You’ll Never Forget to Turn the Lights Off Again With Home Automation


How much and how often you use the lights in your house may not be something you are conscious of. You may not even notice how integral the lighting inside your house is to your daily life until you experience a power outage. But consider for a minute how often the lights in your house are turned on or off on a day to basis and the amount of energy spent. 

Whether this is something that’s been bugging you for a long time or something you’re just starting to think about now, it is still applicable. It affects your mood when you get home, it affects your mood while you are home, and it affects your electric bill. Lutron is one lighting brand that can help you improve your lifestyle starting at home. 

Control lights from your cell phone

No longer will the argument of who has to get up to turn off the lights be relevant. Nor the moment of realization halfway to an evening out that you left the kitchen lights on.  Neither will the nights of coming home to a dark and gloomy home. Lutron home automation allows you to control the lights in your home from your cell phone. 

With a Lutron app you can turn on and off the lights throughout your house from the convenience of your smartphone. In today’s day and age most people have their cell phones on them at all times and it acts as the center of their lives. Since you’re already managing calls, emails, appointments, calendars, social events, etc. from your pocket, adding the ability to moderate your houses lighting will be a natural and easy addition. 

When your family or group of friends have finally decided on a movie, just pull out your phone and turn off the lights. But what if there are still other people throughout your home that are busy and need the lights on. Don’t worry, you can control the lights by room, so you would only shut off the lights in the room you’re in. Unless, you just want to mess with someone. 

Save a lot of energy and money 

This can also be useful when you aren’t home. If you’ve ever left your house in a rush you have also probably been left wondering whether or not you completed a variety of tasks. Turning off the lights is a common one that you might not explicitly remember doing. If you leave the lights on while you are gone you’re wasting electricity and in turn losing money. 

But with Lutron, even if you forget to turn them off, there’s no need to worry because you can shut them off remotely. You can also program your lights to turn off after you leave in the morning and turn on before you get home at night. This will save you energy and money, which in time adds up. If you’re environmentally conscious this is a great way to reduce the amount of electricity and energy that your household consumes. 

Maybe you’re more concerned with the cost of your bills and in that case decreasing the amount of time your lights stay on unnecessarily can help save you money. And if you’re worried about the environment and want to save money than it’s a win-win situation. 

It doesn’t just save you money however, coming home to a brightly lit and welcoming home is more pleasant than getting home and stepping into a dark house. Improving your mood with Lutron isn’t limited to when you get home but also applies while you are home. Maybe you’re home alone doing some cleaning and want the room you are currently working on brightly lit while conserving energy throughout the rest of your house. 

With voice control to your lights simply ask Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to turn on the lights in the room you’re working and shut them off in the room you just left. Or perhaps it’s just a casual night in and you have family spread across the home working on various activities, each person can decide the lighting for the room they are in. This gives you independence and more freedom to control the overall ambiance of your daily routine. 

Most modern light bulbs can be used 

The best part about Lutron lighting is that you don’t need to purchase special light bulbs to utilize their technology. The smart controls are added to the light switches, so you can use apps, remotes, or voice tech (like Alexa and Siri) to operate your existing lights. These aren’t the only benefits Lutron provides; you can make any lights smart and you can take advantage of dimmable lighting. 

Dimmable lighting gives you more options than simply having lights on or off. Perhaps you are having an intimate gathering over for dinner and want more dramatic lighting than your lights usually afford. That is one great occasion to take advantage of a dimmable light to lessen the severity of overhead lighting without leaving your guests in the dark. 

Having the liberty to change the brightness of lighting in different rooms throughout your home can bring an edge to friendly get togethers. You can add a Lutron smart dimmer to nearly every part of your house. You can also connect your lights to voice controls such as Alexa so as you moderate the music at your party you can also moderate the ambiance simultaneously. 

Lutron lighting goes far beyond the simplicity of turning your lights on and off. It allows you to conserve energy and money by never leaving your lights on in an empty house again. It can also improve your overall mood by making your house more welcoming for you when you get home. Not only can it make your home cozier and welcoming for you but also for your guests. 

When hosting family and friend Lutron can elevate the overall ambiance of your event. If you would like to improve the energy efficiency of your home and make it easier to control the mood throughout, it is time to consider getting Lutron lighting. 

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