lights turn on automatically between dusk and dawn; security alarms can activate indoor and outdoor lighting.

Now, with the automated lighting systems, our homes are safeguarded like never before. You can have a lighting device installed outside your home that you can control on your smartphone. This way, you can make sure your home is safe no matter how far you are.

Remote Control Lighting

Remote controlled lighting is a great option especially for people with limited movement.  The majority of the systems are controlled through a dashboard via the internet allowing homeowners to control the lights in their home from wherever they are. Most remote controls can also work with other electronic devices. With this lighting system, you can also use an app on your smartphone for convenience. With the help of an experienced engineer, any home regardless of size can be outfitted with the remote control feature .

Also, the lighting control has several levels of brightness that can be easily adjustable to set the desired ambiance. The lower brightness levels can be used to provide a more romantic setting; where as, the higher brightness levels can be used for when the family is gathered for a fun-family night. Depending on the individuals preference, the lights can be programed for their comfort.

Energy Conservation

Homeowners looking to save money may be surprised to learn that these systems aid in save energy thereby reducing the cost of their electric bill. This can be done in different ways. Most systems offer the ability to turn off all lights at any given time automatically. Also, if a light is left on accidentally, you can turn it off from wherever you are. Moreover, some companies offer a sensor that automatically turns off the lights after a certain time if the room is unoccupied. These sensors are particularly useful for rooms such as laundries and bathrooms.

Save more
Most people forget to switch off the light when they leave a room which translates into a significant waste of energy each year. You can avoid the wasted expense in electricity by installing a smart lighting system in your home. No matter how many times you forget to turn off the lights, the vacancy sensors will turn the light off for you. Lights can be dimmed or turned off automatically depending on the your preference or time of day. This will translate into saving in the long run.

Perfect for Any Home

Although this type of system is easier to install in modern homes, older homes can also use this technology. The most inexpensive control uses wires or cables. These are also ideal for new buildings, but new construction homes are more than likely built with the most modern technology and can use the wireless version. The latest version of energy saving light control uses radio frequencies to control the lighting of a home. This system can allow older homes to use the lighting control systems without having to install wires or cables. No matter the size of your home or the number of lights to be controlled, this type of system does not only provides additional security but also helps save energy, in turn saving you money.

Different moods

Depending on the users mood throughout the day, for instance, during the day you might feel that you need more light to keep you alert and awake, but at night, after a long day, you may want a more relaxed environment. By having an automated lighting system at home can manage the light setting to suit your mood and provide you with optimal comfort.

Extend the life of the bulb

The life expectancy of the light bulb increases when its use is reduced, especially with incandescent and halogen lamps. The usefulness of the lamp’s light bulb’s life and the ballast is prolonged due to the reduction in the time used, which reduces the maintenance time and the general maintenance costs.

Other advantages include:

  1. Reduces or eliminates the potential of leaving lights on when exiting a room; the lighting controls do it automatically with timers, sensors or programming logic.
  2. Expanse the life hours per year of the light bulb.
  3. Improves employee satisfaction and productivity by providing adequate lighting, minimizing brightness and balancing surface brightness
  4. Energy saving lighting controls offer enormous flexibility in lighting a specific room with the option of selecting a group of lights.
  5. Wireless lighting controls lower installation costs and increases flexibility in areas where sensors and switches can be placed.
  6. Dimmers can provide lighting flexibility in multipurpose rooms or in rooms where projectors are used.
  7. External motion detectors and indoor presence detectors can turn on lights when people are present

Therefore,  energy-saving lighting control systems are the cutting-edge way to brighten your home. It’s the perfect solution for every space whether it’s your home, office, schools or churches. You can control the lighting of your home from any location.  It provides ease and comfort to the user. Within a short period of time, the smart lighting system will become an essential part of life just like the smartphones have proven an essential part of everyday life. When will you be switching to a smart lighting solution?

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