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Wood Window Shutters

A window shutter is a stable, solid window covering that usually consists of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Set within this frame are louvers. The louvers can be usable or fixed, horizontal or vertical, fabric, solid panels, and glass. Almost any  material can be mounted in a frame can be used as panels. Shutters can be used for a variety of reasons, for instance: controlling the amount of sunlight, security, privacy, weather protection, and to improve the aesthetics of any room.

Depending on the material and structure of the window frame, the shutters can be mounted to fit into the window opening or mounted to overlap the window opening. Window shutter can  be installed in the interior of a house of building and exterior shutters are made of more durable materials to be installed on the outside of a structure. In some types of buildings, it is common to have shutters to cover doors and windows.

Shutters are similar in performance as permanent blinds; however, the rod will be attached to the shutter slat for rotation. Shutters provide a desirable level of privacy for the owner. Shutters can also be easily cleaned, and they collect a minimum amount of dust compared to traditional window shades and curtains. They provide a high level of control over the quality of the light that enters a room.

They can darken the room more efficiently than shades and curtains. Shutters are available in different colors, styles, and finishes. Custom made shutters can also be made to suit your taste and style. Shutters are highly customizable and designed to last for many years.

Shutters are very popular around the world because they protect homes from the harshest sun.

The materials used to make shutters has evolved. Now, shutters can be made out of marble, aluminum, and plastic.

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Interior blinds

Interior shutters are usually made of wood and offer greater privacy to homes. They are durable and reduce the cost of electricity. They are an excellent insulator, and you can fix or adjust the slats depending on the amount of light exposure you desire. Interior shutter typically have frames with wooden slats.

Exterior blinds

Exterior shutters are installed outside the window and provide privacy, lighting, protection from the elements. The plantation shutters are the common exterior shutters, and the slats extend the entire length of  the window frame.

Before buying exterior shutters, you should know whether you want interior or exterior shutters and what type of finishing. Especially if you’re custom ordering your shutters since you might not be able to return them. Some of the materials available are:

  1. Vinyl shutters
  2. Urethane (foam) shutters
  3. Wood shutters
  4. Aluminum shutters
  5. Composite (Extira) shutters
  6. Composite fiberglass shutters

At first glance, it may seem that some of these materials won`t last over time; however, depending on your geographical location and the material used would determined longevity of the shutter.

The vinyl shutters are the simplest and frankly the cheapest option. Its primary objective is to add a decorative touch to the house. The vinyl shutters are attached to the house in a permanent open position and cannot be moved which  means you do not get the benefits of opening or closing the shutters. But it saves you time and money when installing them. Also, vinyl shutters rarely require more maintenance than cleaning with a garden hose.

Urethane shutters are molded from a type of lightweight foam resin. Urethane shutters require an adhesive compound to adhere to the surface, which limits their use to concrete or other smooth surfaces. These shutters are also purely decorative; they do not open or close. However, they tend to look more like natural wood than vinyl blinds.

Wood shutter is safer for the environment when they are harvested in sustainably managed forests because wood has the unique ability to recover over time. Wooden shutters are exceptional because they can be modified once they have been custom designed, for example, if you have to tilt the top corners so that they fit under the joists. However, wood shutters must be carefully prepared and sealed against the elements before they can be installed. This can be done by painting them on the job site, but it is better to have them prepared at the factory to ensure complete coverage of the primer. The upper covers are usually made of a non-reactive metallic material, such as copper or galvanized aluminum, and are specially designed to prevent the grain of the wood from being penetrated by years of abuse due to variations in temperature, humidity, and precipitation. The installation of top covers in wooden shutters generally doubles their useful life. Another unique aspect of wood blinds is that they can be dyed to show off their wood grain.

Aluminum shutters have a different purpose. Aluminum is generally chosen as the material for its ability to protect against storms. There are different types of aluminum shutters with hurricane impact and decorative classification available. Powder coated aluminum does not corrode and is ideally suited for coastal use, especially in hurricane-prone areas. Since homeowner’s insurance provides discounts for hurricane-grade aluminum shutters, with time the discount pays for the cost of the shutters. Aluminum shutters are usually installed in functional hinges.

Extira composite shutters have many of the same merits as wooden shutters, without the fear of being destroyed by the elements. Extira is a weather resistant material because it is made of medium density fibers bonded to a weather-resistant resin. This means that even if the outer surface is exposed to the elements, rainwater cannot infiltrate and destroy the shutters. The composite shutters can be installed with decorative or fully functional shutter material. Unlike wooden shutters, they are completely smooth, so there is no visible wood grain in the finish.

Composite fiberglass shutters are usually the top of the line; they are made from different materials, including fiberglass, Extira, and metal, in the right proportions and in the right places to form shutters resistant to the harshest environments. The Composite fiberglass shutter is the most expense and are usually installed with fully functional shutter hardware in upscale homes.

What is Bahama Shutters?

Bahama shutters are very popular in Florida. They have a tropical appearance and became popular not only for their beauty but also for their sturdiness. They are useful for protecting your home from strong winds and rains that occur during a hurricane.

The Bahama shutter is becoming a popular choice for new homeowners. These are shutters mounted outside a home at a 45-degree angle. These are one-piece shutters that are mounted on your window. They have hinges on the top and make it easier to pull the shutter before the rain. They can be left partially open or completely closed for your privacy and security. They protect the house from the sun and allows a good breeze from the outside.

Benefits of the blinds.

Although shutters are more expensive than blinds or curtains, they are a good investment for your home because they will last longer and are more practical than any other window treatment..

They provide insulation

Shutters regulate the temperature of the interior of your home. You can let the air in by opening the shutter and closing it to reduce the amount of breeze entering your home..

Shutters are a cost-effective solution.

Shutters are excellent insulators, they last longer than an insulated curtain, and they can help reduce the electric bill and minimize the use of air conditioning or heater.

Shutters can protect your house

Bahamas shutters protects against a hurricane. They are thick and durable and can withstand high winds and heavy rains.

Users can replace windows without replacing shutters

Shutters do not need to be removed in order to replace the windows. However, if you choose to remove them it can be done quite easily by separated and repositioned  them after replacement.

Installing shutters can provide the best solution when looking for a new style to modernize your home. Regardless of the window shape,, you do not have to replace the windows if you want to install new shutters. Simply meet with a mechanical design professionals who can design shutters that work perfectly with your window.  If you do not choose a permanent installed shutters, they are easy to open and close, just like windows except they have no mechanism to open and close their slats. But shutters can add stylish and elegant aside from offer security and privacy to your home.

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