Creating a Budget to Support Your Window Treatment Upgrades


The time has come to invest in new window treatments around your house. Whether your whole home needs an update or only a few rooms, a budget is a necessity. 

Many people hear the word budget and assume it only revolves around the allocation of funds. This is true in some cases, as most homeowners do not have pockets brimming with endless cash. 

There are other reasons to create a budget for your project. Setting an appropriate and reasonable financial outline for your new window treatments can help narrow down your options, improve your finished look, and make the buying process easier.

Setting a budget involves determining how much you have to spend and where you would like to spend it. Budgets are not always easy to create but by keeping a few things in mind, you can create a budget that accomplishes your goal of a fantastic new look.

Quality Is Non-Negotiable

How many times have you quickly worn through a cheap pair of shoes and wished you had purchased a pair that could be repaired? Those bargain bin kitchen knives sure don’t last long either!

The financial choices surrounding window treatments and window coverings always start with one: quality versus quantity. It can be difficult to put quality ahead of wanting to do an entire house full of windows at once. 

The same principles apply to window treatments. Purchasing any lower quality item can save money up front but ends up costing more in the long run. Take the time to think about investing in high-quality treatments rather than being enticed by bargain items that will need to be replaced in a few short years.

Things to Consider When Budgeting

There are a few areas to take into account when budgeting and making window treatment decisions. Considering these items will help you develop an idea of what your overall cost will be.

Your Window Treatment Style

Like most areas of home design, window treatments are driven by fashion. If you are someone who likes to stay on trend, you might think about buying a less expensive option since you will likely change your treatments fairly often.

There are timeless options available for those who are less concerned with staying ultra-modern. Selecting one of these will allow you to spend up for higher quality products that will last for decades.

Added Window Treatment Features

If you are looking for shades that filter UV light or remote-controlled blinds, you should expect to pay more. There are cases where these types of features are virtually required.

For those who simply like the “bells and whistles”, the extra cost should be added to the budget. This could mean cutting back in other areas like the number of windows or the quality of the treatment.

Longevity of Window Treatments

If you want your window treatments to last a long time, stay away from the cheapest options. Taking the long view when budgeting can be painful, but it will pay off down the road. Take a look at the chart below for an example of what this looks like.

Expected Life SpanUpfront CostCost Over 20 Years
20 Years$1200$1200
5 Years$450$1800

As you can see, paying more up front will save you $600 in the long run. Obviously, this is a sample and not true for all cases, but it shines a light on how important higher quality products are.

Customer Service

Purchasing window treatments from a reputable source with great customer service is a must. What happens if the blinds are cut incorrectly? Do you get a shoulder shrug or a helpful resolution?

There is a reason some places offer lower prices for products and it often comes down to the level of service they provide. You may pay a little bit more, but it will be worth it when it comes time to ask for more help than simply selling you an item.

What About the Cost of Window Treatments?

Thus far you have learned about the importance of quality and what areas will drive the cost of your window treatments. You are probably wondering what you can expect from a cost perspective.

As always, the cost of new window treatments is dependent on a multitude of factors that would be impossible to list here. The average window treatment can range anywhere from $100 – $1,000. However, here is a quick rundown of some typical costs when purchasing new window treatments.


These, along with drapes, are the easiest window treatments to purchase and install. Most of these window coverings are simply a rod with the curtain.

There are some complicated systems that allow you to draw the shades closed or open, which are more expensive than a standard rod and curtain set. The major cost comes when deciding on materials.

Curtains can cost as little as $10 and run up to thousands depending on the size and material used. 

Custom Blinds

Blinds fitted to your specific window needs are considered custom. Many of these can be altered to your taste in material like wood, bamboo, or composites. 

Like the other coverings, the span of prices can range dramatically depending on materials and size. Some custom options can cost $100 while others cost thousands of dollars.

Off the Rack Blinds

These blinds are found in boxes at home improvement stores and fit generic window sizes. These are basic blinds and shades that come in a predetermined color and may not fit perfectly.

The upside to an elementary option like this is certainly the lower costs, ranging from $5 to $25 per window. 


Shutters are a little more complicated, for obvious reasons. Like custom blinds or shades, each shutter is measured and installed for your specific window.

There is a great variety of materials used for shutters and this impact the cost. You can find shutters that cost as little as $25 and some that run up to $750 or more.

The type of window treatment is not the only thing impacting your final price. Here are some other factors that determine the cost of your new treatments.

Delivery and Regional Costs

If you live in an area where things are simply more expensive, your window treatments will likely follow suit. Some of this can be mitigated by online shopping for treatments but it can be easier to shop in person. There are often costs associated with delivering your new window treatments, as well.

Installation Fees

Many treatments can be self-installed with ease. Basic tools and time are the key ingredients for DIY installations. Professional installation is always recommended when possible.

A professional can ensure the proper installation with a great finished look. Some of the more complicated systems, like motorized blinds, might be better left to an expert anyway. 

Installation typically comes with a fee and is certainly something to ask your retailer about as you shop for your new treatments.

Shop with a Good Window Treatment Retailer

Making a change to your home’s design and aesthetic can be stressful. Finding a good retailer that offers a wide selection, a variety of price points, and great customer service will make the whole process easier.

A great deal of budgeting relies on finding the least expensive option. However, the cost cannot be the only factor when deciding where to buy your new window treatments. The expert knowledge of a good retailer often ends up being invaluable.

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