The Top 5 Ways That Smart Home Technology Can Equal Energy Savings

Lower Energy Bill with Custom Window Treatments

Energy-saving smart home automation may not be the first direction to look at when looking for ways to towards a lower power bill because they still seem a bit pricey. However, by integrating these new technologies of today into your home, they not only give you an unprecedented control over your home and home environment, they also add convenience to the completion of your everyday tasks.

In the long run they could prove to be wise investments as they curb inefficient use of energy in your home. From lighting to thermostat control, there are a variety of products offered that homeowners can purchase to begin saving on energy costs today.

  1. Programmable Automated Thermostats
    The largest portion of a home’s energy bill generally comes from heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, most homes have inefficient systems that waste large amounts of energy in heating and cooling unoccupied rooms or even the entire home. Automated climate control systems with programmable thermostats, like the TouchPro Wireless by Lutron, allows you to set the temperature of your home remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device so you don’t have to heat or cool your home while you are away. Before returning home, you can reset the thermostat so that a comfortable temperature is waiting for you.
  1. Zone-Based Thermostats
    With zone-based thermostats, your house can be divided into zones so that unoccupied rooms and areas are not being cooled or heated unnecessarily. Motion sensors in the room can start up and stop your heating and cooling system to decrease the amount of wasted energy and make an immediate impact towards having a lower power bill.
  1. Motion Sensors
    Motion sensors can control the lights and appliances in your home. This will help lower utility costs by ensuring that lights, televisions, sound systems, and even small appliances like candle warmers or curling irons are turned off when no one is in the room to use them. Lutron offers a variety of occupancy/vacancy sensors so you’ll be able to choose the sensor that best fits your needs, whether you’re looking for a sensor for your home or for a commercial application.
  1. Lights
    A Smart light bulb looks like a standard light bulb, can fit into any socket, and contains an internal wireless so you can control it within your home and remotely with accompanying apps.Yes, smart bulbs cost more upfront than purchasing a typical light bulb. However, in the long run, they can actually end up saving you significant money resulting in a lower power bill, and will require less replacing. Smart lighting allows you to upgrade your space with features like dimmers and the ability to turn lights on and off with the touch of a button. These features will save you money on your utility bills when you use them properly. To help you out on deciding where to start, click here for a list of the Best Smart Light Bulbs of 2017,
  2. Motorized Blinds
    Motorized window shades and automatic blinds have grown in popularity for smart home owners wanting to maximize their energy savings and increase efficiency. The ability to control your shades with a smart phone, or have them automatically open or close based on timers or pre-programmed conditions is not only a convenient home feature, but it saves time and energy by using or defending against the sun’s rays. Need a brand suggestion? Hunter Douglas sets a new standard for roller shade design and performance. Combining sleek, modern styling together with precision-tuned lift technology. And with loads of irresistible textures, colors and patterns, there are endless possibilities and options for you to transform your windows into works of art.If you’re having trouble identifying the best gadget or comprehensive home system for you, talk to us! Our expert staff is happy to answer any questions you might have.

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