3 Reasons Why Having A Home Security System Should Be Your First Priority

Automated Home Security System

Home security systems have come a long way in recent years.

Compared to traditional systems, with their confusing panels and limited capability, Smart Home Security systems are more secure, more useful, and more convenient. You can now get better protection and completely new features that old systems simply couldn’t provide.

With intuitive mobile apps, powerful cloud intelligence and a growing world of connected devices, a Smart Home Security system puts you in control and keeps you connected to your home from anywhere.

If you’re thinking about a new security system – or if you’re interested in creating a Smart Home filled with connected devices – here are 3 good reasons on why Smart Home Security should be your first priority.

An Automated Smart Home Security System is Always On

Traditional security systems only work if you remember to arm the system and someone tries to break in, and are also prone to false alarms.  A automated Smart Home Security system works for you all the time.  It keeps you aware of what’s happening at home with real-time text or email alerts, even when disarmed.  Alerts can tell you when an unexpected guest arrives at the house, when a door or window is left open too long, or a drawer containing valuables is opened.

When an emergency happens, Smart Home Security systems have you covered.  Notifications are immediately sent to the central station so emergency personnel can respond whether it’s a break-in, fire or medical emergency.  Notifications can also be sent directly to your smartphone to let you know about a potential break-in, safeguarding you from walking into a bad situation or letting you identify a false alarm.

It’s Easy to Use

An Automated Home Security System is wireless. Staying aware and protecting your property is simple and intuitive.  Wireless video cameras and image sensors can be quickly integrated into your system for an additional layer of security and awareness. Brands like Siedle offer a multitude of options for audio and video door stations that  provide you with a visual and auditory link to the door at all times. With everything connected through a mobile app, it’s easy to use, and you can see what’s happening at home through your smartphone or tablet anytime, from anywhere.

It’s Remotely Accessible

A big challenge for traditional home security systems was homeowners forgetting to arm the system.  Once you left the house, arming it was impossible.  Smart Home Security systems eliminate that problem by providing remote system monitoring access and control to your Home security camera system through the smartphone app.  You can arm the system from anywhere and it will send you a reminder if you forget. And, when you integrate connected locks and garage doors with your system, you can completely secure your home from anywhere.

As well as keeping you safe and secure, there’s another huge benefit to Smart Automated Home Security: it gives you the foundation of a complete Smart Home.  You can add a smart thermostat, smart lighting, video cameras, connected garage doors – the list keeps growing.

If you’re planning on transforming your home into a smart security fortress, give us a call. We’d love to help build the best smart system for your home and budget.

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