The Optimal Window Treatment: Wooden Blinds


Wooden blinds are a great choice for any home. Whether your home style is contemporary modern, or traditional, wooden blinds can add the perfect touch to your home decor, They work well with a variety of design styles, budgets, and room colors. There are many different brands and styles of blinds.

Wooden blinds are functional and aesthetic pleasing. They can enhance the design to any home while providing a sturdy window treatment for optimal privacy. The sturdy structure also is extremely useful for blocking out external light. Therefore, wooden blinds are commonly used in rooms where privacy and minimum light is often desired; specifically in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Types of wood used for blinds

The type of wood used makes a big difference on the quality of the wooden blind. Wooden blinds come in two different options, either hardwood or faux wood blinds.

The hardwood blinds are window treatment made of natural wood shaped into slats. The wood typically used to make wooden blinds are from walnut, oak, or cherry trees. The wood from these trees are durable and last long; therefore, they are the best selection for wooden blinds. Because these wooden blinds come from a natural resource, they are more expensive than faux wood.

Faux wood is also durable and offers other benefits. It is more affordable than the natural wood and environmentally friendly because natural resources are not used. For those reasons, many design consultants recommend the faux wood. Faux wood is made by mixing wood pulp and resins. The resins is a denser material which gives the illusion of wood when mixed with the wood pulp. They can also be made of PVC, polyvinyl chloride is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic.  PVC comes in two basic forms: rigid and flexible.This means that the faux wood will not crack and break unlike natural wooden blinds that will in time. The blinds are environmentally conscious and do not require the destruction of healthy trees. If you want the look of real wood at an affordable price, then faux wood is your best option.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want an aesthetically pleasing blind,  faux wood would be the best option. Also, faux blinds are available in various colors making it the leading choice for design consultants. Since the options for colors is endless, your design consultant or yourself should consider faux wooden blinds when decoration. Depending on your design style, the faux blinds can be a muted tone from the wall colors or a striking contrast to add a flare of drama to the room.

Wooden blinds can add certain level of character to a room because of their natural texture giving an allure of extravagance depending on the type of wood used. Where as, faux wood blinds offers a more finishing look to the room especially when the faux blinds are finished with a soothing color.

Depending on the personal style or the affect wanted in the design, faux wood or wooden blinds, either blind will achieve the desired look

Minimal Maintenance

Beside a beautifully decorated home, homeowners want a low maintenance window treatment. The last thing anyone wants to do with their free time is spend it cleaning blinds. Whether the wooden blind or faux wood blinds has been installed, periodically they both require cleaning.

You can keep these blinds clean by simply dusting them once a week with your choice of cleaning material:  feather duster, cloth or microfiber cloth. By dusting weekly, it will help keep the blinds rid of excessive dust.

Although both types of blinds require little maintenance aside from the dusting, faux wood is easier to clean than hardwood blinds. This is because they are resistant to water. You can use a wet sponge to eliminate the most difficult dust or stain if something accidently gets spilled on the blinds without worrying that the wood damaged.

Which to Choose

The type of blinds you buy depends on your personal preferences.

Hardwood is perfect for people who prefer the look of real wood. It is also lighter and brings a touch of elegance to a room that the faux wood blinds does not provide.

Faux wood offers a beautiful appearance in addition to being economically priced compared with the wooden blinds. The faux blinds  are much easy to clean, extremely durable and are environmental friendly.

Faux blinds and hardwood have always been a popular choice, both offer huge benefits that can take the design of your home to the next level.

While many people opt for faux blinds because of the economical and efficient decor, many consider wood blinds because offer other benefits. Wood is a versatile material that adds texture and character to any room, provides a natural and elegant element to the home. The timeless beauty of wooden blinds means they will never be obsolete. The grain of the wood can be dyed or enhanced with varnish, and you can even paint them if you want them to blend in to your color scheme.

After a few years with the same decorate, the wooden blinds can be painted to change the color scheme. As for the faux blinds, when you’re ready to change the decoration, faux blinds will have to be thrown out.

Since blinds are made from a wide range of woods and come in different sizes of slats, you will surely find blinds that provide the perfect effect. From a practical point of view, there is no reason not to choose wooden blinds except for preference style and budget. They are durable and will keep looking fresh after several years; they are lightweight, which makes them easy to install. And because their slates are wider than plastic blinds, they are quicker to clean and dust using a cloth without having to disassemble them.

Wooden blinds are an ideal solution to ensure privacy. Some faux blinds are thin which does not allows for much privacy while the wooden blinds offer complete opacity so you can enjoy the calm of your house.

The wooden blinds also provide better insulation because of the thick wood texture. Also, wooden blinds help block sunlight; therefore, providing more heat  than the faux blinds, which will help reduce electric bills in the hot summer days as well as in the winter. Fortunately, homeowners can use wooden blinds to keep the house cool and the electric bill low. Windows are framed in with glass that allows the entrance of the sunlight and its powerful UV rays. To protect yourself from the sun blinds are installed.

It is true that wooden blinds cost a little more than their faux counterpart, but they represent a worthwhile investment. Faux blinds can devalue the interior and wooden blinds will add value to your home, which you would appreciate especially when you consider selling your property.

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