Living Room Window Treatment Ideas For Your St. Petersburg FL Home

living room window treatments

Looking for the best living room window treatment ideas? 

Well, every window treatment has its own advantages, and most of them look absolutely appealing when you install them in any space. You can determine the right window covering for your room, considering the function of your space, your requirements, and the theme of the room. 

Here are some ideal options that you can choose for different types of living rooms. Let’s take a look. 

Style with Shutters

If you want to make your living room look professional and cozy, and want to allow a little bit of natural light in your space, then shutters are ideal for you. Shutters can also help you create a minimalist style and add an elegant touch to your living room. On the other hand, they are an excellent choice for complementing pops of textures in your room. 

They are available in a range of colors and sizes and offer you durability. This window treatment allows only a small amount of UV light in your room to give an elegant and attractive as well as contemporary appearance. 

Boost the Ambiance with Cellular Shades 

If your top priority is finding an energy-efficient solution, cellular shades are excellent living room window coverings. They help you add a layer of insulation to the window so you can prevent heat from entering your house. Hence, you get a comfortable and cool environment all year long. For rooms that get direct sunlight, honeycomb constructions are best to get extra insulation. 

The best part of these window treatments is that they offer you several opacities and sizes so you can find a suitable option for your space. Besides, they are also perfect decor items, and come in diverse patterns, textures, and colors. You also need to know that you can combine two fabrics, either in the same or different colors, for additional light control if you are not satisfied with its light averting property. 

Add Warmth and Richness of Wood Blinds

Blinds are the most popular and common choice of homeowners for living room windows. They look stunning and attractive in almost every type of style and theme. From traditional to modern or industrial to coastal style spaces, wood blinds help you create an aesthetic ambiance. These blinds offer you a cozy and warm feeling with a touch of nature. The wood texture of these blinds is the best way to bring outdoors in your house. 

What’s more, you can customize it based on your preferences for the living room. They offer you a wide selection of slat sizes and finishes to boost the appearance of other items in your room. In other words, if you want a rusty and earthy feel in your house, opt for these gorgeous blinds. 

Add Functionality with Roman Shades 

If you use your living rooms for hosting playdates and parties, you need something simple, beautiful, yet extravagant. Installing a window treatment with heavy details in this type of room will not compliment the overall theme or decor. In this case, you need more privacy and light control, which you can get with Roman shades. 

These shades are different from other types of window coverings. When they are open, they give you a visibly smooth and straight appearance. However, when you raise them, they gather on the top of the window in several layers or folds. 

Roman shades come with soft folds instead of crisp plates, giving you an imperfect look best for daily life. Moreover, you can find some neutral and light colors that help you complement the furnishing in the space. 

Drapery Creates a Gorgeous Look

These are one of the best living room window treatment ideas and complement every space. Draperies are similar to the curtains, but they touch the ground. In contrast, you can customize the size of curtains according to your window. Drapery can also help you get extra UV protection when you install them with shades or blinds. 

Furthermore, they help you get a finishing look and works as a barrier to prevent light (coming from the gaps) from entering your room. You can create a visually interesting look by opting for a window covering that offers patterns and colors. If you plan to use two prints, then make sure that one print is light and delicate. For a cohesive and streamlined look, pair drapery and shades with the same color and feel. If you have used a minimalist approach in your space, you can opt for close-to matching colors for the shade and drapery. 

Curtains Establish a Color Palette

If you want to bring more texture, color, and deepness to your living room, curtains are suitable for you. They come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, textures, and designs. Hence, you can get everything that you wish for or want in your living space. The fabric you choose for your curtain will help you find a color palette for the living room. 

The curtains are best to block the sunlight completely and get a dim atmosphere in your space. They are highly energy-efficient, acting as a barrier between outside heat and your room. If you have opted for relatively light fabric and want to add more sunlight protection, you can go for a curtain lining. The lining will add another layer that will block the remaining UV light from entering your space. 

Bottom Line

So, these are the best living room window treatment ideas for people looking for extravagant and high-end feel. All of these window treatments help you lower the utility bill by preventing heat and sun rays from entering your room. Therefore, they are highly energy-efficient and offer you a cool and comfortable atmosphere. However, it is also important to note that their ability to block heat and light can vary greatly. It depends on your chosen window treatment, its fabric or material, and the color. 

So, before purchasing one, it’s better to think about how much light you want to block. Do you want a complete blackout? Or you want a dim light in your space? Once you know your requirements and needs, you can make the right decision.

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