Enhance the Beauty of the Room With Proper Window Treatments

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As it is known that windows are the most noticeable part of a room. It is important that every person designing a room must give proper attention to windows also. Most of the interior designer’s mainly rely on the window to create an elegant look for the room. Thus, decorating the window will uplift the room. Choosing the right decor for the window depends upon the taste of the house owner. The window treatments must be chosen in such a way that, they not only change the essence of the room, but also help in blocking out sunlight and maintain the temperature of the room.

A window treatment can be chosen according to the type of window and the design of the room. Taking care of the decor scheme and the window size is essential. Giving importance to the fundamentals of designing a window is very important before purchasing the products required for the window treatments. There are several window treatments available in the market. It is essential to choose the right one that is accurate for the window. Some of the most common window treatments include:

Using a Valance

A valance helps in decorating the window by hiding the hardware portion that is visible. All the hooks and other hardware tools that are required to hang the curtains will be visibly seen without a valance. Apart from hiding this, the valance enhances the beauty of the window and also merges smoothly with the decor of the room.

Drapes and Curtains

Nowadays fabric drapes and curtains are used for window treatments. One can choose drapes and curtains that are bright, and bold for decorating the window. Different types of curtains come in unique patterns. Choosing the one that enhances the beauty of the room is very important. Bright colored curtains not only give the room a bright appearance but also help in changing the outlook of the room.


Nowadays blinds are commonly used in every home. It is known to be a sleek and stylish way to decorate a room. One of the finest ways to decorate the windows effectively is using wooden blinds. These blinds are both functional and attractive.


Shades work the best at times of climate variations. With the help of shades, one can keep up the natural temperature of the room, by not letting outside elements affect the room temperature. These treatments of the window will not only provide a different outlook for the room but also will keep the room cozy and comfortable.


Another well-known window treatment in interior decoration are sheers, they allow lighting in the daytime and are perfect for use in the summer, springtime, and early fall. These are generally light in weight and very attractive to look at. In the late winter and fall, they can be swapped out with heavier curtains. 
Obviously, they are just a few of the options when considering window treatments. There are custom window coverings for custom designed windows, such as arches over doorways. Also, there are skylight window treatments, jabots, lambrequins, and swags. 

The Six Questions You Must Ask When Choosing Window Treatments

As discussed above, some of the basic window treatment types, and when to use them. From sheers to shades, blinds to shutters, the article gave you a solid understanding of the basic types of window treatments out there.

But now what? Each of these window treatments has their unique benefits (not to mention endless fabric, color, and function options), so how do you find what is right for you?

Try this: take one window (or set of windows) at a time, and ask yourself the following questions. This will give you an idea of where to start your quest for your home’s perfect window treatments.

How much privacy do you need?

We all want privacy when in the comfort of our homes. But some rooms need more privacy than others (think ground-level bathrooms, rooms that look out onto busy sidewalks or streets, etc.). In these rooms, above all else, you want a shade that can function as a barrier between you and the outside world.

So, look for opaque window treatments. Roman and roller shades typically use vinyl or polyester fabrics that can offer full, solid coverage.

Pleated and cellular shades can also be useful in providing privacy, provided that they use non-sheer fabrics. If you go this route, I’d recommend finding shades with blackout (or room-darkening) fabrics and even a Duofold (top-down, bottom-up) option. Duofold shades allow you to open your shades from the top down, letting light in at the top, while maintaining your privacy at the street level.

Wood blinds and shutters will also provide a highly private environment.

If you like the look of sheer window coverings, you should know that they are less likely to give you full privacy, but it doesn’t mean you have to rule them out. Simply find curtains or draperies that can be layered over the sheers when privacy is needed.

How much light do you want to flow in (and how much should be kept out)?

In a child’s nursery or a media room, you may want the ability to block a lot of light for easy napping or just to reduce glare. In a small room or even just a living room, you may want to maximize light to keep the area open and airy. Window treatments can achieve both of these things.

For maximum light control, you’ll want to find shades that use blackout fabrics. You might also try sunscreens, which are specifically designed to reduce the glare that incoming sunlight causes. Metal or wood blinds can be tilted to keep the direct sun out, while still affording some view and light.

On the other hand, when you want to increase the light that flows into the room, sheer window shadings are a great choice. Whether you choose sheer blinds or a drapery sheer, the window treatment itself will accent your window, and the sheer nature of the fabric will gently filter light into the room.

What does the room need?

Did you know you can look to your window treatments as problem-solvers? If you have any of the following concerns, the right shades or blinds may help:

Energy efficiency

Did you know that window treatments can actually insulate your home, trapping in warm air in the winter, and trapping in the cool air in the summer? Energy-efficient cellular shades add an extra layer of insulation to your home, saving you money on energy bills. If you like the benefits of cellular shades, but the look of drapery-style fabrics, try insulating roman panel shades. Covering a sliding door? Try Ovation.

Hard-to-reach windows

Consider how you’ll operate blinds installed on very high windows. A variety of technology options exist today that can help you: remote controls, timers, you name it – raising and lowering your shades can be as simple as the click of a button.

Small room

You can actually place window treatments so that they create the illusion of height and depth in a room. An above-the-casement mount refers to window treatments that are placed higher than the window casing itself. It will create the look of height that you are looking for in a smaller space.

Do you have small children?

Long draperies and dangling cords can be a tempting plaything for small children and even pets. So choose a window treatment that doesn’t put them at risk. Cordless cellular shades are a very stylish option for families with small children – without dangling cords, you can feel confident your children are safe.

Some corded cellular and pleated shades are also safeguarded with cord connectors – this component snaps open when pressure is applied to the cord loop should a child become entangled, keeping them safe.

You might also try cellular verticals operated by a tilt wand. Not only are these verticals child safe, but they are also energy efficient and easy to operate. And if they don’t have weights or chains, they’re safe for children and pets alike.

What’s your design style?

Style is the fun part of window treatments. Here is where you can choose fabrics, colors, and styles that will add your “personal design factor” to the room. It’s where you pick out window treatment styles and options that make your house feel like a home. But where to start?

There are some design styles; from traditional to contemporary, you’ll probably find, that while you like characteristics of many of the styles, most of your preferences will fall into one category. Discover your design style and read about recommendations for incorporating that style into your home.

Have you considered the environment?

If you’re committed to living an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, your window treatments don’t have to be an exception. Cellular shades are energy-efficient and will reduce energy use in your home. And if you buy wood alloy blinds or faux wood blinds, you can often get a product that is made of recycled wood.

If you answer those six simple questions, you’re well on your way to discovering the perfect window treatments for your home.

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