Window Treatments: Channeling Light to Channel Your Mood

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Different styles of window treatments have different ways in which they influence the outside effects of light within your home. Choosing the right window treatment is not just a decision of style, but also one that can greatly affect your day-to-day emotional state of being.

Light’s influence on your emotions was highlighted by a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology where research showed that the more intense the light, the greater effect it has on a person’s emotional state. This effect can manifest itself on both sides of the emotional spectrum – both positive and negative.

Combine that with a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that found Americans, on the average, can spend up to 87% of their time within their homes.

Now, do I believe that we spend that much time in our homes? I mean, that is one huge percentage of time spent within our own walls. But then I got to thinking; between time spent in our homes with our families, watching sheep jump over the fence in slumber, video games, NetFlix, reading, writing, working, NetFlix again and pondering about life, the universe and everything? That is a heaping pile of time.

So, you can see where choosing the right window treatments to rein in the effects of errant light into your home can play a large part in creating an environment conducive to your mood.

When selecting what styles of window treatment, it is first important to decide how much natural light you do, and do not, want throughout your home. Let’s take a look at a few examples to give you a general idea on what type of blinds are suited to your needs.

Let the Sun Shine In

Any type of sheer treatment is an enchanting addition to any window. Sheer drapery installations never fails to provide a dreamy, classic look. While plenty of light will still fill the room, it will be softly filtered and create a calm, comforting glow. Due to their translucent nature, sheer treatments are best suited for rooms where privacy isn’t a concern.

If you love the look of a sheer but would like to have a bit more privacy and light control than translucent drapery panels can provide, sheer shades are an alluring solution. A combination of a sheer drapery and a blind creates a delicate but structured appearance. Even more choices come in the form of light filtering or room darkening options.

Filter Out That Glare with Semi-opaque

The opacity of semi-opaque blinds and shades, also referred to as light filtering, falls somewhere in between sheer and blackout. They provide privacy for spaces like bathrooms and front-facing rooms of the house as well as dramatically decreasing the incoming light.

Inside mount light filtering blinds and shades are extremely popular. They become even more flexible in their light control when paired with an outside mount Roman shade or drapery panels. Installing a semi-opaque window treatment reminds me of finding a shady spot under a big leafy tree on a hot sunny day.

You don’t want to necessarily go indoors, but you do crave an occasional respite from the harsh sun.

Intercept the Sunshine – Room Darkening Blinds

To absolutely block the majority of incoming light and ensure complete privacy, room darkening shades are a smart choice, but they won’t necessarily turn your room into a black cave. Room darkening is a tricky term in the world of window coverings.

In order for most window treatment solutions to fit into your window frame, they need to be made with a slightly smaller width to guarantee a proper fit.

If a shade was the exact same size as your window opening, it would not be able to nestle inside your frame. The result is an ever so slight gap that light creeps around, creating a glow around the shade called the “halo effect”. Shades that are mounted higher and wider than your window frame, also called outside mount, will block a bit more of the halo of light seeping in.

In the end, when you are in the decision making process of selecting the right window treatment solution, remember your home is your castle. It is a place where comfort and your overall piece of mind is tantamount to your well being, and choosing a good window installation solution is one of your first steps in the right direction.

In our next installment on home happiness, we will talk about the positive psychological effects of interior design, along with some tips to make your home the place of comfort and tranquility for you and your family.

Home happiness awaits you!

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