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Graber is a company that produces window treatments primarily for residential homes. Their array of products includes shades, blinds, shutters, and drapery. Window treatments can be an overwhelming purchase due to how many options there are out on the market and even how many options can be offered by the same vendors. However, Graber has distinguished their window treatments from those of other manufacturers.

There are many ways in which they have done so, one of which being the quality and durability of their products as well as an ensured limited lifetime warranty. They’re confident you’ll enjoy their window treatments for a long time and below are four more reasons why you should be too.

Eco-Friendly Window Treatment Company

For one thing, leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle is more prevalent than ever before, right? And where better to start than right at home? There might be some blatantly obvious ways to help the environment that are commonly preached such as conserving your water and turning the lights off when you leave a room. But there are other ways to do your part, beginning with picking out your window treatments.

Graber Blinds are committed to sustainability, so they are a great option for an eco-friendly home. It may never have occurred to you to consider what blinds are even made out of in the first place. If that’s the case, you may be surprised to realize that a lot of shades are made out of wood which requires cutting down forests. But even though some of the Graber blinds are made of North American hardwoods they still work at sustainability. One of the ways they do this is by ensuring healthy forestry practices. That means they make sure twice as much hardwood grows every year than is harvested.

Also, their commitment to harvesting within North America minimizes the amount of fuel burned in transportation.  In addition to environmentally friendly sourcing, Graber also recycles their waste products from production instead of sending them to a landfill. So, if you’re looking for a window treatment and want to remain environmentally conscious they would be a good choice to have installed.

Remote Controlled Window Blinds

You know that moment when you’re all ready to work or watch television on the couch and the sun is at the perfect angle to go right into your eyes? But when you get to the blinds to close them you’re met with a tangle of cords and it takes some logical problem solving just to get them to close all the way?

Automated blinds make that problem go away. These motorized blinds and shades are completely cordless and simply have a discrete motor hidden from view and a control that you can mount on any wall for convenience. The remotes come in a variety of operational methods. You can have a remote that controls one or more shades uniformly, which keeps things simple as it’s a single remote and a single control. But you can also have more involved remotes that give you the option to control a single shade or multiple shades at the same time.

There is one remote option that actually has twelve channels that can all operate different shades independently. Or you can control all twelve shades at the same time and change the ambiance of your entire home with the press of one button. This addition also makes the overall presentation of your windows appear sleeker and more put together since there are no visible strings framing them. It can also make your home safer for little kids, who tend to want to grab everything they can reach and could easily find themselves in danger if they get a hold of the cords to traditional blinds.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

When people think of preserving energy around their house, they might not come up with upgrading their window treatments as their first solution. That’s unfortunate because having energy efficient window treatments can do a lot for the overall energy efficiency of your home. Graber blinds come in a variety of energy efficient options. Beginning with blinds and shades that can help cut the amount of heating and cooling energy lost from the windows by nearly half.

An added benefit of this is that those automated controls can help you ensure that the shades are positioned to conserve the most energy throughout the day while you aren’t home. Besides using the shades as a mode of blocking the loss of energy, they can also be used to reflect sunlight and UV rays. This is great for being able to control the temperature indoors in warm climates like here in Florida.

There is also the option of combining shade options into dual shades that can be independently controlled. So, if you want the sunlight reflecting properties but you’d rather the room be a little brighter than it is with say a roller shade you can simply lower the solar shade more so than the roller shade. This grants you complete control of the energy efficiency and privacy you have in your home.

Now all these ways of improving energy efficiency may sound all well and good but still leave you wondering what your personal gain would be from decreasing the energy lost. Well for one, the cooler energy you lose the more electricity you spend keeping your home at a comfortable temperature which can wreak havoc on a Florida home’s electricity bill. But, it also wastes a lot of electricity, that depending how your local electricity company sources its power could be detrimental to the environment.

Countless Window Treatment Options

There are countless options as far as choosing a window treatment and it may seem a little overwhelming. Especially since Graber provides, in shades alone, ten different styles and countless different swatches. But it’s important to consider what you really need for your home and what you would like them to be able to do. If you’re more focused on the eco-friendly you can pick the most environmentally conscious options.

If you just want some good quality window treatments and aren’t as focused on all the special characteristics, then you can just peruse through possibilities and pick whatever you think will match your home’s décor the best.

Whatever your needs, you should be happy with your window treatments.

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